The Best Shoes for Standing All Day of 2019

The style shoes are everywhere, you can find sneakers, running shoes, casual joggers and walking shoes that are designed to keep you comfortable and make sure your feet stay like resting on clouds even if you have to walk for miles. The way you walk, stand or run on your feet depends on the shape and structure of your feet.

 If you have got the shoe that is capable of supporting your feet in the correct way by keeping a balance on the ground with all the supportive features where your foot needs it. Either you need to get the best shoes for standing all day or you have a job where you have to walk all day long, your feet need proper support and comfort to keep you active as well as relaxed.

Recommend Top 10 Best Shoes For standing All Day

As a fact, your feet are the ending points of your nerves and blood capillaries also have their ends there. If the feet are compressed, strained, placed unevenly and uncomfortable, your whole body would be affected negatively and you might not be able to stay active for a long period of time. Further, people who stay on their feet all day long need to make sure they have the best shoes for standing all day long so that their feet stay in the best posture that in turn keeps the whole body fatigue free and relaxed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shoes for Standing All Day

Just like other things where you have to look at the special features for making sure the products you buy has the features you need, you should also look for the perfectly made shoes that support your feet according to its posture and resting position without causing any pressure on your muscles.

The fact is, when you have to stand all day long, your feet are under great pressure. Let’s say if you have to stay stood and you have a job that makes you stay standing for around 5-8 hours, it could be a hectic task. This could happen when you are working as a traffic constable, an engineer, supervisor on a construction site, receptionist, a surgeon a doctor or when a person needs to manage seminars or work as a party planner.

In all these conditions people may have to stay standing for a whole day or may be 5-8 hours approximately.

In such a condition, your feet develop high pressure, blood flow increases to balance the pressure, the nerves get compressed and you may feel pins and needles in your feet and a sensation like you have no feet with you.

Some serious issues caused by prolonged standing position may affect the whole body

Due to prolonged standing posture, your feet may develop certain kinds of issues that pose serious issues to the whole body and may result in lots of related problems that may lower your overall health and may cause fatigue and strain on your nerves.

Most common Long Term Complications from Standing All Day long

  • Slouching

Slouching effect is common among those who tend to work long hours and have to stay in a standing position all day at work. It has been observed that when a person has to stay in a standing posture the feet may get too strained out and hence the leg muscles and back muscles are also too strained that there may not support the erect position of the body anymore. This results in a slouched body posture making it feel like too heavy to walk in an erect position and feel sluggish while walking or even sitting as well.

  • Varicose Veins

The varicose veins develop when the leaflet like a valve that connects the veins together and the arteries get weakened and the veins get compressed at one end due to high pressure and strain on the muscles.

When the veins get depresses at one end, the flow of blood is blocked and the veins get weak, twisted and blood starts collecting in them. This could happen when your feet and leg muscles are stiffened due to prolonged standing posture and may results into further issues as well.

  • Joint Compression

Joint compression can occur in the knee area where the knee bones touch each other. If a person stands all day long, there would more pressure in the area and may cause it to compress causing compression in veins and muscles and also cause deformation and de-positioning of the knee joint. In this way, the whole body balance may be disturbed and cause a general fatigue and knee pain as well. Keeping your feet balanced and comfortable to absorb shocks and compression can help in lowering such risks.

  • Muscle Fatigue

Muscle fatigue is common when people have to stay active stand for many hours. This could be because of the uneven feet positioning and compression forces. To lower such risks the feet should be kept in an easy position.

What to look for in a Good Shoe for Standing All Day?

To help you find the best way to counter the disturbing effects of all day work that involves you to stand all the time without a break, you need to find a way to keep your feet comfortable and rest in a balanced way on the ground. The best way is to buy a pair of shoes that offers balanced support to the feet and ensure to keep the bones and the muscles easy and relaxed.

To Get Such Benefits You Must Be Looking for the Following Features:

Cushioning and Firm Support

Cushioning and firm support are two of the most important features that should not be overlooked when buying a pair of shoes for people who have to stand for hours. Cushioning in the shoes should be enough to give a soft yet supportive surface where the foot may stay in its natural posture and there should be enough support to the arches and the parts where there is more suppression caused when the person has to stand in the same position. The sole should be soft but has to be firm enough to keep the foot in a good position to make sure it would not be compressed or deformed.

