Best Walking Shoes For Men With High Arches

The human body in itself is an intricate function, which takes into account several formations varying from size and shape. High arches are the formation of feet in which, the arches are formed in such a way that lower bones protrude from the sole of the feet making it difficult at times to walk. Special care should be taken of high arches, because of their special shape, which might give rise to complications in extreme cases. This article describes three of the best walking shoes for men with high arches:

1. New Balance Men’s MW659 Country Walking Shoe

New Balance is focused on helping players achieve their goals. It’s been their mission for a century. It’s the reason they don’t utilize the money on VIP helps.

They utilize it in creative work. It’s the reason they don’t arrange things to fit a picture. They arrange them to fit. New Modify is resolved to make the finest shoes for the same reason contenders trim them up to achieve the most perfect.

New Balance Men's MW659 Country Walking Shoe

The outsole is narrower in the toe respectably an inch inside because it’s straight, wherein the runner it calls attention to for more handle surface. The toe box doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be obviously narrower, however being made of sterner stuff it presses against the amplest motivation behind the foot.

2. New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe

From city paths to country lanes, these Walkers are sure to transform into your foot-ruining top picks. Built for the bravest walker, these shoes give amazing cushioning and quality. It is extreme yet lightweight, durable yet cleaned, suitable in the forested zones and all around town as well.

New Balance Men's MW759,Brown,US 16 2E

The cowhide on the top and sides are particularly engaging, and the soles make a fine demonstrating holding and not slipping. This shoe fits well and gives a ton of cushion to a heavier individual like myself. It is in like manner made with the same high bore of all New Balance shoes. They’re remarkable for walkways however then solid enough for moderate trail trips.

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe, Black/Onyx/Silver

Streamline your workout execution in the much accolade walking shoe. To make an environment for extraordinary comfort, twofold layers of memory foam line the neck area and heel. The smooth upper is solid and easy to clean. The shoe solidifies extra strength with a cushioned ride.

New Balance Men's MW659 Country Walking Shoe,Black/Grey,7 4E US

This current men’s walking shoe offers a made and cross area upper with two layers of memory foam that structure to the heel for an altered fit. The twofold thickness mid-sole skeleton updates support and consistent quality; GEL cushioning in the back foot and forefoot ingest paralyze. They were to a great degree congenial however made of a cross segment.


A person having high arches is vulnerable to many conditions that might arise if special care is not taken. High arches pose a threat not only to lower legs, and lower parts of the body, but its effect is also felt as high as pelvic area, spinal cord, and in extreme cases on pulmonary bones and the brain itself.

 These shoes are specially designed to provide an adequate cushion to high arches, and filling voids at the same time, for better grip. These are undoubtedly some of the best walking shoes for men with high arches.

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