New Balance Men’s MW659 Country Walking Shoe Review

The MW659 model from New Balance is not just another shoe from the manufacturer, but a real classic pair that would add great value to your closet. It is a product that will not beat your expectations and would perfectly fit your feet, right out of the box.





New Balance Men’s MW659 Country Walking Shoe
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The experiences of men using it are quite overwhelming and it is their feedback that New Balance is coming up with bigger and better results each time. There Unique Selling Point is their strong footprint in the Casual Shoe industry and has an excellent customer base right since their first product got launched in the market. Let’s do a post-mortem of this product in the next sections which will allow you to make a quick and the right decision.


Features of any product lay the base towards decision making and the below points would do just that for you:

Handmade: The shoes are handmade with the expertise of the New Balance and the modern casual shoe technologies to with. Due to this each shoe comes assured that you will not be disappointed in any way.


The shoe has a mesh fabric upper with lace up vamp to keep the shoe comfortable enough and easy to fit in it.

  • ABZORB Technology: The sneakers and trainers from the manufacturer including this one are supported with ABZORB technology which actually provides cushioning at key areas of the pair. This helps in providing great support and shock absorption feature in the shoe insole.
  • Synthetic Outsole Support: The sole of the shoe is made from synthetic material which ensures high-quality support and stable walk due to the rugged design that keeps the foot stable on any ground.
  • Midsole: Midsole of the shoe is made with a C-Cap style which supports the shape of your feet while using it for any outdoor activity. This feature helps lower the fatigue and pressure on the foot.
  • Outsole: Outsole of the shoe is given its due importance in manufacturing by using the ‘Ndurance’ rubber compound which maximizes foot support and stabilizes the body balance for an easy walk and keeps the foot grip strong on any kind of walking surface.


The following are the prime specifications of the pair that you must read:

  • NDURANCE sole makes it a great show to walk easily
  • The shoes are available for men in all sizes and feet shapes.
  • Midsole with C-Cap support for better balance


The productivity of the footwear from New Balance is summarized in the points below:

  • Reasonable Cushioning: The ABZORB Technology has been introduced to the New Balance products. It provides cushion support to all pivotal feet areas such as the insole, tongue, and collar. The cushioning helps in absorbing all the pressures on the foot and keep the muscles relaxed.
  • Midsole Elegance: Midsole is carefully designed by the New Balance manufacturer by giving it a C-Cap shape to support the natural shape of the feet. It further enhances the user with natural walk support and makes it sure that you will not feel fatigued while walking.
  • The Outside Support: Ankles on rough surfaces during outdoor activities are prone to twisting if there is poor outside sole support. However, this walking shoe gives ample amount of outsole support with the Endurance rubber compound. Using this you can easily say bye-bye to ankle feet and even any chances of twisting it.
  • Synthetic Material: The material used in the sole and on the upper side of the shoe helps in retaining its form and enhances durability. This material also helps in holding up well in all types of weather conditions with no deterioration in its eminence.


Although minute, but critical enough to take a look at the below cons before making up your mind about this walking shoe:

  • The shoe is available in just one color; brown.
  • The interior of the walking shoe shows signs of wear and tear as early as a year of use. Further, the non-removable soles start detaching in as quick time.
  • The shoes might not serve you for too long if used for some heavy on-field work. They are designed just to support you well during the walk.
  • Like most of the other popular trainers and sneakers, this one is no different when it comes to breaking into the ideal fit. You will feel a bit tight on your feet for the first few days of its use before it starts to break in.

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks:

Customers are very generous with the feedback they have about the make, quality and the value of this walking shoe. On Amazon, it has a customer rating of 4.2/ 5 from a variety of customers. Generally, they are satisfied with the comfort, style and the ideal fit of the shoe. They like it for its excellent resistance against different weather conditions. The innersole is a bit of a concern where some customers have found it loosely placed inside with no gluing at all. If this issue is rectified with a little bit more variety added to the stock, then every customer rating about this walking shoe pair would be a 5-star.


What you order is what you get and that is the simplest mantra of this MW659 pair of walking shoe from New Balance. This man made shoe is worth sending your money at because it offers quality and class at a very justifiable cost. The customer service is excellent with the fair and easy return and exchange policy. If you are looking for casual footwear to wear at work, gym, for a walk or elsewhere then this is the shoe you must consider.

This is easily the most in-demand shoe from New Balance because of the comfort and best-fit it offers to all the men with varying feet sizes. Weather resistant synthetic leather material is its pivotal feature along with midsole cushioning. The detaching innersole is a bit of a let-down for some of the customers using this product. Overall, it is an excellent product with a lot more benefits and significantly fewer drawbacks to worry about.

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