Which Superfeet for Plantar Fasciitis?

People suffering from plantar fasciitis look for every possible option to ease their pain as the pain is said to be ranging from moderate paint to unimaginable pain. For plantar fasciitis, many people ask this question about which Superfeet as some insoles are specially made to help people get relief from the pain.

Plantar fasciitis is the condition where the ligament called plantar fascia gets damaged which causes immense pain your feet. Since this ligament is the major link between the upper portion of your leg and heel, any damage done to this ligament may hamper your chances of walking based on the severity of the damage. One of the important causes of plantar fasciitis is because of over-pronation in the feet and the more the foot pronates, the more it elongates and tends to stretch the ligament causing it to get damaged.

Some other reasons that may cause this type of condition are by wearing an incorrect size shoe that may be too tight or too large for your feet or doesn’t provide the necessary support for your arch etc.

How Superfeet Can Help With Plantar Fasciitis

Superfeet insoles are specially designed with a contoured shape that helps in stabilizing the feet and reduces the stress on the feet. The heel cup is structured in a way such that the heel bone is placed on soft tissues of the insole to reduce the amount of shock on the already affected feet. It also helps in providing added stability and comfort. Not only do the Superfeet insoles help to reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis, it also helps to prevent it happening too.

Even though it cannot be termed as the ultimate cure for plantar fasciitis, it does play its part in helping to cure the condition to some extent. It also helps the people to carry on with their day to day work without feeling any pain in their heels.

How to Choose the Insole for Plantar Fasciitis?

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and looking for the Superfeet insole to help overcome the pain or provide the needed comfort to your heels, it is pretty much important to choose the right insole. Because if you pick the wrong orthotic insert, then it may damage the condition much more and cause more pain too.

The shoe insoles should come with more cushion and should be accommodating as well. This way they could provide enough stability and support to your heels. People suffering from plantar fasciitis need to undergo foot correction and hence need to choose the best orthotics that help them overcome the problem. According to various reviews from customers, the Superfeet insoles not only provide the needed cushioning like other insoles but provide a much better quality of life for the affected persons.

When it comes to Superfeet insoles, they can be either be bought over the counter or can be ordered according to your custom specifications and designs that fit your feet perfectly. These Superfeet insoles need to be purchased only after consultation with your doctor. Both over the counter and custom ordered insoles does their job of providing added stability and pronation correcting ability. But the price can be a bit different when it comes to ordering the insoles according to your specifications.

Another important thing to consider before buying an insert is to see how you are going to use the insert. People from different walks of life may use it differently, as a long-distance runner would be adding more stress to their feet than people who have a job that involves standing for a long time. Hence, for long-distance runners, the insoles should have the features like motion control and feet stabilization whereas arch support is the feature that is required for persons standing on their job all day.

Before setting out to purchase an insert, one should consider how they are going to use it. Marathon runners, for example, stress their plantar fascia in very different ways that individuals who need an orthotic because they stand all day at work. Motion control and foot stabilization are among the most important factors for a runner’s insert, while someone who stands will benefit from arch support and an elevated heel.

Whatever the purpose, all people with plantar fasciitis can agree that the best orthotic is one that is comfortable. When you go to the store, bring along the shoes you will wear your orthotic in. While you are there, try it on and walk around on it for a while.

When some feel very much comfortable wearing the inserts throughout the day, others need to get used to it have an insole under their feet. Hence, you can just wear for a few hours during the day and slowly increase the time until you get the hang of it.

Superfeet Green Premium

When it comes to Superfeet orthotic insoles, the Superfeet Green Premium is probably the best in class insoles in the market as of now. These insoles are ones that come with the highest arch and fits all kind of large and roomy shoes that comes with a removable insole. Customer reviews have been fairly positive for its excellent support and extended durability. People are suffering from plantar fasciitis like amazing heel support these insoles provide to your feet. Even though the plastic bottom takes some time to getting used to it, once you get the hang of it, it is truly the best shock absorber insole you can ever wear.

Even though some say that arch support is set a little further than other models, Green premium claims that these are designed in such a way that its primary aim is to prevent the formation of this condition than treating it. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, hence if you are not satisfied with the insoles then you return it and get all your money back.

Superfeet Blue Premium

The Blue premium is specially designed for people suffering a moderate level of plantar fasciitis and needs only moderate support on their heels. Similar to all Superfeet insoles, the Blue premium also comes with a heel cup, support for your arch at the back. It also provides excellent foot stabilization as well. Some feel that the motion control feature along with foot stabilization makes them comfortable even while they are running around. These insoles can easily fit into all kinds of shoes.

Superfeet Black Premium

The Black premium is specially designed for people with flat feet and lower arches. Hence these shoes come with a low arch and provide only a little support for your heels. It is designed to fit in all kinds of shoes, even in shoes that comes with a tight fit. According to many reviews, most people recommend these shoes as the best insoles for plantar fasciitis, and even most doctors prescribe these shoes for plantar fasciitis affected people. Most of the reviews state that they could get a lot of relief from the pain and the insoles fit perfectly in all shoes including tennis and combat shoes.


Hope the above article would have provided enough information for your question about which Superfeet for plantar fasciitis. As always, we love to answer all your queries and suggestions. Please post all your inputs in the comments section, and we’ll be happy to revert as soon as possible.

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