Step By Step Tips on How To Teach A Child To Tie Shoes

Whenever there is a need of how to teach a child to tie shoes, it reminds each and every parent of their own childhood. Teaching a child to tie shoes is not an easy job at all; it is an art that can be mastered through practice and some tricks.

 So to all the parents of cute little children, aren’t you looking for tips and tricks for teaching your child to tie shoes? This is the exact place you need to be, from where you can get adequate information regarding how to teach a child to tie shoes.

There are no specific requirements to serve this purpose, all you need is some basic things. They are listed below:

  • A tool or a chair
  • Pair of shoes

The basic steps that you need to follow in order to serve your purpose of ‘how to teach a child to tie shoes’ are now being listed below:

  1. You have to make sure your child is old enough to learn, because most children start learning things between three to five years age.
  2. Get the pair of shoes that you want your child to learn tying.
  3. Ask the child to sit on a tool or a chair.
  4. You have to sit in front of your child, in order to supervise the whole thing.
  5. Teach them the process of tying by helping them to tie on shoe, either left or right foot.
  6. Asking them to tie the shoe of the other foot by himself/herself. 

Fabulous Tips By Which You Can Know How to Teach a Child To Tie Shoes.

The tips and tricks regarding this are listed below:

A. Select a Knot or a Shoe Type That Your Child Likes

Different shoes have different types of knots. You have to keep in mind the type of knot that can delight your child. The choice has to different in case of a baby boy and a baby girl. Now some of the knots are very difficult to tie, whereas some are easier to tie and your child can follow it easily. The knot you select will depend upon the complexity of the knot as well as your child’s eagerness to learn.

1) A normal shoelace knot makes use of one loop to lock the second loop in its place. For this, teach the steps given below:

  • First make an ‘X’ with the two laces.
  • Then pull the lace of right side through the middle of ‘X’ and pull the laces tightly.
  • Then you have to make a loop with one of the lace.
  • Finally you have to wrap the second lace about the loop and pull it through the space created until it is tight.

2) The knot of Two Loop looks like the normal one, but it makes use of two loops at the same time and you can tie them together.

  • First make an ‘X’ with the two laces.
  • You have to then pull the right lace through middle of ‘X’ and then pull the laces tightly.
  • You can then make a bow shape with the laces.
  • Then tie the two parts of the bow together.
  • To get an extra tight fit, you can tie the two parts of the bow once more.
the same time and you can tie them together

B. Encouraging Your Child

As you know that children love to learn new things, this love can be doubled by encouraging them. Once you let them know that they are doing a good job, they will do their job more accurately, without getting frustrated or try to give up. You need to do these things to encourage them:

  • Be consistent
  • Be supportive
  • Offer your help when they need it.

C. Performing the Knot Like It Is a Magical Tick

Children are always attracted to the fantasy world. So if you try to teach them tying their shoes in a particular way it will make them think that it is a magic. They will learn it faster and will surely enjoy it. In order to make it look magical you can make use of vibrant color laces. Once you teach them, make sure that they try it by themselves.

how to teach a child to tie shoes

D. Make use of the Knot to Tell a Story

Whenever you try to teach something to your children in the form of stories, they can capture it more easily and can remember it for a long time. Stories make it easier for them to pay more attention. Also you may use rhymes in an interesting manner, so that your child can grab each and every step of tying his/her shoes. If somehow they forget the steps, once they recall the rhyme, they can again do their job properly.

E. Turning It Into a Challenge

Another tactic that can be adopted when you need to know about ‘how to teach a child to tie shoes’ is by turning the job into a challenge or a dare. Children get more excited when they are given any challenge to complete. This tactic gives good result. This method also helps to motivate the children.

You can announce rewards too, which will encourage your child more to complete the task and learn to tie shoes in a faster and in a proper way. As for example, if the laces of the shoes are small, you can first teach them to practice with a rope, which will help them to be more perfect, thus completing the challenge of tying smaller laces.

These are the small but very essential and helpful tips that you can adopt while teaching your child how to tie their shoes. From here you can learn that children are just like mud and they can be taught things very easily and also that they are very quick learners. The simplicity of the kids is the ultimate key to make them learn small things. I hope, the information provided here will help you a lot. If you like the information provided here, please do not forget to share it among your friends and loved ones. You can also leave your comments regarding how you feel about the information provided any other extra tips that you know.

This is all about how to teach a child to tie shoes.

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