How To Wash Shoes In Washing Machine?

“How to wash shoes in washing machine?” is one of the most searched questions as people worry if the machine wash can spoil the quality of the shoes.

Well, you may be right that machine wash may ruin the quality of your shoes if you do not take the precautionary measure before washing the shoes in the machine. However, before moving further do you know what shoes can be washed in the machine? Well never wash the leather shoes or the shoes made with the animal skins in the machine, or you may ruin the shoes completely. The main trick is hidden in the fiber that is used for making the shoes, and hence one must know if it is cotton or something else before putting them into the machine and starting the machine wash procedure.

In this article, we will be letting you know the simple procedure that will help in answering the question “How to wash shoes in washing machine?” We will also let you know some of the simple tips and tricks that you must follow so that you can maintain the quality of the shoes. In the sections below you will be able to know how to wash and what are the precautionary tips that you must take care about.

Now without wasting any time let’s tell you about How to wash shoes in washing machine?

Tips To Use Before The Machine Wash of Any Shoes

Well before you machine washes any shoes then there are certain things that we must plan as we start the procedure to machine wash the shoes. There are the tips that one must follow:

1. Read the Label: Well here is one thing that we must do while we are washing or cleaning any shoes. Read the label and try to know if it is good to use water on the shoes or something else. With the help of the label, you will not only be able to understand the safety issues of the shoes, but you will realize how to maintain the finish of the shoes so one must make sure to read it.

2. Collect the Stuff That is Required to Be Washed: It is not good to wash the shoes alone so we must add some soft clothing with the shoes to maintain their quality. However, make sure that the stuff that we are using is not that must useful after all it is the dirty shoes we are cleaning here.

3. If You Have the Plastic Bag, Warps the Shoes and Shoelaces In Them: It is another safety measure that must be used while you are cleaning the shoes in the machine. You should wash the shoes and the shoelaces separately so that both the thread of the laces remains intact.

4. Be Gentle: Finally, a gentle treatment and mild detergent must be used in the machine wash procedure of the cleaning the shoes.

After following the tips that we have stated above, you can now move for the procedure that will help you to solve the query “How to wash shoes in washing machine?”

Steps To Be Followed While Washing The Shoes In Machine

Now we will be inculcating the main steps that should be followed when you are looking for the solution of “How to wash shoes in washing machine?” You can take a look at the points stated below:

1. First of all, you must prepare your shoes for the machine wash. Remove the laces and clean the dirt and other particles that may damage the machine.

2. Then with the help of the soft detergent and the brush clean the minor areas of the shoes before putting them into the machine.

3. Then along with shoes add the clothes and the fabric that you have collected into the machine. You must use the clothes that are not new and also not that much necessary but clean or less dirty. If the clothes are new then with the shoes there may be chances that they will be ruined. If the clothes are old and dirty, they will leave the same effect on the shoes as well.

4. Then the next step to be followed is based on the cycle of your machine. You must know about the cycle of your washing machine, and by the cycle, you should choose the gentlest cycle for your shoes. Never use the cycle required for the heavy load and provide a gentle treatment to your shoes.

5. If possible use the lukewarm water for the machine wash and add a mild detergent to the machine as you start the cycle for cleaning the shoes.

6. Finally, as you take out the shoes and the laces make sure to let them air dry instead of using the machine spin to dry the shoes. While you are drying the shoes, you can stuff them with the dry papers so that the shoes can dry quickly. Avoid the excess of sunlight on the shoes as it may damage the shoes, and you will not have the shoes that you want in the end.


Finally, there is the only thing that we want to state is that when you are looking for the answer to the question that “How to wash shoes in washing machine?” then the first thing that you must know is to give your shoes a gentle treatment. Use the gentle cycle of the machine and the mild detergent as you start to wash the shoes, also make sure to check if the shoes can be washed in the machine or not. Reading the label and working according to it will make your work easy and efficient.

Hence, if you are looking for the reply to “How to wash shoes in washing machine?” make sure to have precautions that are given on the label before starting the procedure.

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