Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma (Best Choice This Year)

Shoes For Mortons Neuroma

Have you heard about people complaining about the worst pain they have ever felt in their toes while walking or running? These complaints come from those people who suffer from Morton’s Neuroma. Morton’s Neuroma is a condition that affects the metatarsals and causes squeezing of the nerves between third and fourth metatarsal. Such a pain is sharp, awful and affects person’s ability to walk or run. For such a condition, the only way to alleviate the symptoms is to wear one of the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma which are comfortable, supportive and accommodating shoe with wider toe box and sufficient support around the metatarsal area.

Though it is hard to generalize the features you may find in a wide range of shoes available for Morton’s neuroma and we cannot say that one specific pair could be helpful for all those who suffer from the conditions, but can surely compare certain features and possibilities that may help people to alleviate the symptoms quite effectively.

It is better to consider the body weight, the foot posture, the shape of the foot and the hours you have to be one your foot while running or walking or working when you are choosing the best one for you.

Why Do People Get Morton’s Neuroma?

People should understand their condition properly before they start looking for the solution. Morton’s neuroma may arise due to pressure, displacement or misplacement of the toe area in the shoe that does not allow the foot to keep its natural posture.

Sometimes the body weight exerts more pressure on the foot when the person is walking because the heel and the mid foot has imbalanced or insufficient support and cradling.

One reason could be extra pressure exerted by the sides of the shoe causing squeezing of the nerve between the metatarsals.

All such conditions lead to the deformation of the toe bones and cause lightening pain in the toe. So, the only way that works and makes sure to lower the chances of getting such a painful experience by wearing properly designed and supportive shoes that keep the toe bones in place and help in avoiding pressure on the forefoot area.

Best Running Shoes for Morton's Neuroma Reviews

  • Some of the best possible options for the people who need help and want to alleviate Norton’s neuroma symptoms are discussed as below:

Brooks Ghost 9

Regular runners have to keep up with their sporting routine and also have to keep their feet at ease so that they don’t get tired or develop pain due to pressure on the foot nerves and muscles. Brooks Ghost 9 ensures to support feet that are usually in trouble to extra-pressure on them. The Brooks Ghost 9 series includes specialized insoles and toe box support that is gender friendly and assure customized fit for most of the foot shapes. The shoe offers a neutral formation that supports under-pronation and provides cushioning and responsive support for an easy gait cycle. The mesh made upper offer breathability and sweat free performance whereas it is lightweight to reduce the pressure on the foot as a whole.

Brooks Womens Ghost 10 Neutral Cushioned Running Shoe

The soft fabric lining and removable insole assure easy to fit and keep the foot in its best natural posture. The BioMoGo offer an earth-friendly solution for extreme foot comfort and the Brook DNA support makes sure the foot lands easily on the ground with sufficient room, support, and comfort. Segmented crash pad with proper segmentation ensure the smooth and easy transition, as well as the blown rubber on the forefoot area, keep the forefoot in shape without letting the fingers hit or squeeze against each other. This formation ensures lower chances of developing Morton’s Neuroma. In addition to that the Omega Flex grooving offer fluid-like foot transition that is not a burden for your foot muscles.


• Lightweight and easy to use
• Breathable
• Supportive and cradling
• Removable insole
• Specialized fore-foot support and better toe accommodation

Altra Torin 2 Running Shoe Serial

Altra Torin 2 running shoe is available as a women’s shoe whereas you can find the Torin 3 for men as well. The shoe has some specialized features that match the need of the runners and frequent walkers who love to exercise while having to avoid the foot pain as well. The shoe has been designed to give maximum comfort to the toe area as well as the heel area. The toe and the heel of the foot are two of the most impact prone areas that need comfortable cradling and responsive support for keeping up with the rapid transitioning of the foot during the gait cycle, the shoe offers support and comfort and the same time to keep the pain symptoms away.

The shoe is made up of synthetic materials and rubber sole with lace-up vamp for a customized fit. The mesh fabric on the top keeps the inside breathable and offers Foot shape support to keep the toe box in its best neutral form for increased stability and speed without resistance.

