Brooks Men’s Dyad Walker Walking Shoes Review

Brooks Men’s Dyad walking shoes are no doubt a collection of high quality walking shoe that is comparable to running shoes and walking shoes available on the market.





Brooks Men’s Dyad Walker Walking Shoes
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  • Our Rating 8/10

If you look into this Brook’s Men’s addiction pair of shoes, you may notice that the outer looks and the designs give the shoe a comfortable yet supportive look that is a basic necessity in most of the walking and running shoe.

Again, the features and facility provided by this shoe are limitless and we might be able to describe the features briefly, in the following paragraphs, but the experience is the most important thing that will reveal the actual usefulness and capabilities of the shoe.


  • Considering the different types of materials which are used in manufacturing the walking shoes, we may notice that this pair of shoes comprises of full grain leather upper and synthetic rubber sole. All these components and materials give a comfortable and long lasting structure to the shoe and give a comfortable feel to the user.


  • The shoes comply with the international quality standards and come with all the imported quality features that are a staple in any comfortable shoe.

Design and Structure

  • The design and structure of the shoe confirms to the highly comfortable infrastructure along with all the comfort features that add to more ease and quality of use. The exterior of the shoe is composed of full grain soft and supple leather. While the outsole is made of durable and flexible synthetic material that allows the user with highly comfortable walking platform and sturdy support on any kind of surface.

Level of Support

Due to the highly stable design and appropriate usage of supportive cushioning, the shoe provides sufficient support to the foot through well-organized insole. The insole consists of the midsole that is capable of reducing the discomfort caused due to the pressure exerted by the external forces and give the proper support to the foot. In addition to that, the cushioning and padded walls give added stability and support to the foot.

Comfort and Easy Walk

The stable design and appropriate supportive sole ensures that the shoe is capable of providing a highly comfortable walk. Additionally, the soft yet supportive insole give proper support to the low and high arches of the foot, so that the foot muscles and the bones stay in their best form and reduces fatigue and makes the walk like walking on clouds. The forefoot and rear side of the shoe sole are equipped with a design that stabilizes and supports the easy walk.

Durability and Maintenance

Along with the high-quality materials and all the supportive design features, the shoe also complies with the standards of providing an easy way to use the shoe for a long time. Though, it depends on your body bulk and usage frequency that determines the longevity of the shoe.

But still, you have a quality pair of shoes to serve you at the best when you need a durable, easy to wear and maintainable accessory for your daily walk. You can clean the shoe with a soft shoe brush or with the help of the shoe spray and a soft piece of cloth or foam. This would help you keep the shoe look as good as new for a long period of time and also you will be able to avoid cracks and marks on the leather upper.


  • Imported leather shoe
  • Specialized insole design for easy walk
  • Lace-up vamp
  • Lace entry loop for better lacing up the shoe
  • Textile, sweat absorbent lining
  • Padding on the collar
  • The outsole is slip resistant and stable
  • Available in wide and US sizes to select according to your needs.

Things to Consider

There are a few things you may have to consider before buying this shoe. Which are:

Consider buying a wider size to make sure your foot fits into the shoe easily if your foot is broad or heavy.


The high-quality features and materials provide the user with the following benefits:

  • A quality pair of shoe in an affordable cost that will provide all the benefits of a walking or run shoe for miles.
  • Easy and comfortable foot sole give comfort and support to the foot are and keeps the muscles relaxed while walking and reduces the pressures and external forces.
  • Sufficient padding and proper design help keeping the foot in place and also the lace up vamp helps to fit the shoe according to the bulk of your foot and keeps the shoe intact in a comfortable manner.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain and you can surely keep it as good as new for a long period of time.
  • You can walk for miles without getting fatigued and the hydro-flow technology makes it easier to land and take off your foot without much pressure on the lower foot arches.


  • Fitting can be an issue for some people and you have to be careful in selecting the right size or slightly larger than your foot is to make sure it is not too fit.

Customer Review and Scores

Customers have scored the shoe with an average of 4.5 stars due to the high-quality material, affordable cost and also due to all the features that come along with this comfortable walking shoe. Among all who have used the shoe, 73 percent are those who have recommended as a five-star product.


Concluding our discussion about this Brooks Men’s Dyad walker walking shoe, we may say that if you need a shoe that will keep you balanced and fatigue free during the walk and will let you walk and run for as long as you need, you may not miss out this gem.

As a fact, the sole is specially designed with the most desired insole features and the outsole has been made to keep your slip fee nearly on all kinds of the surfaces where you would like to walk.

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