Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Lace-up Memory-Foam Sneaker

For the people who are in search of finding high quality, supportive, well-designed, comfortable and durable shoe, Skechers could be one of the best options. The company has something special that would be an excellent reward for spending your money on a sneaker.





Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Lace-up Memory-Foam Sneaker
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This Sports Men’s Lace-up memory foam sneaker has been made and introduced to giving people what they need. It offers comfort, support and a comfortable platform to walk or run without losing its features for a long time. This men’s sneaker keeps the foot comfortable and supports all the sides so that the user feels easy during the walk and the foot and leg muscles would experience lesser fatigue.

Important Features:

Knowing some features would surely be a good way to understand what it offers and how it would benefit you:

Materials and Design

The shoe is a mix of synthetic and leather materials that assure highly supportive design that keeps the foot in shape and support the arch and the expanding foot posture in the right way. The smooth finished leather and the mesh upper gives a supportive upper formation to keep the foot comfortable and relaxed while still give enough support for better posture maintenance.


The shoe has a lace-up vamp on it upper for giving a snug fit, comfortable closure and customized fitting through laces. The upper consists of mesh fabric and synthetic leather overlays to support the foot appropriately and will also keep it cool and dry with enough ventilation and air-flow.

Inner Sole

The inner sole has been provided a memory foam layer to cradle your foot carefully and support where needed. This insole ensures better comfort and support to keep the foot relaxed in its natural posture so that there is a lesser strain on the foot muscles.

Collar and Tongue

The reasonable padded collar and the tongue keep the upper foot snuggly fitted yet relaxed and comfortable to avoid turning and slipping within the shoe. This also helps in lowering pressure on the foot.

Sweat-free Cool Inner Surface

The shoe offers sweat free, dry and cool inner surface with the help of mesh upper, fabric lining, and memory foam sole. All of these components keep a good flow of air in the shoe so that you don’t feel squishy inside the shoe when you have to walk for some time.

Outer Sole

The synthetic rubber sole featuring Articu-Lyte sole with a flexible outer layer for better performance. The sole is designed to offer high-tech performance, increased grip on the road and traction for a slip-free walk. The 1 and a half inch heel ensures a natural posture of the foot and keeps the foot active and easy during the walk.

Comfort and Durability

Due to the use of high-quality imported materials and high-tech design and construction, the shoe offers long-lasting performance and durability for a long time. With enough padding, support and breathable upper, the shoe touches all standard of comfort to keep your foot away from injuries and discomfort no matter how you walk and where you walk.


Correct sizing is the key to comfort when you have to decide on the shoe that is perfect for your daily walk. This shoe also offers normal as well as an extra wide option so that you may select the correct size as well as the suitable width of the shoe for an easy, comfortable fit. Just make sure to select the right size and width to avoid issues when wearing the shoe.


Some of the features that perform to provide some of the most desired benefits are as follows:

  • It is well-made with high-quality imported materials
  • Best design to match today’s trendy need
  • Protective yet flexible outsole
  • Soft and comforting memory foam inner sole
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Well-padded and supportive collar and tongue area
  • Lace-up closure for customized fitted wear
  • Perfect for a walking shoe or light running
  • Provide better grip and traction on a wide range of surfaces and tracks


Despite that the shoe offers most of the features that sneaker wearers need, some cons are still there that you have to look for in order to avoid frustration and disappointment:

Not as lightweight as it should be for an easy walk

May feel good only for a walk but not good enough for running

The memory foam insert may need replacement if you wear it for a long walk

Customer Ratings and Response

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned we can say that this particular sneaker has surely won the heart of most of its users. Because of its impeccable features that assure high-quality comfort and support during the walk the users have shared the way they feel comfortable and how the shoe enables them to walk without getting fatigued soon. Though it feels a bit heavier than other sneakers on the market but still worth the money if you are looking for a comfortable, durable, padded and supportive pair of shoes. Out of 5K+ online customer reviews, the shoe has won 4.3/5 stars scores which is quite reasonable to support this one as a good pair for a shoe for regular use.

All in all the Skechers sports Men’s sneaker with memory foam insole come up with most of the features that allow the user to stay easy and relaxed during the walk. The shoe enables the user to walk safely without getting slipped off the ground and tracks well on a wide range of surface. In addition to these features, its sporty look and well-designed upper makes it useful and eligible to be worn anywhere you need as the shoe looks great with any sort of outfit. You need to be sure about the size as it is available in a wide range of sizes. For wide feet, there is an option to select a wider shoe with an E option. D is the normal size whereas if you need an extra wide shoe you may go for an E option with the correct number as well.

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