Review of The Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe

There is nothing better than a shoe that keeps you tacked well on the ground and allows balance and comfort to the foot. For runners, people who go for a regular walk, it is important to find a pair of shoes that enables to walk easy and stay stress-free no matter for how long and where they walk or run.





Review of The Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe
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This Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Train running shoe is a perfect design train shoe to help people walk or run on bumpy trails with its special sole and comfortable yet snug fit inner design. For a better understanding of its features and benefits you must go through the following paragraphs:


  • This shoe is particularly ad trail running shoe that features all the characteristics trail runners and joggers need to be there in their shoe for keeping up with uneven trails and surfaces. The sole of the shoe has been designed to resist the possible bumps and track firmly on any kind of ground. In addition to that, the heel and toe area are specifically guarded with the rubber sole extended cover for better and safer walk.

Special Features:

  • The most important and specific features that make this shoe a perfect fit for trail runners are as below:

Overall Material and Durability

  • The overall materials that are used in the making of the shoe make use of zero percent animal components that ensure you are not wearing on animal products if you are wearing Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 shoe. The shoe consists of a mesh, fabric on the top, durable and strong yet flexible rubber outsole and soft insole for better comfort, traction and wear. All the materials conform to the highest standards of quality and last longer than average shoe as they resist wear and tear for sure.

Designed to Match Your Needs

  • The shoe has been designed to match the needs of the trail walkers and runners and offers a low profile snug fit design. The shoe has a lace-up vamp for a snug fitted closure and a loop behind for quick wear. The upper fabric offers flexibility whereas the outsole made of rubber make sure to have a firm grip on the ground on uneven trails and severe weather conditions as well.

The Upper of the Shoe

  • The upper of the shoe is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane, breathable mesh fabric for greater breathability, sweat-free comfort and increased flexibility so that the foot can transition easily while walking briskly and cope with uneven surfaces at any angle of the trail.

The Inner Sole

  • The inner of the shoe offers M select fresh antimicrobial materials that help in avoiding germs and odor-causing bacteria. In addition to that, the padding is enough to support the foot for keeping the foot easy and relaxed.

Sticky Outsole for Better Traction

  • The outsole is made up of thick, flexible, sticky rubber sole which is durable enough to help you stride on any kind of terrain. The Vibram patterns of the rubber sole offer greater stability and non-slip grip on the wide range of trails so that you could keep on walking without getting slipped or tied of balancing out on soil, rocks, and stones.

Comfort Level

  • The shoe offers breathability, fresh insole, comfortable support and snug fit on all sides, it is flexible and allows easy foot movement without any stress on the foot.

Lightweight and Breathable

  • Due to the non-animal composition of the material, mesh upper and the inner antimicrobial material you will get a lightweight, easy-breezy trail running shoe that will never let you feel tired no matter what kind of terrain you have chosen. There are no heavy materials used in it so your feet will not be feeling any burden as if you are wearing an armor on your feet. Though the feet will be protected and kept relaxed into them for sure.


  • Mesh upper
  • Non-animal material
  • High-quality design
  • Vibram outsole made of sticky rubber
  • High traction
  • Flexible
  • Lace-up vamp, snug fit closure
  • Select M fresh inner
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile shoe
  • Available in 5 different colors

Caution When You are Buying this Shoe:

For buying a Vapor glove 2 trails running shoe you have to take care of the following thing:

Make sure to buy the right size or some customers have suggested you may have to drop down half a size as it has lesser padding inside and is roomier than average running shoe.


The perks of this shoe are not hidden as many of the customers have enjoyed the unique features so far which include the following benefits:

  • The shoe is durable and keeps on paying you back in the form of comfort, support and durability no matter which season you are using it in.
  • It is easy to wear with the snug fitting lace-up vamp and the pull on a loop on the back of the shoe to help you put them on quickly.
  • The shoe is lightweight and breathable so it would be perfect for those who love going on hiking and enjoy walking and running on long and bumpy trails.
  • This is a flexible shoe that allows your foot to transition easily during the walk or when you are running or climbing hard to manage trails.
  • The outsole offers sticking surface to make sure you never feel out of the hold on the ground you are walking on.


  • The shoe has been described as having a spacious inner so you might have to be careful when buying the best size for you. If you have an average sized foot you may have to buy half size lesser than your regular shoe size.

Customer Reviews

  • On the basis of all the useful features, and customer experiences, most of the user's rate this shoe as one of the best people can get for trail walking and running. You just have to get the correct size and rest is assured it will provide the comfort and support your foot needs.

Overall, this shoe is perfect for those who take challenges for going for a walk on hard to manage terrains. It promises to provide good traction and allow the foot to stay safe and comfortable inside the shoe. It is flexible and spacious from the inside so that you may stride easily. Anyone who loves to stay active and avoid getting sore feet would love these shoes as their trail companion.

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