How To Dry Wet Shoes The Right Way

  • Section 1: Walking around in wet shoes or even partially wet shoes can be very maddening to us, doesn’t it? If you go out in the rainy season or are playing in a fresh wet field, or you have kids who are bound to step in a puddle of dirty water at some point then I am sure you relate to the problem of drying wet shoes. Although there are many ways to dry shoes they can be damaging in the long run if not done the right way. If you are curious to know how to do it the right way and want to know how to dry wet shoes, then you have come to the right place! Let’s begin with no further ago.
  • Section 2: Drying shoes the right way makes all the difference. Partially wet shoes or soaked shoes can cause serious fungal infections, can stink a lot and even effect the way you walk with prolonged usage. You would also not want your favorite shoes to dry in a way that they get damaged before you know it. Using the wrong methods will just turn out to be a waste of your money. Doing it the right way only needs these following things that are easily available at your home.
  • Section 3: The steps that need to be followed to dry your shoes are quite simple but before we jump into that, here are a 3 methods that you SHOULD NOT use to dry your wet shoes with reasons why.

1. Do Not Dry In The Sun- Drying your shoes in the sun might seem the fastest and the easiest way to go when there is a sunny day outside already, but it is a big no if you do not want to damage them. When you decide to dry your shoes with this method it is only a matter of time that they get damaged and you are back to buy new shoes and waste money.

2. Do Not Use A Hair Dryer-This is the one thing you should definitely not make your shoes go through. Although can use the hair dryer it should only be for a few minutes and it would probably not solve your problem of wet shoes. Not to mention, using a dryer can cause a kind of foul odor and increase the odor if already present. If you leave the dryer in the shoes it might damage your shoes beyond repair and might even cause a fire if unattended for a long time.

3. Do Not Use The Dryer In The Washing Machine- The heat of the drying machine can increase the odor of the shoes. It might also cause the shoes to shrink in size and result in you not being able to use them ever again. This method can cause damage not only to the shoes but also the washing machine leaving you a new pair of shoes and a new washing machine to buy.

Although the above methods are quick to give results, it will cause damage. No matter the method, you need to take a look at the material that the shoe is made of. If they are made of synthetic or cotton then you can use water liberally whereas if they are made of leather, gel-core or gore-tax then you need to be careful while using water. The below method is how to dry wet shoes the correct way. It might take a day or two for the shoes to dry but wouldn’t you rather take your time than spoil your shoes? Here is the step by step guide on how to dry your shoes perfectly and in a sensitive way, without them shrinking or causing damage.

  • Step 1: The first step is to identify the problem of your shoe, is it just that you would want to dry your shoe or is your shoe caked with mud or has patches of dirt.
  • Step 2: The next important thing is to see the material that your shoe is made of. Based on the first and second step it is your discretion on what would be the most logical way to go through with the method.
  • Step 3: The third step is to clean the shoes in case of dirt. If there is mud you can simply put the shoes under a hose or a tap before starting the process of drying. If the shoe has stains you may use baking powder, soda or bleach and rub with a cloth dipped in warm water.
  • Step 4: This is when the actual process of drying the shoes starts. You need to get a few older newspapers that are lying at home or any used papers in case you do not have newspapers.
  • Step 5: In this step you need to remove the insole of the shoe. This needs to be done because keeping the sole will make the shoe take longer to dry and there might be a little moisture still left under the sole when you may think it dried completely. So, the sole should be removed to dry out separately.
  • Step 6: In this step you need to either loosen the lace or remove them completely so as to open up the shoe completely to ensure that it dries well.
  • Step 7: Crumple the newspapers into small balls that fit into your shoes. Once crumples place them in the shoe, this helps air to circulate in and out.
  • Step 8: The next step is to place the shoes in a dry spot where there is no direct sunlight. If you want to dry them faster keep them under a fan but at a distance.
  • Step 9: Keep an eye on the newspaper if the newspaper gets wet because of the shoe make sure you replace them from time to time.

Washing the shoe and removing the dirt can take 10 minutes of your day and the shoes might take a day or two to completely dry. Wait patiently for the shoe to dry and do not try to hurry the process otherwise which leads to damage. To understand the process better you can visit the below

Once you have tried it, we would be pleased to know how it helped you and what you found most beneficial.

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