The Ultimate Best Walking Shoes For Women Buying Guide and Reviews

That is why they always need to look for the best walking shoe for women which support their feet, alleviate their energy levels, and keep them comfortable in a stylish way. Women need to stay away from fatigue and pain in muscles but they still cannot avoid getting into a daily exercise routine when it comes to maintaining their fitness routine.

If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick, Skechers Women's 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe, a sleek and modern video head with features to satisfy both newcomers and professionals alike.

To find the best walking shoes for women, it is necessary to analyze the shoes against the most desired criteria and features that every woman need.

For a perfect walking shoe, the most important things include the perfect arch support, posture maintenance, comfort and fitting along with a durable sole and upper of the shoe.

What Type of Walking Shoes For Women is The Best?

Women need an extra touch of comfort and stability when it comes to selecting walking shoes. Due to the fact, their feet may need some support during the walking session and that is only possible with some of the best and the most comfortable walking shoes for women.

Quick Overview: Top 5 The Best Walking Shoes For Women By Customer Rating


Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Slip-On

best women's shoes for standing on concrete for long hours


New Balance Women's Comfort Pack Training Shoe


Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes

best women's shoes for standing on concrete for long hours


Athletic Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers

Women's ProGrid Integrity Walking Shoe


Women's ProGrid Integrity Walking Shoe

The Things That Are Considered Important Are:

The Best walking shoes for women reviews

Table of Content

Flexible and Lightweight Shoes

Flexibility, durability and lightweight materials are the key concerns when it comes to choosing the best women's walking sneakers. You must choose the shoes that are flexible enough to support the gait cycle without exerting pressure on the feet rather keeping it lighter and easier for the foot to transition between the foot positions during the gait.

Lightweight shoes are always preferred because they will not exert extra pressure due to weight and this lowers the fatigue level and keep it easier to walk.

Breathability and Good Fitting

Another feature that women need in their shoe is the level of breathability. Mesh fabric upper and air-flow channels across the shoe keep the foot dry and comfy and help in avoiding sweating issues.

In addition to the breathable construction, having a good fit also helps in keeping the foot snug-fitted for better protection and comfort as well.

A shoe with a good fit is only possible when you buy the exact size or choose the appropriate width for better keeping the foot in shape. Customized fit is achievable when you have stretchy upper with bungee straps or laces that can keep the upper fitted comfortably on the feet.

Know How To Properly Size Your Shoes

This is the major issue people have to face when they are buying the perfect walking shoes online. Since they cannot try them before purchasing, it is hard to decide which is the perfect size based on the given options. So, it is best to decide as follows:

  • Measure your foot’s length from heel to toe make sure you get a proper measurement with the measuring tape.
  • Measure the width of the foot but make sure to make the measurement exactly or some cm larger to make sure the shoes fit with the socks as well.
  • You may also make the pattern of the foot on white paper and measure the length and the width.
  • Match the measurement with the standard sizing chart given and choose the right size.
  • Measuring the circumference of the foot from the top circling the top in the middle. This will help you know if you need a wider shoe or not.
  • Always try to go for a wider shoe if there are any options of your foot is bulkier or else if you have narrow feet, the exact size may fit better. For narrow shoe construction, it is always advised to get a bigger number

Can walking shoes be particular to walk on a specific place or all are good to use anywhere you walk?

When you start looking at the various types and brands of walking shoes that offer high-quality walking shoe, you can observe that most of them claim to have the capability to let you walk easily on any kind of ground surface. Though, it can be true for most but not for all.

For a shoe to be compatible with the ground on which you will be using it for most of the time, it is better to look for the kind of support it provides, the arch type and the outer sole that is made to deliver the maximum performance on a particular type of ground

So, we can say that shoes can be chosen based on the type of ground you will be walking on. Rough surfaces and bumpy tracks need sporty shoes and with more clinging shoes with grooving on the outer sole. Whereas if you will be walking on slippery surfaces, you may need better tracking and slip-free outer sole that will help you balance on smooth surfaces.

Sporty shoes with good arch support and more cushioning work well on rocky grounds whereas flat, soft cushioned shoes are good for a flat surface walk.

Choosing the right shoe as per the ground conditions make sure you will walk easy and will not have a hurting effect on your foot and leg muscles.

