New Balance WW411v2 Women’s Walking Shoe

Everyone needs a comfortable shoe that creates an easy flow of foot movement while running or walking on trails and roads or wherever they want to. And why should you choose New Balance walking shoe for women over others? Here is what you need to know about the details.





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New balance women’s walking shoe is a result of extensive research from a trusted company that has always focused on finding newer, better ways to create comfy, well-balanced and supportive shoes.

For those who are looking for the best women walking shoe, there should be an emphasis on fitness, support, durability, and easy wear-on features to support women feet.

Fortunately, the shoe offers some of the needed features that support a comfortable walk and keep the feet and the leg muscles relaxed and active.

Important Features

  • Overall the shoe features a set of comfy features for the perfect foot support and keeping the feet away from possible troubles. The materials and the design fit perfectly to the actual needs of the wearer.


The shoe has been designed to give comfort and support for those who are looking for a consistently comfortable walk. The upper has a lace up closure and a complete synthetic leather look with inlays and outlays of leather strips, a big N’, logo on the side and fabric overlays on the heel area.

Overall the shoe has a decent look and can be used as a walking shoe or a sneaker for a regular walk. To match the needs of daily use, the shoe comes in 4 different shades and colors so that the wearer may shoes as they prefer.

Upper materials

The upper is an entirely made up of synthetic leather materials giving it a classic sneaker look to provide a lasting appearance without getting damaged for a long time.

It is designed to offer a durable exterior so that the user may not have to deal with quick damages. Though, it all depends on the way the shoe is being used and taken care about when in use.

The upper is easy to maintain and can sustain its look and seams for sure.

Usability and Fitting

The shoe offers easy to wear design with lace-up closure offering snugly fitted shoe interior to keep the feet away from twisting troubles. It is easy to wear and maintain and assure the wearer to put it on while on the go. The laces are there to give a customized and fitted closure for any shape of the foot the wearer has.

Outer Sole

The outer sole offers rubber material that assures durability as well as a firm grip on the ground while walking. The rubber sole makes sure the wearer can have a smooth, balanced and well-gripped walk on any kind of surfaces where they need to train or walk, on a regular basis.

Inner Sole

The inner sole is complemented with a soft footbed and a cushioned platform and soft yet supporting sides to offer a snug fitting and comforting support during the walk.

The arch support is a bit lower but enough to support a medium arch. In case of a higher arch, you may need to use an insert.

The Grip on The Ground and Gait Comfort

The shoe offers a balanced transitioning of the foot during the gait cycle and assures to absorb the pressure and outer impact on heal and tow area so that the user may walk easy and without developing pressure points.


The shoe is suitable for a regular walk and as casual wear and keeps up with the regular usage routine for a long period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shoe offers enough space for the shoe?

Yes, for swollen or larger feet people can choose from the wider sizes and it can offer enough space and a comfortable fit for the feet.

What kind of arch support does it offer?

The shoe comes with medium-low arch support that is enough for average feet shape. For higher arches, people may need to add an insert.

Is this a shoe for standing all day long?

Yes, the shoe comes with soft padding inside and allow a snug and comfortable fitting for supporting feet in all directions. In addition to that, the shoe is roomy enough to let the foot relax without any issues. These features make the shoe a comfortable option for those who may have to wear it one for hours or may have to work while standing all day.

Does the shoe offer enough padding?

Yes, the shoe offers a soft and comforting padded inner and insole for supporting all types of feet and keeping them easy while walking or standing for a long time.

Are these shoes breathable and comforting?

The shoe offers a comfortable inner and is breathable enough to keep the feet easy and relaxed all time.


  • The shoe offers great comfort and stability
  • It is made up of high-quality synthetic leather for lasting performance
  • Rubber outer sole is durable and offers a strong grip on the ground
  • Easy to wear and assure snug fitting
  • Sufficient padding on the collar, lateral sides and upper
  • The insole is supportive and absorbs impact
  • Supports natural gait
  • Give enough room for the feet


  • Not too fit for running and heavy training.

Customer’s Product Rating

The shoe has been used by numerous online buyers and they have shown their trust in the quality of the shoe. The shoe has been recommended by the customers by giving it 4.4 out of a total of 5 stars which shows the majority loves the quality and comfort the shoe offers.


Overall, the New Balance women’s walking shoe offers style, comfort, and support that every woman needs. Since, the design is perfect for keeping the foot stable, and offer enough support during the walk and while standing as well, it is perfect for use during work hours and while walking and exercising as well. With multipurpose support, you can surely rely on the shoe as your first choice.

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