How To Fix Scuffed Leather Shoes? What You Can Do About It

“It is quite frustrating that when you buy the expensive leather shoes and they get scuffed after some use. In such situation, we look for “how to fix scuffed leather shoes?”

Well in this piece of writing we will be telling you some of the different ways that will help you to remove the scuffed marks, and you can get the brand new leather shoes again. However, before we elaborate these steps let’s have a small discussion about actually scuffed leather is?

When you use the leather, you know you cannot wash them, or you can use any detergent product to clean them. Hence there is a requirement of taking care of the shoes but even them after some use the leather from the shoes start getting dirty, losing its natural shine and the white colored or black colored marks appears. These marks and loose of shine are known as scuffed leather. It not only ruins the looks of shoes but you also start to worry about your expensive shoes and start to look for the ways that can help you in eradicating the problem.

Well, here through this article we are coming up some of the unique and easy ideas that will help you to solve “how to fix scuffed leather shoes?” You can not only use the professional leather fixing kit, shoe polish, conditioning spray but you can use simple eraser and toothpaste as well. Fixing scuffed leather is quite an easy task if the damage is not too much and you have not used something that has destroyed the inherent property of the leather that makes it look stunning and amazing.

In the sections below we will help you with some of the tips that you must follow before taking of the scuffed leather and then we will present you some of the household remedies that can give you the solution for “how to fix scuffed leather shoes?”

Tips To Follow Before Taking Care Of The Scuffed Leather

Have ever wondered that there is a safety instruction with every product that we buy? Whether it is cosmetic, clothes, gadgets or the shoes, they all come with the safety guideline that we must follow so the product can remain the way it is for a long time. Hence there is a safety manual or label with the leather shoes as well that we must read while we are taking care of the scuffed leather.

No doubt that the remedies that we are presenting the article will have no side effect but by reading the label you may come to know if there is a strict no to some product that we are about to use. With the reading, you will not only be able you take a good care of the quality of the product, but you will also be able to get the brand new shoes back again.

Another important tip that you must follow is about using the water on the leather shoes. Well, there is no saying that you cannot use water to clean shoes but make sure to dry them immediately or instead of taking care of the shoes you may ruin it. In the section below we may be presenting any idea that might use water in the end hence make sure to dry the leather shoes in an instant.

One more thing that you must note that, unless the product is for the leather shoes especially, only use the remedy on the affected area but not in the area that is perfectly fine. Moreover, give your shoes a gentle treatment. Once you are done with the cleaning make sure to buff the shoes, in the end, to give it a perfect shine.

Finally, why not using the professional products instead of household remedies? No doubt that the household remedies are less expensive and easily available, but we are talking about the classic leather shoes that are expensive. So, one must try to use the professional and prescribed remedies to cure the problem such as “how to fix scuffed leather shoes?”

Different Remedies For The Scuffed Leather Shoes

Now we will be inculcating the some of the easily available and assured solutions to the problem about how to fix the scuffed leather shoes? One can take a look at the points that have been described below:

Toothpaste And Old Tooth Brush

Well, this one is available at your house and also easy to use as well. All you need is an old toothbrush and apply the toothpaste on the brush. Then with the gentle hand, you must clean the scuffed areas only. Use the brush in the circular motion and then rinse the shoes with the water. However, as stated earlier, after washing dry the shoes quickly.

Well, we are not talking about the regular eraser here but the special magical eraser available in the market. This eraser is very useful for cleaning any surface and dirt as well. Hence you can use it on the leather and remove the scuffed marks. However, apply on the affected areas only.

Shoe Polish And The Cream Leather Conditioner

Well, they are the part of the professional tool kid and most recommended as well. Apply the shoe polish on the polish pad and rub on the scuffed area in a circular motion. Let it dry and then buff the polish clean. In the case the polish has not cleaned the scuff correctly; you can use the cream leather conditioner afterward. This cream leather conditioner can be used alone for treating the scuffed leather.

Petroleum jelly (should be applied vigorously on the scuffed marks); nail polish remover and even hand sanitizer can be used for treating the scuffed leather shoes.


Finally, the only thing we would like to say is, leather shoes are expensive so one must use the product that is prescribed by most of the people so that you can get the best possible result. It is quite easy to solve the problem regarding “how to fix scuffed leather shoes?” only if you do your research properly.

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