Best Walking Shoes For Women Reviews:

1-New Balance WW928WS Women's Laced Shoe

New Balance women’s laced shoe is specially designed for athletes who want to achieve their dream of sports. The product is well made with high-quality leather material that stands the test of time.

With this New Women’s shoe, you are going to enjoy your training and exercises without any pains or discomfort common with several types of walking shoes. No matter what your shoe size is, the shoes come in different sizes for individual needs. So, you don’t have to worry about the right fit because of its there.

New Balance Women's WW928WS Health Walking Laced Shoe


And when it comes to weight, you may not find any other shoe that is as lightweight as this model. It features a breathable perforated upper and cushioning for proper gripping the foot when you walk or run with it.

The lace-up closure and perforated leather used for the design of the shoe provides walking ease. It has more than 4 stars rating on Amazon, which confirms its superiority and quality. As a laced up shoe, it gives users the convenience to easily put on and remove when you are in haste.

Also, it’s offered at a considerably low price compared to other shoes in its class. If you are in need of premium quality walking shoe for great comfort, this model will be nice on you. There’s no doubt that this New Balance walking shoe will be a great investment for you.


• Quality leather material
• Padded tongue and collar
• ABSZORB technology for lower impact on the foot
• Features breathable upper
• Cheaper than some other models
• Supports the foot posture
• Keep the foot comfortable for hours


• It lacks arch support

2-TIOSEBON Women's Mesh-Comfortable Sneakers

Some shoes can leave you with strains and pains when they are worn for too long. You won’t have that problem with this mesh-comfortable sneaker. The innovative fabric design keeps it very comfortable for a long walk.

It feels very light on the foot. In fact, it feels like a slip-on as you may not feel like you are wearing a shoe. This walking shoe is the perfect shoe you can use for jogging and walking.

Another important feature a lot of people love about TIOSEBON sneakers is the slip resistant feature of the sole. It can withstand virtually any type of surface, unlike other shoes that can make you slip off on a slimy surface.

Best Women's Mesh-Comfortable Sneakers


The fabric design of the sneakers is breathable. Those who are allergic to certain types of leather smell will have no issues with this because most of it is designed with textile.

It’s also very durable. It doesn’t fade away or wear out easily. Users who are fashion oriented will love the stylish design of the shoe.

In addition, the convenient slip-on design makes it easy to wear or pull off. Overall, TIOSBON mesh-comfortable sneakers is certainly a great choice for those looking for durable and high quality walking shoes to improve performance in sporting activities.

• Ideal for walking and all forms of exercise
• The outsole is slip resistant
• Innovative textile fabric design that keeps the feet comfortable
• Lightweight and breathable
• Quick dry

Narrower in size

3-Skechers Women's 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

If you are looking for a superior quality walking shoe for total comfort and improved performance, there are very few walking shoes you can compare with this model. It’s the perfect and befitting walking shoe for those who crave for luxury.

The memory foam design contours the foot and makes long distance walking an enjoyable experience. Some low-quality shoes will start giving you discomfort after walking with them for a while. But the way Sketcher’s Women’s walking shoe is designed, you won’t have to worry about any discomfort. And there are many reasons for this.

First, the shoe comes with integrated Goga sensors that provide flexibility when walking and keep the discomfort away.

Best Skechers Women's 3 Slip-On Walking


Secondly, the synthetic fabric used in its design makes it extremely lightweight. It allows you to walk easily without feeling the weight on your foot.

Another reason for this shoe’s extreme comfort is the memory foam design. This technology is used in the design of the Sketchers women’s walking shoe for better cradling of the shoe and customizes support for the foot posture.

It may be a bit more expensive than some other models reviewed here, but the shoe’s overall quality makes it a worthy investment. It has so many enhancement features which make the price a great bargain.

If you are in need of a truly comfortable walking shoe, it doesn’t come better than the Sketcher’s women’s walking shoe.


• Lightweight
• Comes with integrated Goga Pillar technology
• Designed with memory foam for better comfort
• Breathable mesh
• Easy to wear on


• Price is a little bit on the high side

4-Skechers Women's Lite-Agile Walking Shoe

Here is another premium quality women’s walking shoe from the Skechers brand. Just like its sister model above, this Skechers Walking Shoe is extremely lightweight and comfortable.

One of the main features of a very good walking shoe has the ability to contour the foot for comfortable movement. That’s exactly what you will get from this shoe. The mesh fabric design gives you the comfort you need to walk for a long distance.

