ASICS Women’s Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe Review

ASICS shoe relies on the comfort, style, and user preferred features that assure comfortable wear and high-end performance without fatiguing the muscles. This ASICS Women's Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe comes with support and comfort features that women need.





ASICS Women's Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe
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 In fact, most of the shoe that is designed for maximum performance is desired to have the features that not only facilitate easy foot movement with support and comfort but also provide an effortless solution to the regular needs.

The shoe has some unique and supportive features for the women who are looking for a stylish yet comfortable solution for their tough running schedule.

Let’s have a look inside it and get to know why it should be your next running shoe:

Overall Materials

The shoe is made up of durable materials including, mesh, rubber and synthetic leather that assure quality as a whole. The overall materials quality matches the international standards assuring there are lesser chances of early wear and tear problems. The imported design and materials quality make it a better choice for most of the users.

The Design and Looks

The overall design and looks of the shoe give it a sporty look that is perfect as a casual wear and a sports shoe or a regular walking or running shoe for regular users. It is not an overly bulky or accessorized shoe so it is good to be used as an everyday practice shoe as well.

Fitting and Size

The shoe offers a perfect fit for up to 82 percent as suggested by the users who have used it already. Though, wider and bulkier feet may need one size larger or a wider shoe for easier wear and fit. The lace-up closure and flexible mesh fabric on the upper make it easier to get a snug yet comfortable fit.

The Upper

The upper of the shoe includes breathable upper fabric and lace-up vamp that not only provide a customized fit on the foot but also provides comfort and support. It helps to keep the foot away from twisting inside the shoe. The flexible upper is resistant to quick wear and tear issues giving it a long lasting perfect look.
Inner and sole

On the inner side, the shoe offers a GEL cushioning on the forefoot and the rear foot area. The cushioning system makes sure to absorb the pressure impact on the foot to make it feel easy during the gait cycle. It absorbs shock and keeps the foot away from getting fatigued or pressured.

The midsole accompanies EVA materials that assure immediate and justified bounce back upon pressure and keep the breakage and pressure on the mid-foot area to its minimum.


The outsole is made up of high-quality rubber that makes sure the shoe possesses a durable sole that shows proper grip and ruggedness while on the ground.

In addition to that, the guidance line technology and impact guidance system offers a linked system that connects all components thoroughly for an integrated and supportive action so that the pressure is distributed and a reasonable force is provided for an easier walk cycle.

The shaft is low-top from the arch so the foot stays in its natural form and posture.

Tracking and Grip on The Ground

  • The rubber outsole accompanied by the vertical groove in the mid-region assure better pressure distribution, firm grip and better tracking on the ground.

Durability and Ruggedness

  • The shoe has a soft yet durable structure and offers a rugged sole surface for a long-lasting use.

Comfort and Support

  • The shoe consists of a DUOMax feature that offers a special midsole form to provide enhanced performance and stability in the shoe and positions the foot firm within the shoe.
  • Regarding its maintenance, it stays in shape for a longer time than expected so you may need to wipe the shoe once it gets dusty a bit.


  • Quality materials
  • Lace-up shoe
  • EVA midsole
  • check
    Line guidance impact system technology
  • check
    Gel cushioning in the forefoot and rear foot
  • check
    Available in 9 different styles and colors
  • check
  • check
    Supportive and comfortable
  • check
    Good tracking and stable on the ground


  • The shoe is comfortable and easy to wear and fits perfectly comfortable on the foot.
  • Gel cushioning help reduce fatigue and provide a balanced impact resistance.
  • The shoe is breathable and provides enough air-flow to avoid squishy feel inside the shoe.
  • The EVA midsole allows durable and long-lasting support for the foot.
  • The vertical grooving and balanced rubber shape on the outsole provide support and grip on any surface.
  • Good bounce back for lower pressure and burden on the foot
  • Lightweight shoe for better performance.
  • The line guidance system assures balanced pressure on the sole area so that no area is overly pressured during the walk.
  • It is durable and serve for a longer period of time with regular use and make sure to keep its shape and stays in a better form without earlier wear and tear problems.


  • Sometimes it feels rather stretchy than average
  • No heavily Cushioned
Customer Responses:

As a 4.4 star rated shoe online, this has won the trust of many users who already have used it for their regular walking and running routine. The shoe offers enough support, comfort and performance features that make sure the user will be easy to wear them on a regular basis. Some people may have shown fitting issues if they have bulkier or thinner foot but with the selection of the right size and width, it can serve up to the expectations.

The ASICS Women's Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe is surely a good option for those looking for medium cushioning. Lightweight shoe with a supportive midsole and outsole. It helps in keeping the foot active yet comfortable without leaving pressure on the forefoot and rearfoot area with the help of gel cushioning. The shoe is easy to wear hence provide no-hassle while putting off or on during use. It also supports natural foot posture and gait cycle while keeping the pressure balanced and well-distributed throughout the sole.

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