Review of The New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance 510V3 Trail is the ideal running shoe for those looking for a durable and solid shoe with safe and comfortable features. The running shoe is specifically designed to provide superior support and comfort to the toes and ankles.





New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe
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  • Our Rating 6/10

Its lightweight feature is unquestionable. That’s why it has maintained raving reviews among runners and sports persons. What are other features that actually make the New Balance 510V3 Trail shoe stand out of the many similar options, you may find the basic reasons below:


New Balance 510V3 outsole is designed with two unique technologies. The first is the AT Tread design, which provides all-around versatility. This provides enough protection and traction to stay comfortable on both pavement and trail. Interestingly, the shoe’s outsole has a distinct hexagon design for better traction for on-and-off road running.

The second technology is the endurance outsole material. The unique durable material protects both the shoe and the runner from any element on the trail. It makes sure the runner stays comfortable while the shoe is protected from wear and tear.

The Grip On The Ground

Since it comes with a well-designed outer sole, the grip on the ground is good enough to keep the user safe from getting slipped or twist while on the go.


The springy IMEVA midsole foam in this shoe is an advanced technology that provides a superior cushion. It is equally lighter than most other types of midsoles in the market. If you are going on a longer, slower race, you need a very supportive midsole for better cushioning. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you will get from the shoe’s midsole.

The pressure absorption, and impact resistance help in keeping the pressure away from the foot and give it a smoother and more comfortable walking experience.


This is the major area where New Balance has actually made changes from the previous 510V2 model. New Balance redesigned this shoe’s upper to increase ventilation and improve on its breathability.

This means that your feet will remain dry even when you wear the shoe for a long time. And the additional layer overlays on the shoe provide more durability and strong resistance against harsh weather conditions.

It’s a lace-up closure shoe which means you will be able to get a customized fit by setting the laces as per your foot needs. This also helps in lowering the chances of twisting of the foot as the shoe snuggly fits the foot without exerting pressure on the top.


With a weight of 12.3 ounces, the shoe may not be the lightest in the market. In fact, the main concentration of the company is the cushioning and support for runners. The shoe is not really heavy, but it isn’t the lightest either.

If you are looking for a very lightweight running shoe, it may not be the most ideal option. But when it comes to cushioning and long term comfort, we give it 5 stars. The shoe is properly balanced in terms of weight and superior comfort, especially for those running on more difficult terrains.


Well, this is where New Balance 510V3 trail is highly rated. In fact, from our experience, you may not see a more comfortable shoe as this model. The extra padding on the collar and tongue of the shoe provides better grip and more ventilation.

Again, there is a very soft removable insert in the insole which provides better cushion on the feet. Those who are doing long distance or running in tougher terrains will benefit immensely from these comfortable features.


  • The shoe is breathable enough as it comes with a mesh upper with leather overlays for better design, comfort, and breathability.


  • New Balance 510V3 Trail also scores high when it comes to durability. The Ndurance outsole is tough against difficult terrains. If you are a frequent runner, you will use this shoe for a considerable number of years while the features still remain intact.

Multi-terrain Suitability

  • From the features above, it isn’t difficult to know that it will be perfect on trails and other difficult terrains. With this shoe, you can safely and easily switch between the trail and the road. You don’t need to buy separate shoes because 510V3 Trail is designed for both terrains.


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Breathable
  • Medium weight
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear and adjust with the foot


  • It runs a bit shorter if you have a bigger/bulkier foot

Customer Ratings:

After being used and reviewed by hundreds and thousands of verified customers online, the shoe has secured its place as a 4 out of 5 stars rated shoe on the basis of its comfort, durability, fitting, size and other related features that people really need in their shoe. That determines, the shoe fulfills the comfort and usage demands of most of the users who have used it and have shared their views.

Overall it’s a comfortable shoe with a medium weight and high-end supportive midsole that is perfect for regular runners.

Comfort and durability are two of the most important features anyone should look for in a running shoe. Interestingly, the New Balance 510V3 Trail running shoe is designed specifically to provide these benefits.

Concluding our review, we can surely say that, the shoe promises to complement all the basic needs of a regular runner who always need a supportive and comfy shoe that keeps them easy and fatigue-free during the walk.

It has the supportive midsole, well-grip outsole and also offers enough cushioning to absorb the impact exerted by the road during the gait cycle. The shoe is made to offer a breathable and comfy interior and a strong and sturdy exterior to provide the kind of performance that every user needs.

It is suitable for multiple terrains though, you may need to pick the right size of the shoe depending on your foot size very carefully for making sure that you will be enjoying all of the features the shoe has to offer for its users.

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