The type of shoe you wear can actually impact on how far you can go when doing your morning walking routine. If you get a heavy and uncomfortable shoe that slightly drags you back, you won’t cover much distance before you get tired.

Skechers Performance Women's Go Step Lite-Agile Walking Shoe


So, if you are serious about reaching your exercise goals, you need a very comfortable shoe. Fortunately, the Sketchers Lite-Agile has all the features to make your day.

And when it comes to durability, you may not see a better option. The sturdy design of the walking shoe with a flexible rubber sole makes it a great choice. You may likely use this shoe for many years. This will save you the cost of buying one or two new shoes within that period.

If you are really looking for a well made walking shoe for your convenience and comfort, look no further than Sketcher’s Lite-agile walking shoe.


• Very flexible and lightweight
• Very durable design
• Comes with durable rubber sole
• Knit mesh/fabric
• Tracks well on the ground
• Breathable
• Comfortable and reasonably cushioned


• Some users have complained about its’ slightly narrow size

5-New Balance Women's WW577 Walking Shoe

New Balance WW577 walking shoe is specially designed for those looking for extreme comfort when jogging or walking. It’s a premium quality shoe from a superior quality brand.

This shoe will be perfect if you are not a heavy sportsperson. The rubber sole makes it very flexible and resistant to slips. For steady and free movements, I highly recommend this walking shoe.

Another excellent quality you will love about the walking shoe is the lightweight and slip-on design. It’s very easy to wear or pull off the shoe. On the whole, This New Balance walking shoe is affordable, durable, and very comfortable.

The best New Balance Women's Walking Shoe


Some users have complained that the shoe doesn’t have enough cushioning. This may be related to the use of the walking shoe. It’s basically meant for walking. But when the shoe is used for running or more serious exercise that puts more pressure on the foot, it may not cushion your foot the way you want.

Although it has ABSORB shock-absorbing cushioning, this can carry you to some extent. It won’t have the same level of cushioning if you are using it regularly for serious running exercise. If you are looking for a New Balance shoe with better cushioning, a better option will be the New Balance WW928WS laced shoe reviewed above.


• Made with quality leather material
• Comes with padded tongue and hook-and-loop straps
• Flexible rubber sole
• Manufactured in the USA
• Reduced fatigue level
• Easy to wear


• It does not have enough cushioning

6-Saucony Women's ProGrid Walking Shoe

Saucony ProGrid shoe holds its grounds as a top rated women’s walking shoe in the market. If you have this well build the walking shoe, you don’t have to worry about pronation anymore.

One major quality of a great walking shoe is the cushioning and the comfort. For this model, the cushioning is top notch. If you walk constantly, you will need a walking shoe that can provide great comfort for hours.

Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe


Saucony has been efficiently designed to stay light on your foot and give you no cause for pains. That’s why it has received lots of positive reviews from users who have seen its overall benefits. In addition, it is stylishly designed to make you look very attractive in different types of clothes.

With all these good features, you will be forgiven for thinking the shoe will cost a fortune. But the opposite is the case. Saucony women’s walking shoe is one of the cheapest walking shoes you will see in the market.

So, if you are low on budget but still looking for a comfortable and durable shoe, this model will be a great choice for you.

Although it may not be the best when it comes to durability, it will serve for a considerable number of years. That’s still awesome, considering its affordable cost.


• Full-grain leather
• Provides a more comfortable fitting
• Padded tongue for better comfort
• Very affordable
• Lightweight and great cushioning


• Not the most durable

7-New Balance Women's WW411v2 Walking Shoe

New Balance has a lot of high-quality walking shoes for women. This WW411v2 is certainly one of them. As a top quality brand, they have not disappointed in their quest to help sports lovers develop the best sports friendly shoes for better performance

All the features of this walking shoe were included to provide comfort and walking convenience for users

Just like other models of the brand, New Balance WW411v2 walking shoe is made of 100% leather. And of course, the most important thing to consider in a walking shoe is the level of comfort it allows the user. That is where New Balance takes the lead.

New Balance Women's WW411v2 Walking Shoe


However, the only flaw you may notice about the shoe is the non-stylish design. It doesn’t come in many different colors like some other walking shoes on the market today. But this should not be a big problem for you if you are looking for comfort and quality.

The extremely lightweight design makes it very easy to walk with. Moreover, you don’t have to struggle with the shoe when putting it on. This is because of the lace-up design. It’s also very affordable.

