How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis In One Week – Plantar Fasciitis Cure Time

Plantar fasciitis is one of the common reasons which leads to heel pain in individual. For people who are dealing with plantar fasciitis, they can get rid of it by merely doing some exercise. Well before we learn the methods of dealing with the pain, let’s get to know more about it. plantar fasciitis is inflammation occurring in thick fibrous tissue which runs from heel to toes.

This tissue is known as plantar fasciitis and is quite essential for providing support to the feet and toes. If in case this tissue is overused, there are chances that it will tear up further leading to pain and inflammation in individual.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

Most of the individuals think that the only curing process for plantar fasciitis is wearing right kind of shoes. Well such people actually don’t have an idea as to what leads to plantar and what are probable reasons behind it.

  • 1
    If our feet abnormally gets curved while walking, it might lead to plantar fasciitis.
  • 2
    Individuals with flat foot often have to go through this problem.
  • 3
    High foot arch
  • 4
    Long-standing time or long standing on a strong base or hard surface
  • 5
    Individuals who are obese or are overweight, they tend to commonly suffer from plantar fasciitis.
  • 6
    Wearing old or torn shoes is yet another probable reason which causes pain.
  • 7
    Wearing shoes which are not fit, i.e. either short or big in size.
  • 8
    The natural aging process, this is yet another common reason which causes pain to people on their foot.

While so many reasons can lead to plantar fasciitis, it is important to get an insight on the methods which can help cure the pain.

How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis?

Individuals who have been since long suffering from plantar fasciitis, we have a good news for you. One can get relieved from the pain, and that too within a week. Yes you read it right, it is possible and you have to just follow some of the simple steps briefed below.

Give Your Feet Some Time To Rest

Plantar fasciitis is all about tearing of ligament due to pressure. In such a situation the best way to treat your foot problem and get rid of it is giving your legs sufficient time to rest. It might require an individual to change his lifestyle or leave certain habits, but believe me, it is all going to be worth it once you get rid of the pain. While you are resting your foot, the ligaments will heal on their own and shall make your foot feel a lot better than ever before.

Opt For Some Drugs

If in case you are suffering from concrete pain, it is sugges table to get in touch with a learned professional. He might direct you to certain painkillers and put you on medication. Such medicines are said to have an everlasting effect on the pain and let’s individual feel relieved of it. Apart from oral medicines, the medications are also available in tube form such that it can be applied by people over the affected area to get relieved of the pain.

Perform Some Stretching Exercises

Another best way to get rid of plantar fasciitis is performing stretching exercises regularly. All you have to do is, stretch your legs and calves and believe it shall help you get relieved of all the symptoms. If in case people are finding it difficult to stretch they can make use of stretching towels. If you wish to try, simply place a rolled towel under the ball of your foot and then over the edge. Keep on repeating the exercise unless pain disappears and you feel healthy and happy.

Start Wear Running Shoes

The next simplest way of treating plantar fasciitis is, protecting your feet by wearing good quality running shoes. Make sure to shop for best shoes that are not only comfortable but also fits your foot properly. One should also keep in mind to purchase shoes as per their foot type and requirement. Like for individuals who have curvy foot, they might need shoes which support their curvature and give them relief. On the other hand, people with normal walking style should opt for shoes which can efficiently create the balance between bearing and walking style thus giving comfort to the person.

Take Help From The Chairs

The assistance of chair can be taken to perform certain exercises and get rid of the pain. All you have to do is, sit on the chair and bend towards painful knee to hold the fingers. Once you get hold of the fingers, pull it towards your body unless stretch in the specific area can be felt. This position should be kept on hold for about 20 seconds and sets of the same style should be repeated at least 10 times. If you practice this exercise for at least 3 to 5 times in a day, it can help them treat plantar fasciitis forever.

Take Help Of The Wall

Apart from a chair, assistance of wall can also be taken for performing exercise and treating the pain. To begin with, put both your hands in line with shoulders on the wall. Now place the foot in front of other foot. Make sure that front leg is lined up to about 30 cm from the wall. Now lean towards the wall with your knee of front leg bent and hind leg straightened unless leg muscle of hind leg feels tightened. Repetitions up to 10 times should be performed for this exercise as well to get rid of a pain in a week.

Opt For Corticosteroid Injections

This is yet another method which can be chosen for treating plantar fasciitis. It is a non-surgical method which has shown drastic improvement results in patients. However one must make a note that, this steroid injection is only given when all other treatments stop responding. The medication does have the side effect on individuals like causing damage to heel surface area etc. Hence it is important for both patients and doctors to take a wise decision before opting for the injection.

Choose And Join Weight Loss Program

While there can be many reasons for plantar fasciitis occurring in an individual, the most common one is obesity. Individuals who are heavy in weight their legs are not able to hold all of it, thus causing pain and inflammation in heels. The best way of treating it is losing weight and get rid of all the extra fat. For effectively losing weight and that too in a short period of time, one can join different weight loss programs available to different professionals or doctors. All you have to do is, follow the program religiously and thereby achieve its astounding weight loss results.


Above mentioned are some of the most effective ways following which plantar fasciitis can be treated in less than a weeks’ time. For individuals who have been dealing with the pain since long, and have been searching for ways to get rid of it one of the best things to do is approach a learned medical professional in the town. Such professional can guide you to the right ways of treating pain and can also warn you of the probable reasons or causes which is leading to it.