How To Get Water Stains Out of Leather Shoes Effortlessly and Inexpensively

We love our leather shoes, our most prized possession; we freak out when there are water spills on it particularly if we have no idea on how to get water stains out of leather shoes. Leather shoes are one fashion item that will be in vogue all the time and regardless of gender and age, people are crazy about it. Both my husband and I have leather shoes. They are our favorite shoes of all because they not only look stylish but are comfortable as well.

 When I actually bought it, I was too afraid to wear them all the time, fearing I would stain and spoil them. Then, one day it happened. We were out for brunch at our friend’s house and someone accidentally (or purposely?) dropped a glass on my beloved shoes and I was flabbergasted.

 I thought this was the end of my shoes but a charming lady came to me and gave me some tips on how to save my leather shoes. I came home, tried some, searched for some more tips and voila! My shoes were as happy and bright as before.

The result of my research was an eye-opener. Leather shoes or any leather material for that matter, may wear out or get stained no matter how much you care for them. One of the most common ways leather can get spoiled is with water. It can be a few drops of water or getting caught in the rain. But you need not lose heart. 

Your valuable possession can be brought back to life with some simple tips. This is a tutorial to help you regain the glory and beauty of your leather shoes. The tips are easy and quick and you will need no expertise to follow them.

What You Need

There are various ways to remove water stains from your leather shoes. One is to use simple home tricks which I have tried and which I am going to share with you. Second, if you are ready to spend some money, then you can get leather protecting products such as protectors, conditions and so on and use it on the shoes before and after every use.

Let us begin with some simple tricks to remove water stains. All the products mentioned in this post are the ones that are available at every home. I prefer using home remedies as they tend to be effective as well as side-effect free.

You Will Need Either One of These:

  • check
  • check
    Lemon Juice
  • check
    Liquid soap
  • check

But All of These:

  • check
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    Soft brush
  • check
    Few pieces of clean cloth

Follow These Tips to Make Your Leather Shoes Smiling Again

  • Tip 1: Using Vinegar

Steps to be followed:

Fill a small bowl with vinegar.

Dip a clean piece of cloth in it.

Rub your shoes gently on the stains with the cloth.

Dry off the solution using another dry piece of cloth

Keep the shoes in a well-ventilated space so that it can dry off more.

Do not keep leather shoes under direct sunlight as the color can fade.

Alternatively, you can also mix few drops of vinegar with cold water and then rub the solution on the stains with the help of a brush with soft bristles. Wipe the solution off with a dry cloth. Place the shoes near a window or under a fan so that it can dry off thoroughly.

  • Tip 2: Lemon Juice

Squeeze the juice of a lemon or two in a small bowl.

Dip a small piece of cotton, cloth or you can use a soft brush in the juice.

Use it to wipe the stain off.

If need be, rub little vigorously on the stain.

Wipe off with a dry piece of cloth.

Let the shoes dry on its own for some time.

The steps you need to use are the same as with vinegar.

  • Tip 3: Soap Water

As the saying goes, ‘tit for tat; why not use water to remove water stains?

Take a bow of lukewarm water.

Add a few drops of liquid soap to it.

Mix well.

Dip a piece of cloth in the solution and rub on the stain with a little force.

This is also a good way of removing the stain. I have tried this on my husband’s leather shoes and it has worked very well.

  • Tip 4: Alcohol

If you have surgical alcohol, then use it to remove the water stains on the leather.

Alternatively, a few drops of vodka can also be helpful to remove water stains effectively.

Always remember, to wipe the stain off and not to pour any liquid on the shoe. And remember to keep the shoe under a fan or near the window to allow it to dry off completely.

Few Additional Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

Leather shoes can be very expensive and thus, if you have to spend some more money to take care of them so as give them as bright and good for a long time, then be it. You get many leather oils, sprays and more that will help protect the leather and keep your shoes as good as new.

Mink oil is an oil that works well on leather shoes. It works as a perfect conditioner and protector to your shoes and also makes your leather waterproof. In fact, mink oil is also effective in doing away with water stains from leather.

ShoeTrees Can Prolong the Life of Your Leather Shoes

While we are discussing ways to maintain leather shoes, one of the best ways to take care of leather is by using shoe trees. I will be soon celebrating the 10th anniversary of my shoes and I should say, having shoetrees to protect it has been one of my best decisions. But do not opt for plastic shoe trees. What I have got is the cedar shoetree and it works so good for leather shoes. They not only prevent moisture but even helps the durability of the sole life as well. They are also helpful in maintaining the shape of the shoes.

What I do is ensure that I store my leather shoes well. First, I tend to wipe off the dust and the dirt on the shoe with a dry cloth. Then, if there are water stains, I follow any of the above tips. Then, I dry it off well and before putting it away, I place the shoetrees into the shoes.

Proper Maintenance of Leather Shoes Is a Must

Leather shoes should be conditioned well from time to time. It should also be taken good care of from time to time. If not, then, leather can dry out and even cause cracks and other damages on it, which unlike stains cannot be repaired at all. Since you have to spend a good amount on your leather shoes, it is the time that you now spend some time regularly to ensure that they are safe and sound.

Remember the 2C and 2P rules for maintaining your leather shoes. The 2 Cs are Cleaning and Conditioning. The 2 Ps are polishing and preparing them for the weather.

You can buy some leather care products from any shops and use them to preserve the shoes in the best condition. Never put them away in a shoe box or keep them covered as the fungus can develop on it. Take them out for the 2C and 2P from time to time.

It is not possible to buy leather shoes now and then due to their high cost and hence, it makes sense that they are taken care of well all the time. Leather shoes or any leather item for that matter do provide value for money though. They are durable and stylish and serves your purpose for a long time. So, ensure you pamper them well.

Have you found now the best and easiest way to protect your leather shoes? For me, my shoes are my love and I want them to be with me as long as we both can make it. Leather shoes are my investment as well and I hope with due care and attention I can pass it to my daughter when she grows up. Hope you can to prolong the life of your leather shoes with these simple tips. Learning how to remove water and other stains from my leather shoes were important to me because I just could not see my precious shoes from wearing out.

I hope you have found the post to be useful and if you have, do share with me your thoughts in the comment section below. Do take a moment to share the article on your social media pages so that more leather shoes can be rescued, the way we have! These tips have brought me back my joy and hope it does the same thing for much more! Try these simple but powerful tips on your stained shoes and you will never have to sit and worry about how to get water stains out of leather shoes anymore.

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