Review of The Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 3 Minimal Trail Running Shoe

Merrell Men’s trail glove 3 is another version of Merrell’s trail glove series that has given the best performance as a running shoe for most of the runners and athletes who need comfort, support, safety and style in one go.





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  • Our Rating 7/10

This shoe offers the best experience for those having some pain issues or joint issues and need a low-profile design for keeping up with comfort aspects and still performing at the best.

Though the previous Men’s Trail Glove running shoe has also been admired for the level of ease and comfort they offer, this one comes with certain unique features and considerable benefits that you may notice in the form of increased flexibility, support, and comfort.

The reason behind this improvement is an enhanced fit to the foot and well-flexed sole to make sure your running experience would be a breeze for you.

Important Features to Consider

Some of the most noteworthy aspects that you should explore before becoming an owner of the shoe are discussed as below:

The Upper of The Shoe:

The upper of the shoe consists of mesh fabric throughout the area with inlays of synthetic materials to assure support, flexibility and increased and comfortable fit on your foot. The overall look and design offer great sporty look for those who need comfort in style as well.

The mesh fabric increases the flexibility, durability and the breathability of the shoe as it ensures increased airflow and customized fit to the foot for the user. The synthetic inlays offer flexible support to make sure your foot stays in shape and keep it well supported during the gait cycle.

The Merrell Omni-Fit structure creates a comfortable and precise glove-like fit in for the foot. In addition to the support and flexibility, the reflective lines offer visibility enhancement in low light conditions.

The Inner Side

The inner side of the shoe has also some great features to offer to the users who need to stay worried free when wearing their shoe and keep their feet happy during hours of practice and running schedule. The mesh fabric lining is being paired with the M select Fresh technology that ensures there will be no odor or sweating problems inside the shoe.

Reduces Infections and Germ Issues

With the help, M select Fresh technology the foot stays away from possible germ cultures hence the skin stays safe from getting into troubles.

Support, Padding, and Safety

Definitely when you need to buy a perfect running shoe, support, safety and comfortable padding are some of the focus points to make sure the quality matches your expectations. The sufficient padding around the foot offer impact absorption and the Trail protect to make sure the foot stays comfortable and safe from getting insured due to pointed objects on the ground.

The Insole and Midsole

This shoe is well structured and designed to keep the foot safe and well-supported with the use of responsive mid-foot construction with the use of M bound mid-sole. The specialized construction ensures low impact and easy response while the foot transitions through the gait cycle. This helps in reducing pressure on the foot and leg muscles so that there is lesser fatigue and pain du rot running and long hours of practice.


The outsole comes with the unique Vibram technology and design that offers lug design on the outsole except for the arch. The absence of lugs on the arch ensures that the foot flexes with the shoe easily with no pressure on it and keeps its natural posture as the foot completes the transition cycle. The overall stack is around 10.5mm though there is zero drop from heel to toe to ensure a balanced walk and pressure free foot transitioning.

Traction and Stability on The Ground

With the durable, flexible and well-designed outsole the shoe offers a stable running experience with least pressure on the foot and keeps the foot safe from getting slipped even if there is water on it.


The durability and longevity of the shoe are never compromised as it is made up of high quality, flexible materials that assure to support your feet no matter how much you have to run and miles you need to cover. You can rely on this durable running shoe without any hesitation.

Suitable For All

Since the shoe declares as having no animal materials used in its making it is termed as Vegan-friendly and is safe to use even if you have certain issues or allergies related to animal-based products.


• Low profile comfortable shoe
• Well-designed and structured to fit any kind of foot easily
• High-quality durable materials
• Omni-fit closure for a snug fitting
• Comfortable and easy to wear
• No animal components or materials
• M-select Fresh technology ensure the odor-free use
• Breathable
• Lightweight and easy to use


• Maybe narrow for some bigger feet
• The midsole support seems a bit unnatural for some people

Customer Ratings and Responses

Among most of the buyers who have used this shoe already, most of them have rated this shoe as 4.4 stars product out of 5 stars on average, which is a good start to make your decision. The shoe has been declared as one comfortable shoe that offers a long-lasting performance and comfortable support for regular users.

Merrell has surely given the best trail Glove minimal 3 minimal trails running shoe with most of the supportive features that a trail runner would always need a shoe. This one comes with a safety layer on the sole to keep the foot safe from pointed things and it also ensures sweat free and odor free innersole for better keeping up with the running venture. The Omni fit closure and Vibram outsole makes it easier to use and wear for high-level traction and stability on the continuously changing trail line. In addition to that the flexible yet durable sole and upper ensure it will snuggly fit in the foot so that the sure would not slip no matter how slippery or rocky the trail is.

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