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The ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe is a trail running shoe specifically developed for women. Providing maximum comfort for runners is a combination of a shock-absorbing midsole, Gel cushioning system installed at the rear of the shoe, mesh and synthetic upper that provides great ventilation and modest water resistance, and a removable sock liner for installing orthotics. It is also constructed to be durable: the upper is made of wear-resistant materials, the sole is grooved for maximum grip in most conditions, and AHAR outsole rubber is used in high-wear areas. Available in multiple colors, it has a stylish design that goes well with most outfits.

Features/Things to Consider:

The ASICS Gel Venture 5 comes with a boatload of features that aim to make it the trail runner of choice for women. For style-conscious women, it has an attractive design that is bolstered with a multitude of color selections. Beyond being stylish, it is also designed to be very comfortable. Breathable mesh, an insole/midsole/outsole combination that provides superior shock absorption, and a generally accommodating and supportive fit make it one of the more comfortable trail shoes you can find. It is also built for maximum durability, thanks to its solid construction and materials.


  • Synthetic/Mesh upper for a great balance of ventilation, support, and durability.
  • Gel cushioning at the rear foot area for maximum impact absorption
  • Durable rubber sole with traction lugs for superior multiple-terrain grip and wear resistance
  • Removable sock liner to accommodate the use of medical orthotics
  • Mesh and brushstroke pattern underlays for better outdoor performance
  • AHAR outsole rubber used in high-wear areas for improved durability
  • Neutral ride


One of the strongest suits of the ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 is in terms of comfort and stability. It is basically built to provide maximum comfort to its wearer. Cushioning is excellent, thanks to the ASICS Gel cushioning system placed at the heel area, as well as a midsole that does a great job in shock absorption and impact dissipation. Heel strikers would best appreciate this setup. Also adding comfort is the great ventilation and modest water resistance offered by the mesh upper. The sock liner is comfortable to use for most kinds of feet, and it can be removed if you need to use medical orthotics. It features a neutral ride, and the fit is true to size for most feet.

Material Quality/Durability:

Durability is always an issue for those looking for a trail runner. After all, trail runners are supposed to be tough enough to withstand rough terrains. The good thing is that the ASICS Gel Venture 5 is constructed to be durable enough to withstand just about everything. The upper mesh is woven sturdily so it won’t tear very easily, and the fit doesn’t change too drastically over time. Synthetics are used strategically to provide much-needed durability where it matters. The outsole, with its robust rubber compound and deep yet functional grooves, should last more than its fair share of miles on the trails. The use of AHAR rubber in strategic points of the shoe makes this model even more wear resistant.


While trail runners are not exactly designed to be worn casually, the ASICS Gel Venture 5 is designed attractively enough that you won’t look bad while wearing it. However, this is a running shoe that looks handsome in its environment: all the lines work and is packed with functionality. Aiding in the design department is the abundance of color combinations. With the number of cool colors available, you can find the color you think best fits your personality and style. For that, we give a high score on the design/style department for the Gel Venture 5.

Pros and Cons:

Should you decide to purchase the ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe, you will be enjoying some very tangible advantages. One of the strongest suits of this shoe is comfort. It is one of the most comfortable shoes of its kind and within its price range. Its combination of shock absorption, ventilation, support, and fit is arguably the best in its class. It is also a well-built running shoe, with durability that makes it a perfect fit in trails. In spite of its reputation as a trail runner, it’s actually very versatile. This can be used for anything - from casual jogging to competitive road running. Coming as a welcome bonus is its styling and wide range of color combinations.

In spite of its very strong reputation, there are some flaws that are noticeable with this product. For instance, some may find the fit to be too narrow for their feet. Fortunately, this shoe is available in different sizes and widths. Also, this is a shoe that is not totally waterproof. It can protect your feet from excess moisture when running in drizzles or puddles, but heavier moisture will still get your feet wet.

Customer Reviews:

The ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 is generally well-received by the running public. Many users praise it for its approach to comfort. It is one of the more comfortable runners available today; your feet should feel at home with this pair almost right away. It is also a very effective trail runner; but many customers have found it to be a versatile and well-rounded runner too. Some even say that they can use this shoe for just about everything. However, there are some concerns about its durability, as some have complained that parts of the shoe, such as the outsole and the sewing of the mesh, came apart sooner than expected.

Type of Product:

The ASICS Gel Venture 5 is a running shoe specifically designed for trail running. Available in both men’s and women’s variants, the Gel Venture 5 is available in different sizes and widths. It comes equipped with features that make it durable enough to withstand trail runs, marathons, and everything else in between. It is also designed for comfort, providing a neutral ride that has a lot of cushioning and stability.


The ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe is a shoe that is comfortable, durable, and versatile. It is one of the better value-for-money women’s trail running shoes available on the market today, thanks to its balanced performance and relatively affordable price. Available in different colors, you can find a pair that best fits your style.

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