Review of The ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 3 Running Shoe

ASICS men’s Gel-contend is a mark of perfection when it comes to long-lasting performance and comfort for regular runners and athletes who need daily practice for miles. The shoes are made up of high-end imported materials that assure international quality and specific design and structure for better support, comfortable foot transitioning and keep the painful experiences away.





ASICS Men's Gel-Contend 3 Running Shoe
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As a fact the shoe has the capability to serve with all its potential benefits for a range of purposes and its properties do not intent to deteriorate quickly. Whether you have a wider foot or you are a heavy guy you can still get all the benefits expected from this particular shoe.

Important Features To Consider

Here are some of the most important and considerable features you need to know about in order to decide about this shoe easily:

Exterior And Appearance

The shoe has a sporty look and is available in 12 different colors and upper designs with mesh fabric and synthetic strips to assure balanced spread throughout the shoe. The upper feel flexible to give a snug fit and keeps the foot easy yet fit within the shoe. It is also easy to clean and stay in shape despite frequent use and environmental effects on a daily basis.

Closure And Fitting

The shoe comes with a lace-up closure for customized fitting for a range of foot shape and sizes. The padding around the collar and the tongue area also helps in a snug fit closure without any pressure on the foot. Overall, the shoe fits in the foot comfortably so that it would not turn or slip within the shoe during faster running sessions.


Due to the fact, the materials used in the making of this shoe include high-quality mesh fabric at the top, rubber sole for the outsole and the synthetic leather, the shoe promises a long-lasting performance without getting cracked or damaged quickly. The materials are surely resistant to wear and tear issues.

Comfort Padding and Support

The rear foot area is supported by the unique Gel-Cushioning system that keeps the shock and forceful impact away from reaching to the foot. The overall interior of the shoe is lined with sufficient padding and offer to cradle interior to keep the foot comfortable while running.

The shaft area is designed to offer low top from the arch so that the foot transitions easily with a balanced and diffused pressure through the foot sole. This allows lesser force on the forefoot, heel area, and the leg muscles as well.

The Inner Sole and Sock Liner

The inner sole is padded to match the foot posture and also offer a removable sock liner so that to accommodate orthotics and help you attain the comfort goals.

Breathable and Sweat Free

Though some individual may need extra lining for keeping their foot free from moisture after running for hours the shoe also comes with well-aerated inner as the upper mesh fabric allows sufficient air flow to the inner side.

The Outer Sole

The outer sole is made of high quality, durable and flexible rubber that allows easy running and comfortable gait cycle without feeling any burden or resistance from the outside.

The outsole offers slip-free design to keep a good grip on the ground no matter what kind of surface you have to run on or walk.

Traction and Grip

The rubber sole offers slip-free running experience as it can keep up with the uneven as well as slippery surfaces quite easily. It offers a good level of traction and support to keep you away from getting slipped off.

Ease of Use

Since it is an easy, well-fitted and comfortable shoe, there is no doubt that offers ease and comfort for the user.

Good For All

No matter if you run for shorter distance or you are an athlete who runs for a mile to catch up with the daily exercise needs, the shoe offers a durable design to match the needs of professional as well a starter.


Some noticeable benefits on the basis of its features and materials are:

• Durable and long-lasting

• Support a range of running and sports needs

• Keeps the foot balanced

• Offers enough support and comfort through padded inner

• Snug fitting

• Gel cushioning on the rear foot

• Cradles the foot for comfortable gait cycle

• Reduced pressure on the foot muscles


• You may have to choose the right width if you have wider foot if not, it may appear short.

Customer Experiences and Response:

The shoe has been rated as a 4.5-star product out of the total 5 stars rating system that assures most of the customers have found this one a helpful, reliable and trustworthy running shoe to meet your sports needs. The quality, support, comfort, and materials have been considered as some of the best and the shoe is declared as having the best combination of quality materials, gel cushioning setup and perfect design to keep the foot easy during the intense running hours.

Though most customers suggest that you have to select the shoe having the correct width and size so that you may not have to face issues later. As most people with a wider foot may choose, D, E or EE whereas with the narrower foot the average size would work as well.

After discussing all these features, and the specification with which the shoe comes to the users, we can say that it can surely prove to be a perfect running shoe for most of the heavy training sessions. The shoe also assures high-quality performance even if you are a tall or heavy guy and need a consistent support for better performance. The key to getting better results as a user of the shoe is that you have to decide on the right size and width of the shoe so that you may not have to face issues like pressure on the foot, shorter size etc. if you purchase the right size with the correct width of the shoe, it can surely give you perfect support and performance for years to come.

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