Altra Women's Torin 2.0 Running Shoe

The shoe is made up of synthetic materials and rubber sole with lace-up vamp for a customized fit. The mesh fabric on the top keeps the inside breathable and offers Foot shape support to keep the toe box in its best neutral form for increased stability and speed without resistance.

The Foot Pod outsole comes with a natural design for increased flexibility and grip on the ground. In addition to the A- bound compound shoe, sole offers increased energy and lower pressure on the foot area and help in reducing the impact on the foot muscles as well. The wider toe box and comfortable support make the shoe perfect for those having pain in their foot and especially in the toe region.

• Breathable
• Lightweight and comforting
• Wider toe box
• Flexible outsole for easier foot transitioning
• Responsive insole

ASICS 33 DFA Serial

From the house of ASICS, this shoe is perfectly designed to give maximum support with support and comfort whereas the design offers the least pressure on the foot as a whole and keep the foot in its best posture and natural form so that the walking and running experience becomes easier.

The shoe is made up of synthetic materials, mesh fabric on the top and flexible rubber sole that keeps the foot relaxed and offer easy transitioning for a comfortable walk.

The shoe works perfectly for under pronation as well as people have mild or moderate overpronation conditions with the help of fluid ride sole and guidance line grooves on the outer sole that keep the foot on the track with least impact and pressure.

ASICS Women's 33-DFA Running Shoe

To keep the heel and toe are at ease the rear and forefoot areas are provided with the perfect GEL cushioning supported by the comfort Dry sock lining to keep the foot sweat free and supported during the walk.

The shoe offers sufficient room for the toe so that the foot keeps its natural posture and would not exert pressure on the foot muscles to avoid conditions like Morton’s neuroma and general foot pain.

    • Odor and sweat free
    • Hold firm on the ground
    • Low-profile design suitable for under and overpronation
    • GEL cushioning and wide toe box

Pearl Izumi EM Road N2 Serial

Pearl Izumi EM road N2 is another example of a perfect shoe that matches the needs of people having a neutral or supinator gait style. It is one perfect design that keeps the foot comfortably fit, relaxed and supported from all directions while keeping it accommodated in a sufficient space with no resistance and impact issues on the toe box.

The shoe is made up of synthetic materials, rubber made sole and seamless upper with 3-D print assuring lighter weight and comfortable structure throughout the shoe.

Pearl iZUMi Men's Em Road N2 v2 Running Shoe

The mesh fabric keeps the inner of the shoe well-aerated and helps in keeping up with the hygienic standards. The insole of the shoe is equipped with E: MotionTM midsole that is turned to support the supinator and neutral gait. The forefoot and the heel areas are cushioned with the energy foam that offers 1:1 energy and bounce for impact free gait and keep the two areas relaxed and free from pressure from the outside. This setup reduced pain and pressure on foot muscles and help people stay away from issues like Morton’s Neuroma. Furthermore, the blown rubber used in the forefoot area, as well as the crash pad positioning under the foot, assures resistance to impact and abrasive forces.


• 1:1 energy foam facilitates easy gait
    • E: MOTION TM midsole
    • Perfect for supinator/ neutral gait cycle
    • Comfortable
    • Wide toe box
    • Rearfoot and forefoot cushioning

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6

The new balance fresh foam shoe for women comes with a range of features that support feet and keep their natural posture and gait cycle at ease with little or no pressure on the foot muscles. The shoe is made up of textile upper and synthetic rubber and offers a durable structure for better performance and support.

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoe

The shaft is low-top from the arch to offer smoother and more flexible foot support. It offers an approximate 8mm drop for better and comfortable gait. The removable insole also offers easier customization of the shoe for better support inside it.

The fresh foam offers greater comfort and cradling for the foot by reducing the pressure and impact forces applied to the foot that keeps the pain away from the foot muscles and helps in reducing the chances of pinching the nerves within the metatarsal.

• Breathable
• Easy to use
• Wider toe box
• Keeps the foot supported and offer sufficient space

Altra Women's One 2.5 Performance Running Shoe

Altra Women’s One 2.5 performance running shoe is another example of a perfect shoe that keeps up with the comfort and support standards. The synthetic upper and flexible as well as durable rubber sole. The overall structure and design assure smoother look and keep the foot easy inside.

