Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe Review

The best shoe is that keeps your foot easy, offers a snug fit and adjusts to the varying contours, pressure points, and arches well, without compromising on stability and ease of use. If you can see all these features in a shoe then definitely it should be your first choice.





Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe
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This Skechers Performance Men’s Slip-On Go walk shoe brings all the desired features for the users who need extra comfort and care for their feet as it has been considered one of the best walking shoes for men so far. It is specially made to fit the needs of the user who are looking for easy to wear yet stylish slip-on walking shoe.


It’s one of the best walking shoes for men that ensure comfort and the style along with a long lasting a durable performance for the wearer. The upper textile finish and the inner memory foam sole keeps you easy and gives a perfect casual yet stylish look for the day long use.

Major Specifications

The shoe consists of imported high-quality materials for better comfort and high-quality experience for the wearer. The most important features you may not ignore:

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    The breathable upper mesh fabric
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    Wrinkle free appurtenance with textured upper that won’t wear off quickly
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    Imported materials
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    Extremely durable rubber sole
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    Slip-on shoe for convenient use
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    Fits snuggly with your foot
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    1.5 inches heel to keep foot in its posture and support
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    Light in weight so you don’t feel uneasy while walking
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    Goga full-length insole for comfort and support for the foot
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    Heel and vamp features memory foam cushioning and support
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    It's available in 7 different colors to match your needs and style


Most important features that make the shoe fit for regular walkers are:

Comfort and Style

The shoe is specifically designed for those need a comfortable shoe for a regular walk on a daily basis. For this purpose, it has been designed to keep the usage as simple and easy as possible. This is a slip-on, easy to put on a shoe that does not require much effort to get ready.

Not only that, it is also comfortable when you wear it and walk because of its soft yet supportive insole and flexible fabric upper and rubber outsole. So, it provides a perfect combination of durable and comfortable materials to keep you easy in a stylish manner.

The Upper Cover

The upper cover is made up of mesh fabric that keeps the foot easy and provides a breathable surface to keep the foot free of sweat and itching. In addition to that, the fabric stays in its shape with no wrinkles and wear and tear issues.

The Outsole

The outsole is made of durable, high-quality rubber that is capable of keeping your foot stable and give a firm grip on the varying surfaces you walk on. It is also capable of supporting your foot in its best possible posture to keep your foot relaxed and easy.

The Insole

The insole is specially designed so that your foot gets cradled by the Goga foot mat and keeps it in its natural posture and stable within the shoe. In combination with the memory foam on the heel and the vamp with the insole, the foot stays easy and well in shape within the shoe.


With the help of mesh fabric upper cover, the inner of the shoe is breathable and promises to keep the foot sweat free. No matter how much you walk, you may not expect much moisture in your shoe.

Support and Fit

With the flexible fabric on it and perfectly fit and cushioned inner of the shoe, the shoe is capable of providing a customized comfort for every wearer. The Resalyte midsole technology and the memory foam heel support is enough to give the foot support and help to maintain its posture.

Impact Absorption and Responsive Push

The Resalyte mid sole technology and the GO impulse features paired with the GO pillars within the Goga mat assures that the shoe will be ready to absorb the impact and force exerted on it. With these features, the foot feels easy during the walk and feels lesser fatigue and pressure.

The Light Weight Shoe

For walking and running, you need to have a lightweight, durable shoe having a firm grip on the ground. This one is the best example in providing stability without having much weight on its own.

  •   PRO

Very easy to use and wear on

Can be used as a casual wear or stylish outfit

Durable and flexible

Sweat free and keeps the foot safe from twisting inside

Has a good grip on varied surfaces

Gives support, responsive inner and comfortable resting points for the foot

  • CONS

Though it’s a great shoe for a regular walk and keeps the foot easy and relaxed with least fatigue factor still some people have seen quick wear and tear issues when it is used on a regular basis.

Though we can assume that if you could get a perfect size and has an average body weight, the wear and tear would be slower.

Customer Reviews

Customers have shared their enormously positive experiences regarding this shoe. Though some may have felt certain issues overall, it has been a dear one for most of the users.


Overall this is one of the best walking shoes for men having a long list of benefits and useful features you can trust. It comes with a stylish finish, lightweight construction with high-quality materials giving it a great design and comfort features people usually are looking for. The specially designed insole with Goga mat technology and the durable outer cover and outsole provides the best experience of all.

You may look for certain sizing options if you need to make use of all the beneficial features that this Skechers shoe has to offer for its users. It is important to have a snug fit to keep the foot in shape and stay easy within the shoe. The shoe may feel bigger if you buy a size up instead of the correct one. So make sure to select the correct one, and you will know how fabulous this is after use.

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