If you have plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, or arthritis, you will find this shoe comfortable enough to walk for miles. On the whole, New Balance WW411v2 walking shoe has all the features to keep you comfortable when walking or jogging.


• Easy lace-up walking shoe
• Flexible rubber sole
• Provides protection to all types of the foot arch
• Very durable
• Breathable, perforated upper


• Not very stylish

8-Vionic Women's Walking Shoe

Vionic is a relatively new product when you compare it with New Balance and some other models. But the walking shoe has really grown in significance since it was first launched.

One major reason for its wide acceptance is the innovative AMS orthotic technology used for its design. This technology makes the shoe breathable, lightweight, and very flexible. Its liner is 100% polyester but other areas are pure leather.

The thermoplastic heel counter provides support and increased stability. And just like other high-quality women walking shoes, this model has a very flexible rubber sole. The company certainly infused technology to gain durability and comfort all packaged in one product.

Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes


Apart from comfortable features, Vionic provides health benefits too. Those who have Plantar Fasciitis usually find it difficult to walk for a long mile. But with the cushioning effect of the Vionic walking shoe, they will get some relief and walk longer.

Some walking shoes depreciate quickly when they are washed. But this women’s walking shoe is water resistant and can stand the test of time. And when it comes to ease of use, the action lacing system in the shoe makes it one of the easiest shoes to wear.

If you want quality at a considerable cost, you will enjoy the comfort and flexibility of Vionic walking shoe.


• Comes with thermoplastic heel counter
• better support and increased stability
• Ideal for those with Plantar Fasciitis
• Water-resistant leather
• Designed with AMS technology
• Lightweight and flexible rubber sole


A little bit more expensive

9-New Balance Women's WX608v4 Training Shoe

There are two major features that set this New Balance shoe apart from other models here; the stylish design and strong built. A combination of these two features makes the shoe one of the most popular in the market right now.

New Balance WX608v4 is not just a walking shoe. It can be used for jogging and running - a feature lacking in many types of walking shoes in the market. This shows how solid the shoe is made.

Its IMEVA midsole makes it very flexible. You will be able to walk freely for a long distance without any soreness in your foot.


With more than 4.5 ratings from over 3,500 customer feedbacks, there is no doubt that New Balance WX608v4 training shoe has won the hearts of many. It doesn’t matter what size of shoe you wear, there are different size options available.

Some leather products usually have a slightly irritating smell for those who are allergic. But this shoe is almost odorless. You will only notice a faint smell when you take it close to your nose.

And unlike other New Balance models, this walking shoe is very affordable. So, if you want a very comfortable and affordable women’s walking shoe, this model is a great option.


• IMEVA midsole for flexibility and durability
• Complete leather quality finish
• Very lightweight and comfortable
• Comes with dual density collar
• Very affordable


• Not the best when it comes to durability.

Buying Guide For The Best Walking Shoe For Women

Buying the best walking shoes for women is a process that should be backed by some facts and figures and features that are to be analyzed carefully. Here is what you can do for better selection and buying the best among the many available options:

  • Look for the top brands and make sure which of the top products they offer. If you can find the best sellers in the walking shoes you may shortlist them and start comparing the features.
  • Compare the features in detail by looking at their exterior and interior design, components and special features like the comfort cushioning, support for the foot, the closure, and different aspects that make the shoe better than others.
  • Choose the right size so that you can wear them easily. Look for right width and length so that your feet as comfortable inside the shoe while walking.
  • Choose the right materials and type of the shoe. Make sure to choose the ones that are specialized for walking on the specific grounds you will be walking on
  • In case if you are on a budget, make sure to filter the shoes that lie within the range of your budget. You can find plenty of options with better cost and features as well.
  • Go through the reviews and not just the best ones, go on to read the most critical reviews and weight the feature based on the feature they describe the most.

The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation of Suitable Walking Shoes

Now that we have gone through some of the best available options on the market, we also have mentioned the basic steps that are necessary to take on when buying a walking shoe, here we’ll discuss how we have selected and analyzed our selected shoes so that they fit the needs of the user:

Materials and Durability

It is best to know which materials are used in the making of the shoe that you have shortlisted because there are many options like, leather, synthetic materials, and mesh fabric that are used in the making of the walking shoes. Look for the high-quality materials that are lasting and durable. To make sure the shoes would last longer with regular use, we have made sure to suggest the ones with durable, high-quality material.