The overall upper is mesh fabric that keeps airflow consistent towards the inside for a dry and fresh feel. Whereas the plush midsole offers comfort and relaxed feel to the feminine feet.

Altra Women's One 2.5 Running Shoe

The well-made foot-shaped toe box of the shoe helps in cradling and keeping the toe easy and may not allow any kind of pinching feel during the gait cycle.

The inner Flex midsole keeps the foot balanced and in its natural posture so that the pressure is relieved no matter where and how much you have to run.
The SpeedPod outsole keeps the foot stable and forms better grip on the ground to keep the foot safe from getting slipped off the surface.

    • Breathable and fresh
    • God grip outsole
    • The wide and well-formed toe box

New Balance Men's M980 Boracay Running Shoe

The new Balance Boracay running shoe is made to provide excellent support and performance when your foot is prone to pain due to some clinching, twisting and turning of the metatarsals that cause suppressing of the nerves within the toe.

The shoe is well-made with synthetic materials and rubber sole to provide a smooth and flexible transitioning without creating much impact on the foot muscles especially on the toe and the heel areas.

New Balance Men's M980 Boracay Running Shoe

The air mesh upper assures breathability and sufficient air flow towards the inner of the shoe to keep the shoe fresh from the inside. Whereas the fresh foam midsole offers comfort and fresh feel for a comforting feel and impact resistance.

The OrthoLite footbed keeps the weight of the shoe to the minimum so that the foot stays easy and feel no pressure and keeps up with the increasing force without any issues on the forefoot and heel areas.

The shaft measures around 3 inches from the arch for smoother gait and lesser pressure on the metatarsal. The diagonal stripes with seamless construction offer better design and durability.

    • Breathable and fresher inner sole
    • Lightweight construction
    • Wide inner design
    • Keeps the forefoot and rearfoot comfortable and easy during running

Altra Running Womens Provisioness 2 Running Shoe

Altra running shoe comes with a durable, flexible and easy to wear design that assures high-end performance and keeps the foot comfortable inside the shoe. The shoe is made up of synthetic materials and rubber sole for long-lasting performance. The overall structure is durable and flexible enough to keep up with the running routine for regular runners.

The lace-up design offers a custom fit for any kind of foot shape so that the foot stays comfortable yet supported by the walls.

Altra Running Womens Provisioness 2 Running Shoe

The mesh upper ensures air-flow for higher level breathability and keeps the foot easy and relaxed. The FootShape toe keeps the toe area accommodated comfortably so that the toe stays in its natural posture and will not squeeze it causing pain due to Morton’s Neuroma.

The shoe is equipped with zero drop platform with a full cushioned lining that creates a smooth transitioning platform to keep the foot in its natural posture and facilitates easier gait throughout the time.

    • Foot pod outsole keep the foot stable
    • Keeps the foot in its natural form
    • Cushioned and supported
    • Breathable and lightweight

Buying Guide To Choosing the Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

For those who are looking for the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma, it is necessary to analyze the conditions, the symptoms and apparent pain areas that a person feels during the running session.

The following are some of the most important things that you must consider before you decide on the shoe to alleviate symptoms related to Morton’s neuroma:

  • The upper of the shoe should be flexible and made up of some breathable materials to keep the airflow consistent for a dry and cool inner environment of the shoe. This assures comfort for the foot.
  • Look for sufficient padding and cushioning in the heel and toe areas.
  • The wider toe box is the key to comfort when you have issues like Morton’s neuroma as wide and cushioned toe box keeps the foot relaxed and the metatarsals in its natural form so that they don’t suppress the nerves in them.
  • Midsole support and low arch ensure smooth gait and keep the pressure low in the toe area so make sure to get a minimal design for keeping it easier for the foot to walk and run.

Morton’s neuroma is surely a painful experience that needs care and attention if you want to keep tiredness and pain away from your life. To avoid such issues finding the best running shoe for Morton’s neuroma is the most effective way to alleviate the pain symptoms. Though it necessary to look for a lightweight, breathable, supportive and well-cushioned shoe with roomier toe box. Make sure to choose the most suitable size as well to get the most out of your selected shoe.

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