New Balance Men’s MW759 Walking Shoe Review

The New Balance Men’s Country Walking shoe is one of the best in the business when it comes to comfort while on the move. The New Balance manufacturers are also known for their topmost technology used in the manufacturing of the shoes. Style and looks are also an integral part of a lot of other features to go with, making it the best walking shoes for men.





New Balance Men’s MW759 Walking Shoe
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The New Balance Company has never compromised on the user experience and has always tried to give the best and user-friendly products for their customers. Their shoes are brought to the customers after testing and confirming to highest quality and standards of comfort.

This New Balance men’s MW759 Country walking shoe is another example of a sophisticated shoe technology by the New Balance. The shoe has a decent look outside and a comfortable finish inside as well.

If you want to know what the shoe actually offers, here is a brief introduction:


The innersole cushioning is the unique selling point of the New Balance Men’s MW579 shoes. The shoe can easily become your favorites after you use them on all sorts of tracks. They will surely live up to the standards set by the manufacturer. The MW579 gives men the true value for their money by providing incomparable cushioning and durability. A pair of this shoe can easily survive for more than 3 years no matter how roughly you use them

Main Features

  1. The following are some of the top features of MW579:
  2. Synthetic outer material
  3. Manmade sole
  4. Innersole cushioning for providing utmost support
  5. ABZORB shock proof technology used for the manufacturing of the shoes.
  6. The shoes are equipped with C-Cap midsole for giving firm support to the feet.
  7. Weight: 395 grams

The Appearance

The shoe is made to fit all your style needs and looks casual as well. It has been given a rugged look through multi-shaded brown leather upper with stitched components made of mesh fabric and the soft and easy broad leather stripes. The shoe is equipped with a lace up vamp with dual colored laces and l loops to give it a sporty look.


The main materials which are used in manufacturing the shoe are synthetic leather and synthetic rubber with sufficient cushioning and lining with the help of soft mesh fabric for a comfortable feel. All the materials ensure a long-lasting performance and a comfortable experience for the user.

The Insole

The insole comes with heavy padding that keeps the foot in place while lowering the pressure on it. The insole has ABZORB technology cushioning that ensures to absorb the pressure exerted on the foot by the earth and the body itself. The cushioning make it easier to transit the shoe positioning while walking.

In addition to the heavy cushioning, the C-Cap midsole support and stability web midfoot support makes the insole a fully equipped sole line for regular walkers and athletes.

The Outsole

The outsole is also made of quality materials and helpful features. With the slightly overlay at the anterior end of the shoe, the upper sole supported by endurance outsole so that foot will remain easy and relaxed and will keep a full grip where it stands.

Comfort Features:

  • The shock absorbing technology and the C-Cap midsole is essentially designed to make MW579 a comfortable product. Men do feel at ease by using the shoes while on the running track or anywhere else when the need to walk for good sometimes. The breathable mesh uppers of the shoe ensure that your feet keep sweat-free all the time.
  • Most important comfort features include the heavy cushioning on the collar and heel back. The soft and supportive C-Cap Midsole adds to the support and comfortable walking experience making the foot feel fewer fatigued and easy while walking or jogging.

Stability and Support Functions

The synthetic rubber sole consisting of Edurance sole structure makes the shoe even more stable and comfortable than other shoes. The specialized design is specifically introduced to make sure your foot will have a strong grip on the ground and it would not let you slip off on any surface where you need to walk or run. Stability Web mid-foot support is another added advantage of this shoe that hold the foot in its best state and will not let the muscles of the foot arches to get overly burdened due to force.


  • Synthetic material and high-quality design
  • Endurance outsole for better ground grip and stable walk
  • ABZORB technology for lower external pressure and lessened fatigue
  • C-Cap mid-foot support for better form and structure of the foot
  • Stability Web support feature for an easy walk


The look of the shoes will give you a true feeling of athletic shoes. They are available in Brown and a Grey/ Blue mixed color. They are preferred by men in the field for its elegance and style which easily makes them the best walking shoes for men in every way.

The New Balance Men’s Country Walking shoe is one of the best in the business when it comes to comfort while on the move. The New Balance manufacturers are also known for their topmost technology used in the manufacturing of the shoes


  • Provides an easy and pressure free walk that may not cause any sort of fatigue or pressure points on your foot. This gives the user a chance to walk for as long as he wants to enjoy the sporting time or just a casual walk.
  • It has a stable and supportive midsole that is enough to keep the foot I place, avoid slipping off issues and also keep it comfortably in its natural posture so that the person feels easy and relaxed during the walk.
  • The ABZORB technology lowers the pressure forces acting on the foot and absorb the external pressure that acts on the foot during the landing and taking off the process of the foot.
  • Looks great with any casual outfit and can be worn while going for a walk or running purposes.


  • The sizing of the shoe may cause a little trouble if your feet have a bigger tow or are bulkier than average. You may select the proper size or may consider buying a bigger number to accommodate your foot easily.

Customer Feedback

The shoe has been given 4 out five stars on the basis of its performance and comfortable inner and out assembly. Though there are certain ambiguities regarding the correct sizing selection, still the shoe has gained a lot of popularity among the users.


Conclusively, the shoe is capable of providing you a comfortable and relaxing support when you need to walk for miles after miles and you may trust these and keep them as your go-to options for daily use. The perfect grip, anti-slip sole and durable materials make the shoe a long-lasting companion for regular walkers, sports men, and casual walk.

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