A good Fit

A good fit is also an important aspect when you need a comfortable and supportive shoe. It is important because if you buy a shoe that is loose or too tight your foot would not rest easy in this way. In a loose shoe your foot will be moved here and there and may not be supported well no matter how better and comfortable the sole is. When the foot is not kept in the right way there would be no comfort feature at all.

Too tight or smaller shoe size is also disturbing because small shoe sizes or which are too fit and tight for the feet may increase the pressure on the toes and the overall foot. This causes increased fatigue and compression and pain in the feet and legs.

So it is better to have a good fit in the shoe to ensure your feet will stay easy and relaxed.

Comfortable Insoles or Inserts

You may look for the insoles and he inserts that are available to make the shoe even more suitable for the sake of comforting the feet. Some shoes may offer and provide room for the inserts and some may not allow such a feature. If you may need to have this feature, you should make it sure before buying them.

Anatomy of a Good Shoe for Standing All Day

Though comfortable shoes definitely feature a general structure to cater to the needs of a foot that needs proper support, for those who need to stay in a standing position all day, they should get the one that is most comfortable and supportive in all direction for the feet.

Here are a few structural qualities of a shoe that fit the needs of a person who keeps on standing all day long for most of the days:

  • The outsole should be rugged and be able to keep the foot in its natural posture no matter what kind of surface the person is staying on
  •  The insole needs to have a firm yet comfortable and cradling insert to keep the foot easy and support the arch and the sides and allow the foot to stay in its natural posture without leaning. An added sole may also be supported.
  • The toe box has to be wide enough so that the toes are kept easy without compressing the sides.

The Best Shoe for Standing All Day Reviews:

1. Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Walking Shoe

Skechers has never disappointed its users as there is something special in each and every shoe offered in the range. This one is a perfect slip on shoe for men with the best features including Goga Mat technology that has the capability to cater your foot all day long without increasing pressure on the veins and muscles.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

It is made of high-quality textile imported materials with a rubber sole that provides easy and comfortable walk and helps in standing comfortably. The heel of the shoe is approximately 1.5 inches and the shoe provides and easy to wear structure with the slip on style and Goga mat insole for an easy to use the structure of the shoe. The shoe being light in weight with the memory foam heel and vamp support provides all that a person needs when they have to work and stand all day.

2. New Balance Men's Walking Shoe MW928V2

For leather lovers, this new balance men’s walking shoe provides the perfect features with a full grain leather made upper and imported materials that include the rubber sole and the inner comfortable sole structure for providing support and structure.

New Balance Men's MW928V2 Walking Shoe

The 13 mm drop and comfort tongue along with the specialized compression form molding of the EVA sole makes it easier to balance and stand on the shoe without exerting much pressure. No matter for how long you have to stay in a standing position you can wear them to comfort your feet and stay in style as well. So, this could be the style shoes for you to wear at your workplace and also help you stay easy and active for the whole day when you are at your work.

3. Dr. Comfort Douglas Casual Shoe for Men

The unique features of this men’s casual shoe include the sophisticated craftsmanship of Dr. Comfort with finest quality materials and design to suit the needs of most of the wearers who are always looking for best design, materials and supportive features in the shoe. It is basically designed for therapeutic purpose so that the wearer stay easy and protected against slips and twists when they have to walk and stand for hours.

Dr. Comfort Douglas Mens Casual Shoe

The Dr. Comfort Gel insert is there for an added support and luxury to the feet. It is a lightweight shoe that comes with an easy to wear design having a one strap closure in a casual style that features Lycra and leather upper and seamless easy padded lining that covers all the support needed areas for better support.

The perfect fit and reasonable toe box allow the foot to relax and stay supported no matter for how long you stay in a standing posture, the feet would not be strained a lot.