Closure and Easy Wearing Shoe

Easy to wear shoes with the custom fit design is always good. Lace-up shoes, slip-on shoes, and one step strap closure are the most common types of closure styles that are easy to wear on and will give better-fitted comfort. Either lace-up or strapped closure, we have analyzed which is the easiest and the best for the user.

Cushioning and Comfort

Some shoes come up with a medium level of cushioning, some have memory foam footbed, some have double cushioning on the neck of the shoe and the tongue making it fit better and provide more comfort, whereas some have a thin lining of soft foam for comfort and support. We have assured to sort out the most comfortable and padded shoes that are best to support the foot.


Breathability is a major concern. For regular walking needs, the shoe needs to be breathable so we have tried our best to enlist the walking shoes that either has perforated upper or there is a mesh upper on it to keep the inside of the shoe airy and breathable.

Style and Technology

We have chosen the best style with a low arch, comfortable footbed, easy wearing, and latest design so that they come out as the best walking shoes for the women


Versatility is also one of the important features women look for and we have analyzed this aspect as well so that no features including style and versatility are compromised.

Flexibility In The Soles

Just as we have selected the ones with a padded interior, we also haven’t ignored the flexibility of the sole. So, here we have analyzed the durability and flexibility of the shoe so that you find the ones that support natural gait in a comfortable manner.

Other Important Factors To Think About While Shopping Around

Since we have tried our best to give our best advice based on the features and comfort aspects of the walking shoes, we have to make sure that you will be able to find the best solution or your walking needs. So you might even look for other options like choosing the shoes with EVA midsole, heel support, shock absorption and other features like that so that you may end up with the best of the best.

Make A Selection Based On Your Environment

Sometimes it is also important to understand the requirements of the environment in which you live and will be using the shoe to walk around. Humidity, high-temperature and extreme weather conditions required to wear shoes that have a moisture-wicking insole and airy, perforated upper.

If you are going to use them in a rainy season, waterproof materials are the best ones to use and wear on to keep the water away from soaking the shoes.

For colder climatic conditions it is better to look for heavy cushioning inside and leather materials on the outside with better tracking outsole for more reliable performance.

Difference Between Walking Shoes and Running Shoes

Although they may have similar characteristics, there’s no doubt that running shoes and walking shoes are different in their own ways. They are not used for the same purpose. There are some sneakers manufactured basically for running while there are others that are specifically designed for walking. It will be important to understand their differences so you know which one is more ideal for you.

Differences Between The Two Types of Shoes

Heel Height

Running shoes have a built-up heel to ensure more stability. This is because the impact point is different for runners and walkers. Most walkers stride first with their heel while runners may use different sides of the feet to first strike the ground.

Runners have different levels of built-up heel for their shoes. This is to accommodate the specific strike pattern. On the other hand, walkers should go with the least height disparity between the toe and the heel (usually known as heel drop). In other words, unlike running shoes, walking shoes do not necessarily need higher heels.


Both walking shoes and running shoes should be flexible. But their differences lie in the centralization of flexibility. Walking shoes are more flexible at the forefoot because of the forward rolling motion of the walker. However, running shoes flex most at the mid-foot or the arch to create the right balance.


Obviously, walking requires lesser cushioning than running. Runners have a heavier impact on the ground and their shoe soles may flatten quicker if they have the same cushioning as walking shoes. The impact of the runner’s body weight is twice more than that of walkers. As a result, there is usually more cushioning at the forefoot and heel section for runners. On the other hand, walkers do not need additional forefoot cushioning since they don’t press much of their weight to the ground compared to runners.

The Shape of The Heel

Runners will benefit most from a flared heel because of the increased stability. But for walking, the heel usually impacts the ground before any other section. Because of this, most walking shoes usually have straight or undercut heels.

There is a good reason why it’s important to get the right type of shoe whether you need it for walking or running. It provides more comfort to you and helps prolong the lifespan of the shoe. Whenever you are out to shop for the most ideal shoe, select the right shoe that will provide more comfort to you as well as stand the test of time.

Different Types of Arches In Walking Shoes

Your foot arch determines the type of walking shoe that will be more comfortable for you. It will provide balance and prevent pains when walking or running. This content will help you understand the different foot arches and how they are relevant when selecting the right type of walking shoes.

What Is The Foot’s Arch?

