How Long Does Plantar Fasciitis Take To Go Away?

Are you dealing with some unbearable pain on your heels, well it might be Plantar Fasciitis? The pain on your heel, might make you wonder as to how long is it going to last. Well, the pain shall take some time to fade away and recover. Before we move further to know what are the steps to get rid of Plantar fasciitis, let’s get to know more about it.

Plantar fasciitis mostly occurs when plantar fascia becomes inflamed. Plantar fascia is a part of our body and is located under the feet. It is made up of ligaments and tendons, and this portion absorbs all the shock while you walk or support your arch. One must make a note that the area is quite sensitive and is also susceptible to micro tears. While the pain can be a lot difficult to bear and shall take quite long, it is advisable to follow some of the steps mentioned below and get rid of it at the earliest.

Causes of Planta Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can occur because of a variety of reasons as listed below;

  1. Whenever planta is overstretched or overworked it might lead to pain. This can also lead to micro tear which takes a good time to recover. Chronic micro tear also causes plantar fasciitis to degenerate.
  2. For individuals who have put on the weight, they also have increased chances of getting exposed to the plantar fascia. During pregnancy women are said to go through immense pain in heels.
  3. Runners are also prone to plantar fasciitis and the reason behind it is their long running time on the hard surface. Even dancers are said to suffer from plantar fascia.
  4. Also, some of the people who are susceptible is with flat foot or high arches.

Hence if you have any of the conditions, then you must keep yourselves protected and also prevent the plantar fascia from getting inflamed.

Opt for Insoles For Foot Pain

For individuals who are dealing with plantar fasciitis, it is always advisable to choose insoles. The specific category of insoles which can be chosen is, stride insole i.e. the one which is biome chanically designed to support the arch and prevent plantar fasciitis. All you have to do is, remove the favourite shoe insole and replace it with stride.

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

Every persons planta fasciitis is different, hence each one of them will take their own time to recover or heal. The worst thing about this pain is, it symptoms vary from individual to another. Hence it is important for each one of you to keep taking care using general methods and try to get rid of it at the earliest. Normally, planta fasciitis is said to last from two to three weeks, however at times it also gets extended to about six weeks. This is the time, your soft tissue repairs itself and come backs to its normal functioning.

When Should You Visit The Doctor?

If you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, it is generally recommended to try some remedies at home. However if you have no experience about it, it is best to approach a professional and get yourself thoroughly checked. If in case, the pain is accompanied with fever, numbness, tingling or warmth in heel it is best to approach the doctor immediately. These symptoms might be a sign of some serious issues.

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

As and when you see the signs of plantar fasciitis on your feet, it is time to do try some home remedies and check if you are getting relieved of the pain or not. If in case the pain seems to worsen, it is highly recommended to approach doctor for definite treatment.

  1. Icing: Do some icing on your feet, as this shall help you get rid of inflammation or pain. However don’t put ice directly on the affected area, instead take an ice bath by mixing ice into the water. For individuals who are okay to keep their feet directly on ice, they can use a ice pack and keep it lying for around 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the ice pack, to give feet little break and let it warm up again.
  2. Take some rest: Rest is one of the first things to do, when you experience symptoms for the first time. Keep your feet up and stop doing exercise for some time. For runners, it is best to reduce their distance of running and lowering the speed. This shall help an individual give rest to their feet, and let the inflammation to die down.
  3. Physical therapy: Professionals might advise physical therapy as a resolution to get rid of pain or inflammation occurring on the heels. The therapy is also effective in strengthening the plantar fascia and providing you support as and when you move.
  4.  Corticosteroid Shots: Patients are also advised to have corticosteroid shots. These shots are provided at the painful area for immediate relief. These steroids are said to have positive results in comparison of any therapy or other medicines.
  5. Choice of Right Shoes: Patients dealing with plantar fascia must make a note that the choice of shoes shall make a big difference in healing the pain. If you are not wearing right shoes, there are chances that feet shall become more strained and frequent micro tears is going to occur. Also, if shoes have become quite hold or heavily worn, it is time to get a new one and experience the comfort of wearing the same.
  6. Stretching: This is also an effective remedy for treating plantar fasciitis. Different forms of stretches can be followed for getting rid of pain and inflammation occurring due to plantar fascia. Practice of stretches regularly is also quite helpful for reducing the pain or chances of minor tears on body.

If in case you have tried all the above-listed methods, and still are not able to relieve yourself from the pain, there are chances that professional shall recommend you surgery. Surgery is the last resort in this condition, and it is highly advisable to take a wise decision.

How Does Surgery In Case of Plantar Fascia Works?

For patients who have been recommended surgery in plantar fascia, doctors are going to make an incision on foot of the patient and cut full or a portion of planta fascia. This process is termed as plantar fascia release. Once fascia is released, you shall feel relieved of all the tension and inflammation in the ligament. Once you get healed, you shall feel comfortable like never before and thereafter chances of return of plantar fascia will be the least. Even though surgery is said to give immediate and long-lasting results, it is still advisable to keep it as a last resort.


Above mentioned are some of the methods following which one can get rid of the plantar fascia. One must also make a note, that the type of remedy chosen and frequency opted to apply the same shall have a large impact on the recovery of pain. Hence, individuals who want to get rid of the pain at the earliest, they must make sure to apply remedies at regular intervals and thereby achieve everlasting results out of it.

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