10 Most Important Steps to Know How to Dry Shoes In the Dryer!

Do you fall under the category of people who are confused regarding how to dry shoes in the dryer in the most efficient way possible? Let me tell you frankly even I had been worrying about how to dry shoes in the dryer until I found out the correct method to solve this issue.

 After washing a couple of pairs of shoes, I realised that getting the shoes dry is not as easy as drying clothes in the dryer. It requires some effort and time, otherwise the shoes may get wasted. However, even drying the shoes create much trouble like making a terrible racket as they keep on bouncing around inside the dryer. So you need patience to dry your shoes. In this article, we will provide you with the effective steps that you will have to follow to know how to dry shoes in the dryer.

Playing baseball is a great physical activity. However, having wet feet tends to be very much uncomfortable and can even cause health problems like athlete’s foot. Walking around freely in wet shoes may cause blisters on your feet and can turn out to be very painful and irritating. So remove your baseball shoes as soon as possible whenever they get wet. If you have a few hours to spare then resort to drying your shoes in the dryer depending on your shoe construction and material so as to avoid any damage to the shoe.

If you happen to hate waiting around for your shoes to dry after getting wet in the rain or snow then this article is for you as it reveals how to dry shoes in the dryer as quickly as possible without creating any annoying noise. In order to avoid noise while drying your wet shoes, you just need to pull up the shoe strings over the outside of your dryer’s door keeping the shoes inside.

Then closing the door and starting the cycle with the strings holding the shoes in place so that they do not tumble around. We will tell you the detailed steps below in this article that will give you a clear idea as to how to solve your problem of drying by knowing exactly how to dry shoes in the dryer.

In this world of clothing, there are very few things that are as difficult to tend to as the shoes. Shoes are really hard to clean because of their shape, fabric, colour, etc. Depending on the amount of dirt on the shoes, we decide how to clean it and using what you should clean it. A few shoes like the sneakers and converse get really dirty and are difficult to clean. However, even after so many problems, there is always the perfect way of cleaning the shoes and drying them too just like any other cloth. 

Depending on the shoe types you will need specific cleaners or soapy water and normal drying method. But if you have less time, then it is always wise to use a dryer to dry your shoes. So you need to follow the steps involved in drying your shoes. But before that you should know what all materials and things you will need to follow the tutorial. We have mentioned below a list of things that you will need to be aware of before beginning the process:

Things to Know for How to Dry Shoes In The Dryer

  • You will definitely need a good quality dryer from a renowned brand.
  • You would be needing rags to fill in your shoes while drying.
  • You need warm water and mild detergent to clean your dirty shoes.
  • You will also need some towels, both large and small while following the steps on how to dry shoes in the dryer.

Now that you know what all items you need to follow steps on how to dry shoes in the dryer, you need to know the procedure.

Step By Step Instructions On How to Dry Shoes In the Dryer:

1. Check the construction of your shoes: In the first step of how to dry shoes in the dryer, always check the material of your shoes. If they are of cotton or synthetic fabric without gelled or hard soles, then you can dry them in a dryer. But do not dry gel-core athletic shoes, Gore-Tex and clogs in the dryer and do not wash them in a washing machine.

Pro-tip: Never dry out leather shoes in a dryer as the heat can wreak havoc on your leather shoes. Instead dry them using the normal method of drying as that will avoid shrinking and damaging your soles and destroying the leather shoes.

2. Wash your shoes first: Use warm water and a very mild detergent to wash your dirty shoe either with a garden hose or using the washing machine. Pad the washing machine with plenty of towels to keep your shoes from destroying. It would be perfect to clean and wash them if they are already wet.

3. Remove the lint: Make sure to remove the lint from the lint filter of your dryer. This is done to improve air circulation and allow for better drying.

4. Stuff rags and small-sized towels inside each shoe: Stuff rags and towels inside your shoe and push the rags up to the toes of your shoes. This is done to absorb some of the moisture and prevent your shoes from stretching or shrinking and in turn, help them maintaining their shape during and after the whole process of drying.

5. Set the temperature: You should always keep in mind to set the dryer’s temperature to low heat so that the rubber is not overheated and your shoes is not damaged. This is an important part while following the steps of how to dry shoes in the dryer.

6. Untie shoe laces: Always untie the shoe laces before drying as the laces will dry out evenly along with your shoes.

7. Fill the dryer with towels: Ensure that the dryer is filled with some large towels as this will speed up the time of drying and also reduce the amount of noise that is created while drying shoes.

8. Put your shoes inside: Open the dryer and put your shoes inside with the toes up. Set the shoe soles against the inside of your dryer door.

9. Loop your shoe laces: Place your shoelaces up around the top of your dryer door and shut the door firmly. Make sure the laces are extended out of the dryer when you close the door.

Pro-tip: Hang your shoes on the door so that the thumping noise is avoided completely. Tie the laces and hang the knot up around the dryer door keeping the shoes inside.
See the below image:

10. Set the dryer: Turn on the dryer by setting it to a medium or low cycle of around 60 minutes. Do not over-dry your shoes. Run your shoes through the entire cycle and dry them completely. It is better to keep the drying time to 60 minutes even though the time varies depending on the type of your dryer. This is the last step to know how to dry shoes in the dryer.

A clothes dryer is the fastest and most effective way to dry your shoes but it is mostly applicable for sneakers or canvas shoes. This method of how to dry shoes in the dryer should be avoided for leather shoes. Sometimes you will see that some of the dryers come with a little contraption that is called a drying shelf where you can place your shoes to get the exposure of warm air of the dryer without having to toss them around inside the dryer. This will save scuffing the inside of the dryer. If you do not find such type of dryer, then use the normal ones to follow the steps of how to dry shoes in the dryer.

However, even after knowing the step by step process of how to dry shoes in the dryer, it might be difficult for you to completely understand the whole process. Hence, we are sharing a link to a video that shows exactly how to dry shoes in the dryer. Follow this link to know the exact steps involved in drying shoes in the dryer.

But always be careful while drying your shoes in the dryer as too much heat can damage your shoes. Also keep the laces outside so that they are not stuck inside the dryer. Periodically check if your shoe is fine or not while drying and stop the dryer if you find that it has completely dried up. Nonetheless, follow the excellent step by step process of how to dry shoes in the dryer and know the right way to dry your shoes at the minimum time possible.

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