The arch is the curved portion of your feet that makes contact with the ground when you walk. It generally begins just below the ball of your foot and extends towards the heel. While some people have a low arch, others have a high arch. Yet, some other people have a neutral arch (between high and low arch). Your type of arch will most definitely determine the type and shape of shoe you need.

Why Is The Arch Important?

The arch plays a very important role for your foot and entire body when walking, running, or standing. When standing or walking, it is responsible for distributing the weight of the body throughout the feet bones.

Some parts of the arch also play a very vital role in propulsion and shock absorption when running or walking. So, it’s evident that the foot arch is a vital component of the body’s balance during these activities.

Benefits of Each Type of Arch In A shoe And How It Helps In Walking Better

Basically, there are three types of arches: low arch, medium arch, and high arch. We are going to explain each of these types, pointing out their unique benefits and how they aid you when walking.

The Low Arch Shoes

For those with a low arch, the entire feet are usually flat on the ground. Your foot falls in or pronates with minimal stability when standing. Those with this type of arch usually have a flat foot and they will need a heel for support. Their ideal shoes come with a heel for better support on the foot.

The Neutral Arch Shoes

For neutral feet, the big toe and ball of your feet are clearly visible in the proportionate measure when you stand. If you have a neutral arch, it means your foot isn’t too high-arched or too flat. This means you have a lot of options when it comes to different types of running shoes. Almost any type of walking shoe will feel comfortable on your feet.

The High Arch Shoes

Those with high arch have the ball of the feet and a tiny fraction of their heel visible when they stand. Those with this type of arch will be unsafe to wear heels. They may also find it uncomfortable wearing boots or slip-on shoes. For these sets of people, lace-up walking shoes that provide stability and cushioning will be best for them.

There are different types of walking shoes meant for different foot types as seen above. It’s important to understand what type of foot you have when buying a walking shoe. This will help you avoid pains or other conditions that may result from wearing improperly fit shoe types.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

There are different types of walking shoes for people with different types of foot. Here are answers to some of the popular questions you may have when selecting the most ideal walking shoe for you need.

How do I know a walking shoe?

Walking shoes are designed to be more flexible through the foot’s ball as the forefoot rolls when in motion. They are designed to bring more balance to the foot when walking.

How do I know the best shoe for my foot?

Most walking shoes have the foot type, written on their labels. You need to find out your foot type and select the walking shoe specifically designed for such foot type. As if you have a flat foot, low arch, high arch or medium arch requirements, it is usually specified to make it easier to decide.

What’s the difference between walking shoes and running shoes?

Walking shoes are specifically for walking because they are designed with a little emphasis on support. But when running is the basic need, there is much weight placed on the arches and feet. So, running shoes have more support.

What is the best design for walking shoes?

Generally, walking shoes are designed according to the arch of the foot. Flat/low arches have their own designs while high arches have their own unique design as well.

Why can’t I use just any type of shoe for walking?

Walking shoes are designed to stay more comfortable on the foot because of the unique rolling movement the foot makes when walking. All the shoes don’t have these features. And if you try using just any shoes you may end up with strained muscles and fatigued legs.

Is there any specific time I can replace my walking shoes

Walking shoes are built to take you up to 500 miles. When it gets close to or exceeds this time, the support and cushioning features will start fading. And you need these supports. So, a replacement will be ideal.

Why can’t I just select my walking shoes based on my favorite color?

The function is always more important than fashion when selecting walking shoes. This is to prevent pains and injuries when using the shoe.

I have flat feet. What type of walking shoe should I buy?

The most comfortable shoes for people with flat feet (low arch) are the ones with a firm heel counter and proper arch support.

What types of walking shoes are ideal for people with a high arch?

Ideally, those with high arches will be better off with laced-up walking shoes that offer a little bit stability and cushion on the foot.

Overall, it’s clear that there are different designs for walking shoes for different types of feet. Getting the right type of walking shoe will most definitely help you prevent pains and discomfort when walking. You can easily choose best walking shoes for women with the help of proper knowledge base and understanding of the required features.

It is better to go for the durable, well—cushioned and relatively flatter shoes for simple walking needs instead of highly rugged or high arch shoes which are better for running and hiking.

We have discussed the most desired features and the shoes that come up with most of these features, to facilitate our readers towards a better choice. Hopefully our detailed guide will save you a lot of time and will help you get the best walking shoes for women you need.

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