4. Merrell Men's Chameleon Hiking Shoe

The Merrell Men’s hiking shoe is also a perfect fit for people who need to stay in a standing posture for most of the day. It is a prime stretch shoe that features the mesh lining and well-designed combination upper with bungee laces. The bungee laces offer a snug fit closure so that your foot gets cradled comfortably and allow all side support in a luxurious manner.

Merrell Men's Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe

The leather fabric and rubber sole provides a perfect combination for a durable hiking shoe design with a padded collar and pull tab to make sure the foot stays in place and would not be affected by increasing pressure and weight when the person has to stay and stand for many hours. The select grip outsole allows a firm grip on the ground and keeps the foot way from getting hurt. Due to the mesh lining the foot stays odor free and sweat free no matter if there is a lot of sweating in the shoe, the foot stays fresh and easy. The EVA sole and Merrell air cushioning allow well-supported and pain-free foot rest for hours.

5. Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe

This is another lace up walking shoe with leather upper and imported materials including the durable and rugged outsole for better traction and comfortable walk. The rubber sole offer a durable grip on the surface where you walk or stand so you keep yourself away from getting hurt, while the Strobel adds to the flexibility of the forefoot and the latex foam made foot bed along with the generous cushioning on the collar and tongue side help the foot to stay in form and reduce the fatigue and the stress that keep on increasing on the foot muscles while standing.

Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe

The mesh lining keeps the foot easy and moisture free and reduces the discomfort. The flexible and durable leather upper and a casual design allows a comfortable and easy wear ability in a casual yet stylish manner. All features support the foot for greater comfort and support with easy usage as well.

6. New Balance Men's Walking Shoe MW769BR

For those who need to wear the style shoes that are comfortable and durable as well, having a combination of suede and the leather materials would make a definite style statement for such people. This one is made of 50 percent suede material and 50 percent leather and gives a unique causal shape for the style lovers. It is composed of imported materials making the sole and the upper the best for the comfort of the foot.

New Balance Men's MW769BR Walking Shoe

The overall design includes the mesh fabric, suede and perforated panels with lacing to give it a casual yet stylish finish. The ABZORB shock absorption cushions and light weight midsole with generous padding give all the support benefits a person would need to make sure they would not get fatigued when they have to stand for hours during their work.

7. Clarks Men's Pickett shoes

A leather shoe is always the choice of a person who has to stay at work for hours and needs to stay active for long working hours. Leather shoes having all the comfort qualities could be the best choice for those who need support and comfort for standing all day. There is also a common need of added style in the shoe when people need to wear a comfortable shoe with a touch of the professional shoe as well.

Clarks Men's Pickett Slip-On

This is a leather upper shoe with a synthetic sole ensuring durability and well-designed structure to support foot posture.

The heel of the shoe measures 1.25 inches approximately. Whereas the twin gores and padded collar offer high-quality supportive design for people who need supportive shoes. The lightly padded collar and flexible as well as a shock absorbing sole offer comfort and ease for the foot when you have to stand for hours and work actively at your workplace. The shoes are lightweight so you don’t feel burdened and heavy footed when you are wearing them at work and they are also breathable to avoid sweating problems that in turn cause discomfort

How to Buy the Best Shoes for Standing All Day?

Look for the following things if you need the best shoes for standing all day:

  1. The size and a snug fit: The size should be perfect to avoid slipping and twisting of the foot.
  2. The overall material: The materials should be easy, durable and flexible to keep foot easy and relaxed.
  3. Insole: Insole should be firm, comfortable, easy but supportive enough to keep the foot in its natural state. Latex and memory foam inserts would be the best.
  4. Toe box: Toe box should be wide to keep the toe relaxed for standing easily all day.
  5. Outsole: The outsole needs to be rugged, flexible and has a good grip on the surface.

In general, when people need to buy the best shoes for standing all day, they need wider shoes to accommodate the pressures foot in an easy way because when you have to stay in a standing posture your foot may expand a bit and need some room.

 But don’t buy a too wide shoe and keep it to the snug level with enough padding so that when your foot expands because of standing for the whole day the shoe keeps the foot in place in an easy way without any kind of extra pressure. Here we have discussed some of the best options so you can pick the one that suits your needs and taste of style as well.

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