How To Clean Fabric Shoes At Home?

“If you have the shoe made up of the fabric such as cotton or nylon and looking for the answer to question “How to clean fabric shoes at home?” then we are here to help you.”

Fabric shoes are the shows that are commonly used for the regular and daily use as they can be easily cleaned and also less expensive than the shoes made with real leather or the animal by-product. The real reason behind the use of fabric shoes is that you can look for a many easy and reliable ways to clean them. You can use them at school, in office and even while doing the workout or during the sports.

The famous white colored sneakers are the best example of the fabric shoes as they are not only used at home but also for the school and different sports activity. More importantly, it is quite easy to wash them in the machine or with the lukewarm water.

Well in this article we will be inculcating some of the important aspects that will help you with the reply to the question How to clean fabric shoes at home. However, have you ever wondered why do the people always worry when they are looking for certain ways to clean their shoes? Well, the answer is simple; they do not want to spoil the new looking shoes with some wrong steps.

Hence in this piece of writing, we will not only give you some of the important ways to clean you fabric shoes, but we will let you know some of the important tips that you must follow before cleaning the shoes. One can read the sections below so that they can understand how they can make sure to have a clean fabric shoe without any problem.

Tips To Follow Before Cleaning The Fabric Shoes

Well before going to steps about “How to clean fabric shoes at home?” let’s inculcate some of the easy tips that you must follow while you are cleaning the shoes. One can read the points that have been stated below:

1. First and the foremost thing are to check the label of the shoes and see if they can be washed with the help of water or not? Most of the companies provide you with the information about how you can clean your shoes or manage their quality.

Hence one should read them very carefully before making any move so that the quality of the shoes does not get spoiled. If the company is saying they can be washed at home then does it, but if they are stating not to do it, then we advise you to go for the professional products that suit your shoes.

How to clean fabric shoes at home

2. 2nd thing is about the shoe laces; well they are easy to be washed, but the thread that your shoe lace has might get damaged if you do not take care of them properly. Make sure not to go hard on the show lace and let them dry naturally instead of using the dryer.

Most importantly make sure to remove the shoe laces before you start to wash your shoes.

3. Another important aspect that will not only help you with cleaning but will assist you in preserving your shoes for a long time is to check what type of fabric the shoes have. This will allow you to clean them carefully and if the need gentle treatment you will be soft and if not you can go rough and tough.

However, your shoes are just like your clothes, and if you are reading this, that means you care about them. So always be gentle in your shoes.

Steps To Clean Fabric Shoes At Home

Now we will be telling you the steps that will reply about “How to clean fabric shoes at home?” One must take a closer look at the steps before starting:

1. Read The Label

Yes, the first step is to read the instructions given with the shoes carefully so that you do not make any mistake while working on your precious footwear. Make sure to read the safety instructions carefully before you start the cleaning procedure.

2. Collect All The Apparatus That Is Required

Since we are not telling you about the machine wash, so it will be good if you take the apparatus and start the work without using the machine. Following are things that you must have while you are ready to clean the fabric shoes:

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  • Soft and gentle brush
  • A soft liquid detergent or the cleaning solution that is prescribed by the company
  • Lukewarm water
How to clean fabric shoes at home

3. Remove The Shoelace And Clean Them​

Yes, first of all, you should remove the lace and start to clean them carefully and gently with the help of things that you have collected.​

4. Clean Your Shoes​

  • Now the exact procedure where you will be following steps:​
  • Remove the excess of dirt with the help of the dry cloth.
  • ​Apply the detergent to the shoes and with the help of the brush start the cleaning.
  • Apply the lukewarm water for removing the detergent from the shoes.​
  • Finally, remove the excess of remaining water and detergent with the help of tissue or dry cloth.​
  • Finally, air dry the shoes and not use the dryer.​


In a nutshell, we can say that if you are looking to know how to clean fabric shoes at home, then make sure to check the label of the shoes. It is the label that will not only help you taking the safety measures but also guide you to use the certain products that will surely help you in cleaning the shoes.​

“If you are looking for a way about “how to clean fabric shoes at home?” then one thing for sure is that you must treat your shoes as your clothes and be gentle with them before taking any step.”​

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