Top 3 New Balance Walking Shoes For Men

In the industry of shoes, the label that the manufacturers stick to their best and corrective shoes are motion control.

Your ankles and knees torque inwards whilst your arches tend to collapse too much. The motion control new balance shoes for men consists of a thick midsole, which is made up if harder material.

This is built in order to correct your walk so that your gait does not roll inwards when your weight shifts from the heel to forefoot. They are on the heavier side, because of the above-mentioned issue and hence are very durable and long lasting shoes.

1. New Balance Men’s MW956 Country Walking Shoes

This product features waterproof protection, athletic comfort as well as outdoor styling. The durable upper leather has a rugged yet relaxed feel as well as fit whilst the liberally tread outsole will get you ready for adventure. However, the sizes do not seem to be very appropriate.

New Balance Men’s MW956 Country Walking Shoes

Special Features and Advantages:

– Provide a good support around the foot and are very comfortable.

– Best class traction on the sidewalks and a little torsion along with the foot twisting.

– Laces also tighten very easily that allows great support on the foot and proper tension. Overall, it is a good product.

This product is designed and structured with extra cushioning and has loads of features that resist high impact force. It provides great support for the feet along with comfort. Its EVA strobe board lends a very lightweight support.

New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoe

Special Features and Advantages:

New balance walking shoe for men’s are highly functional.

  • Provide great comfort and support at the right places.
  • The pillow-like padding of foam in the forefoot and heel reduces the excess stress on the joints.
  • They are very good for people facing muscle pain or joint pains. Overall, it is a great product for men.

3. New Balance Men’s MW769V1 Walking Shoe

This product allows you with a lightweight walking opportunity, along with the essentials of motion control technique. It is specially designed for the people with overpronation and low arches. They also provide you with great stability.

New Balance Men’s MW769V1 Walking Shoe

Special Features and Advantages:

  • Allow great stability and the plentiful amount of mesh helps you to cool your every step.
  • Serviceable even if you have a narrow foot.
  • Give support as well as comfort at the same time. It is an excellent shoe for men.

These shoes are built in order to limit overpronation or excess motion. Overpronation takes place in flat feet, wherein the arches of the runner’s collapse. Consequent overpronation and flat feet are a problem for the runners and walker. All the three above-mentioned products are designed in a different way, but what all of them offers if comfort and support.

The best out of the three would be the women’s WR840 running shoe as it has added and the most number of features and they all works great. Opting for any of the above motion control new shoes is sure to amaze with their amazing looks as well as the comfort level they provide.

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