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How To Remove Grass Stains From Shoes

When the weather is warm and we tend to spend more time outdoors in lawns and parks, grass stains are inevitable. These stains also affect shoes when we indulge in outdoor sports activities like football, cricket, badminton or any sport that is played on a grass turf. Unfortunately, these green grass stains are ugly. They […]

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How To Care For Suede Shoes? What You Can Do About It

If you have ever owned a pair of suede shoes, you will know what an amazing addition it is to your wardrobe. Ever since I first bought a pair of suede shoes, it has been my go-to choice of footwear. This is not surprising, as they are super-comfortable, stylish and pair well with various outfits. […]

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The Reasons For Difference Between Walking And Running Shoes

For shoes for gym or exercises, a general term used is either sneakers or sports shoes as few know there is a difference between walking and running shoes. Well, there are. Some years earlier, at least before 1986, there wasn’t much awareness about the need for different shoes for walking and running. Today, the science […]

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Men and Women, What Shoes Do Wear With Jeans

The present day fashion has changed, it become more advance and all the things have changed from past time and still changing in present days and also will changes in future. Fashion is nothing but can be say as the trend and what is the present choice and style of a person or group or […]

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Tips on How to Clean Sperry Shoes

It is true that attire is incomplete without the shoes. The shoes are the important part of the personality. During the ancient times it was believed that if the shoes of a person are well cleaned and are up to date, then the person is said to be from a well off family.​Initially, the shoes […]

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