A Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Converse Shoes In Less than 15 Minutes

  • Section 1- It is but human tendency to not think about the consequences of their actions. Especially when it comes to something as small as your shoes. We would not go as far to think about how to clean converse shoes every time we use them to go for a casual hike, a baseball game or just a stylish looking evening out with your friends, would we? With this step by step guide, thinking of how to clean your converse shoes would be the least of your concerns. The five ways of cleaning that are mentioned below take the least amount of your time while giving satisfactory results. You need not go to a store, spend a lot of money or search online to get these simple ingredients required for these steps.
  • Section 2- The process of cleaning your converse shoes has become extremely simple nowadays. There are many things lying around in your home that you could simply pick up and use. Cleaning your shoe with toothpaste, nail polish remover, magic eraser and bleach are some of the options. Although all the above are effective, they may sometimes not help you with stubborn stains. The method that is referred to below is something that I prefer personally because it gives freedom to you to decide how bad the stain is and what you think will help remove it. Here are a few things that you will need
  1. A cleaning solution- The cleaning solution is used for an overall cleaning of the shoes. It can have a regular detergent used by all or you could improvise based on how bad the stains are.
  2. Water- Needless to say, water has to be used to clean up the shoes before and after the detergent is used on it. Warm water will be more effective than normal water.
  3. A scrubbing solution- A scrubbing solution is to remove the stains that you cannot get rid of easily. Soap is a very effective scrubbing agent and is easy to get.
  4. Cloth- Preferably two cloths are required. One could be used for scrubbing and the other can be used in the end while cleaning the shoes. Using that same cloth for both purposes can transfer dirt which you would not want
  5. Gloves- Last but not the least, you would not want to chafe or burn your hand while using strong soap and detergent and so gloves are a must!
  • Section 3- The following steps will walk you through the process smoothly. Once understood and followed these steps are uncomplicated and easy.

1. The basic cleaning-The first step is for you to prepare a cleaning solution for yourself. Like discussed before the cleaning solution can be a laundry detergent. If that is not available you could go with

  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Home cleaners etc.

In this step you need to wash with the solution you have prepared. You can wash it once or twice based on how much dirt is on the shoe or how much washing you think it needs. The cleaning solution works better when mixed with a little water.

2. Wash or wipe-Once a general wash of the shoes are done the next step you need to do is washing the shoe. You can wash the shoe by placing it in warm water for a very little while or by dipping a cloth in warm water and removing the cleaning solution on the shoes. Using a rough cloth would give better results than using smoother ones.

3. Make it Easy-Remove the shoe lays of your converse for better cleaning from the next step. This will make it easier for you to wash and reach all nooks and corners of the shoe.

4. Cleaning solution-The next step is to prepare a scrubbing solution and it can be made of what you wish! You can use baking powder, soda or bleach or add one of them to the soap for cleaning to become easier and quicker. If you do not want to use any of the above, a simple soap would do. In this step it is always advisable to wear gloves as bleach and a few detergents can be too strong for the hands.

 Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Converse Shoe

5. Scrubbing-Once you have made that solution take a cloth, preferably not the one used in step two. Dip the cloth in the scrubbing solution and make small circular movements on wherever there are stains. Adding of bleach, soda and baking powder to soap make it very easy for you to scrub. In case there are no hard to remove stains, simply scrubbing with soap would suffice.

6. Make sure you scrub the entire shoe. You can scrub the rubber, the sole and even on the inside of the shoe. When putting in the effort, might as well do it completely because why not!

7. Wiping-For the next step you can use the same washcloth as in step two. In this step you can have to simply wipe the entire shoe with a cloth that is dipped in water. This has to be done carefully so as to remove all the soap. If there is soap left in the shoe it can cause rashes or infections in the longer run.

8. Dry the shoes-The last step is to let the shoes dry. You can simply dry them by placing them in a warm area. Avoid drying converse in direct, bright sunlight or in a dryer as heat can cause damage to the material. Stuffing the converse with newspaper before placing it in a warm place to dry can ensure that the shoes dry out evenly.

  • Section 4- This entire process will not take more than fifteen minutes of your day. It is easy to do and does not require fancy products or other materials. Problems like the material of the converse getting spoilt, the color getting duller or not being able to remove stains will not be one of your problems at all. When following this method correctly the shoes are guaranteed to look as good as new and the only thing you have to worry about is how to have fun while wearing them. If you have tried this method at your home then we would be pleased to know how you felt. Please let us know if the above method was of help to you and if it did, definitely share it with your friends and family and make their boring job of cleaning and washing easier!
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