Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Review

The best walking shoes for men can be well found under the Brooks walking shoes banner. The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker can be a useful entry in the arsenal of your shoes. It can be used as multipurpose shoes for your walking, running and at work too. The durability of the shoes wouldn’t let you spend any more on your footwear for a good couple of years.





Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Review
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Brooks has made a huge difference in providing the best walking shoe for regular walking and running. Though this Men’s Addiction walker walking shoe is one of the walking shoe product line, but its structure and qualities are no lesser than the shoes which are made for the running purposes. This one comes with a cool design, comfy interior and a very easy to put on a structure that enables the user to feel easy, active and relaxed during the walk.

In case you have any doubts about this pair of shoes, you may check in and see the features and major qualities that you can easily observe and interpret with just a look on these shoes.


The Brooks Men’s Walking Shoes will give you the fit and feel of an athletic shoe and that too in a casual walker. Everything is just so addictive about these shoes that there would be hardly anyone from any age group to resist this splendid pair of shoes. It is made up of fine leather material giving strong support with midsole cushioning used in the shoes. They are highly preferred on all sorts of walking routes and weather especially due to its non-slippery outer sole.

Important Features:

Leather material with the full-grained upper side

  • Manmade sole with MoGo midsole cushioning to give better energy and support to your feet
  • Has got the fit of a running shoe but can be used every day for general walking purposes
  • Holds up to the low arches
  • Comes with hook and loop shoe fastening options
  • Some of the most important features that help customers to decide on these shoes are discussed below:


The Brooks Men’s Walking Shoes have become the best seller of the brand especially due to its comfort element. It has an energy efficient midsole cushioning which ensures your feet to stay energized with exceptional support as well.

Material Quality

Due to the fact Brooks never compromise on the quality of the products they produce, this one also is made of high quality, soft, full grain leather. They are imported and conform to the highest international standards to make sure you are getting the best.

The Design

The exterior of the shoes exhibits a rugged style shoe surface having appropriate patches and curves to keep the feet moving in an easy way. There is a lace-up vamp to make sure you get a customizable grip on your feet with the help of the lace-up adjustment capability so that you can customize the fit and keep your feet within the shoes in place.

The Insole and The Outsole

The insole and the outsole of the shoe is one of the unique selling points of this walking shoe.

Ensuring that your feet remain stable as well as comfortable, the shoes are designed to give you the best foot landing and take –off experience when walking either slowly or with your full body pressure.

Due to the fact the outer sole is designed and manufactured with the help of stable surface using the synthetic materials that maximizes the slip resistance of the shoe and keep it stable on any surface where you are walking and keeps you away from any kind of injuries.

Secondly, the insole has been covered with the mesh fabric to keep the airflow coming as well as the cushioning gives the inner sole some of the best features to make sure your foot is well supported and protected from all sides.

The first specialty is of having the front and back Hydro flow technology which has been introduced for easy transition of the foot while walking and keep the sole soft and cushy. In addition to that, the MOGO sole which provides an excellent surface that is capable of shock absorption and keeps the pressure on the foot at the lowest.

The PDRB triple density support and the S-257n Cush sole provides a medial support and durable midsole compound structure to make sure that solely supports all the low and high arches in a well-balanced


Some of the widely observed benefits of the shoe are as below:

  • The shoe provides a comfortable way to walk and run with the least pressure experience on your foot. You foot will stay stable and will help you walk while being on a soft and well-supported surface that has the shock absorption and shock reducing capabilities and make the walking and running an easy practice on a daily basis.
  • Secondly, due to the shock absorption and resistance your feet will experience lesser fatigue and you will not feel any sort of pain or muscle fatigue and can walk as much as you need.
  • Thirdly, when it comes to the ease of use and fitting of the shoe, you cannot resist is easy to put structure. You can put it on in one go and just have to lace up to keep the shoe snugly fit to your foot.


For some people they have found certain you should know about the shoe:

  • The insole provides a medium level cushioning instead of heavy cushioning, and if you need a thicker one, you may feel these rather thin.
  • The upper leather surface may tear off and may not last for a long time if you use the shoe roughly or on a frequent basis.
  • There is a fitting problem, and you may have to select the size very carefully as the front end may not give you a roomy surface to adjust your toe if you toe is broad.

Customer Reviews

Customers have trusted the shoe design and features and have shared their opinion by rating it with 4.5 stars on the basis of what they have experienced during their use. Though there are still some issues you might see depending on your unique usage and practices, you may still find this one as a good substitute for your money.

Concluding Our Discussion regarding this pair of shoes we can say that these are available for a great, comfortable walk and you can trust them as your're walking shoe on a daily basis. They may give you a well-balanced support provided by the insole and a slip-free stability with the help of the outsole made of sturdy synthetic material.

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