Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Unwind Slip-On Walking Shoe Review

Skechers never need a boastful introduction because of the fact they are well known for their comfortable footwear. The shoes are composed of high-quality materials and come with fabulous attributes supported by many latest components to boost the easy walking experience.





Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Unwind Slip-On Walking Shoe
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This Skechers performance Men’s Go walk 3 Unwind walking shoe is on of the best kind of shoe presented by Skechers for easy, comfortable and convenient usage.

It has been designed to give maximum protection from slipping, comfortable support to the foot and easy walking posture. For a better understanding, following are some of the most prominent features you may expect to enjoy while wearing the shoe:

Important Features:

Main Materials

  • The main materials of the shoe include washed fabric of high quality and the outsole is made of durable and flexible synthetic rubber. The inner lining is composed of absorbent and soft fabric of high quality to ensure going sockless would not be problematic in any way.

Design and Construction

  • The overall design of this Skechers shoe allows the wearer to enjoy and easily style shoe with a soft look. The fabric of the shoe has the perfect casual look giving a feel of comfort and luxury as a causal shoe.

Style and Comfort

  • The shoe has a stylish yet casual finish offering a comfortable sole that provides soft, supportive and customized surface for easy fit and to maintain a proper foot posture. In this way, the shoe offers style with an extreme level of comfort that you need.

Specialized Insole

  • The specialized insole featuring GO Mat insole provides energy returning capability to keep the strain away from the foot muscles and keep them relaxed while walking and running.

Rugged Outsole

  • When it comes to the safety of the wearer the outsole of a shoe is always the most important component. Due to the fact, the outsole has to be very well-designed to make sure the foot stays in place and would not slip when the wearer walks on any kind of surface.

Midsole Features

  • The midsole of a shoe has to provide sufficient support to the arching area of the foot. So, in this shoe the Go pillar insole support keep the foot well-supported and allow the foot to stay in place comfortably

Correct Supportive Features

  • Correct positioning of supportive features and customizability of the insole always plays an important role in maintaining the posture of the foot and keeps the wearer relaxed. The memory foam heel cushioning, padding on the collar, the tongue area and well-adjusted midsole and forefoot area keep the foot easy and in place while walking.

Easy To Use

  • The shoe has a slip-on design so that no one has to put in a lot of effort while putting it on. It is easy to put on and take off whenever it is needed.

Quick Specs:

  1. Memory foam heel cushioning and vamp padding
  2. Fabric made upper
  3. Synthetic sole
  4. Sock-like fabric lining insole
  5. GOPillar midsole
  6. GO Mat energy returning solely


The shoe proves to be a perfect accessory for a casual outfit so you can enjoy the luxuriously comfortable footwear wherever you need to go.

  • It gives sufficient support to arching areas by using specialized pillar support components making it easier to adjust the natural posture of your foot. This feature lowers the fatigue factor and makes the wearer feel comfortable.
  • The shoe is made of high-quality fabric, durable outsole and inner sole materials ensuring a long lasting comfort for your foot.
  • It keeps the heel, the mid-foot area and the toe area easy and relaxed with the help of memory foam that cradles the foot in its best form and keeps it away from getting slipped or injured.
  • The slip-on design adds to the convenient usage and easy put-on capability. You just need to put your feet in your shoe in one go and you are ready to go
  • Keeps the foot fatigue free and helps in walking for a long period of time.
  • The sweat-absorbent inner lining helps in maintaining dry insole for a fresh, and sweat free feeling.


  • Along with all the positive aspects that make this Skechers shoe perfect for all casual uses, it has a little downside when it comes to ankle support as it may not give you enough ankle support and you may not be able to use it for running or brisk walk.

Customer Response:

  • Customers have experienced great features and have enjoyed the fabulous features so far. On the basis of the user experiences, the shoe has scored 4.5 out of the total 5 stars which reflect the reliability and high quality of the performance that you can expect while using theses shoes.

Skechers is a name of quality and this one is also a product that matches the highest quality standards to provide satisfactory performance for the users. No doubt the features ensuring the comfort and quality for the wearer are some of the most desired features that people are looking for a safe and luxurious walk. Further, due to an increased emphasis on stylish yet simple design, Skechers has always focused on creating products that are easy and still fulfill the definition of being stylish and modish and well.

The cozy sock-like lining provides comfortable and sweats free inner shoe environment to keep the foot in place and easy. Additionally, the memory foam padding enhances the durability and ease of use for the sake of providing high quality and luxurious feel to the wearer.

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