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Kayano 22 is ASICS’ latest offering for running shoes. It features the FluidFit, a technology developed by ASICS to provide 20% increased bounce back. The design is also 15% lighter as compared to its predecessors and contemporaries.

The FluidFit gives more shock absorption and enhances the foot’s gait. It has a seamless construction and breakthrough Heel Clutching System technology. These features will install a more snug and adaptive fit.

A Japanese Legacy: ASICS History

ASICS means Anima Sana In Corpore Sano which translates to a sound mind in a sound body. The company was founded by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949. He is a Japanese entrepreneur living in Kobe, Japan. The company had humble beginnings in the living room of Mr. Onitsuka. He first manufactured basketball shoes.

Mr. Onitsuka named the company after the abbreviation of the aforementioned popular Latin phrase. The company was aptly named because until this day, the company stays true to its philosophy by creating and innovating designs to help individuals with their sports needs.

The ASICS products entered the United States market in 1977 and are still very visible until this day.

Feature, Specifications, Things to Consider

Kayano 22 is a pair of trainers created for women with overpronation, flat feet and low arches. Overpronation is the movement of the feet wherein the foot lands outside of the heel and rolls inward excessively. For those with overpronation, the pressure is usually on the big toe and second toe.

Although initially made to cater women, Kayano 22 also has a version made for men.

Kayano 22 has a lot of unique features like the IGS (Impact Guidance System) Technology, Fluid Fit Upper, Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technology Cushioning System, Guidance Line Midsole Technology and Gender-Specific Cushioning.


The following are the most notable features of Kayano 22:

1. IGS (Impact Guidance System) Technology

It improves the foot’s gait from the heel to the toe-off. This helps in reducing the pain the runner may feel after the day.

2. Fluid Fit Upper

It makes use of a multi-directional stretch mesh combined with stretch reinforcements to provide a snug glove-like fit.

3. Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technology Cushioning Systems

It is design for maximum movement in different planes during foot transitions in the gait cycle. It lessens the shock and pressure on the foot during toe-off phases and impact.

4. Guidance Line Midsole Technology

It enhances the gait technology by the use of a vertical flex groove that decouples the tooling located in the line of progression.

5. Gender-Specific Cushioning

Women find it hard to find shoes that would fit their style and comfort. Kayano 22 shoes were modified to have a lower-density top layer located in the midsole. With this feature, women will reap more of the benefits of midsole compression.

Shadow and Comfort / Stability

The Heel Clutching System Technology makes use of an exoskeletal heel counter to improve heel fit and support.

The Dynamic DuoMax Support System improves the support and stability. It also reduces the weight and increases the platform support. The Guidance Trusstic System Technology enhances the gait efficiency and improves midfoot structural integrity.

A lot of women suffer from pain from their Achilles heel. ASICS addressed this problem with the Plus 3 Midsole Technology. With this system, three (3) mm of midsole height was added into the shoes.

Material Quality / Durability

Kayano 22 boasts of a premium sockliner called OrthoLite X-40 Sockliner which provides for breathability, moisture management and higher rebound properties. It is also very durable and provides A+ underfoot comfort.

The Design / Style

The shoes weigh 8.9 oz with a heel height of 24 mm and forefoot height of 11 mm for women. For men, it weighs 323 g with a heel to toe drop of 10 mm, heel height of 22 mm and forefoot height of 12 mm.

It is available in the following colors: Indigo Blue, Pink Glow, Silver Grey, Pistachio, Black, Flash Coral, White, Gunmetal and many more.

Pros / Cons

The following are some of the advantages of ASICS Women Gel Kayano 22:

  • It has a beautiful and attractive design.
  • The gait efficiency helps in providing structural integrity.
  • Runners will also have no problem with smelly or sweaty feet. Thanks to the OrthoLite X-40 sockliner. This sockliner helps in the moisture management and breathability.
  • The underfoot cushioning also provides maximum comfort.
  • It is very easy to clean.

The following are the disadvantages of ASICS Women Gel Kayano 22:

  • The material of the outer sole comes off easily if not used with care.
  • The shoes are a bit narrow for some.
  • It is also quite bulky and heavy.

Type of Product

Gel Kayano 22 is made for daily running on the road. It was made for individuals with overpronation, flat foot and low arches.

Here’s a rundown of the special features of Gel Kayano 22: IGS (Impact Guidance System) Technology, Fluid Fit Upper, Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technology Cushioning System, Guidance Line Midsole Technology and Gender-Specific Cushioning.

It also boasts of the Heel Clutching System Technology, the Dynamic Duomax Support System, Guidance Trusstic System Technology, Plus 3 Midsole Technology and OrthoLite X-40 Sockliner.

Customer Reviews

A lot of runners laud the adaptive stretchable upper mesh of Gel Kayano 22. They noted how it secured their feet. Other runners commended the beautiful and colorful design of the upper portion of the shoes.

Other runners complimented the mid-sole of Kayano 22. They said that it was very durable and did not break down easily amidst the continued daily use. They also noted the breathability of the mid-sole. It lets air in thus preventing moisture to develop inside the shoes. Another user shared similar sentiments adding that the outer surface was quite easy to clean.

One runner complimented the cushioning system of the shoes. She noted that Plus 3 Midsole Technology did wonders for her Achilles heel. She said that with her previous brand, it hurts a lot especially after a run, but with Gel Kayano 22, it was hardly noticeable. Other users said something similar, also noting how soft the platform was. They said that it was very springy and responsive. The arch support was also heavily lauded by the runners.

However, there were several runners who said that the model was too narrow. They had a hard time using it because it was too tight. One runner even went to the extent saying that she was not able to fit her foot despite it being the right length for her feet.

Avid Gel Kayano shoes fans however noted that Gel Kayano 22 was heavier than its predecessors. To be accurate, it is 18 grams heavier than 21. The added weight can be contributed to the enhanced design of the shoes. Aside from being heavier, Gel Kayano 22 is also 5 mm longer than 21.

Customer Review and Scores

Out of the 10 runners who used Gel Kayano 22, eight runners gave it the thumbs up. The runners with a positive review noted of the comfort the shoes provided without compromising its durability. A lot of them also lauded how easy it was to clean the shoes. It also solved the ‘smelly feet’ problem of many.


ASICS’ Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoes is a favorite among runners. The Dynamic DuoMax Support System, Plus 3 MidSole Technology, Gender Specific Cushioning, Heel Clutching System Technology and OrthoLite Sockliner were the features most runners lauded. However, there were several runners who noted that it was too narrow for their feet.

This pair of shoes was made for women who had overpronation. It comes in several colors such as Indigo Blue, Pink Glow, Silver Grey, Pistachio, Black, Flash Coral, White, Gunmetal and many more.

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