How Much Walking After Knee Replacement?

Nowadays, people are having different types of health problems and surgeries to cure them like heart surgeries, knee replacement, cancer treatment, etc. It is important to take care of the patients after such surgeries. Players get injuries a lot of time and one of the most dreadful injury is knee replacement.

If you have someone who has just had a knee replacement operation, then you should know how to help the person recover. After knee replacement, things might change in your life. You can return to your daily routine after going through a tough healing process, keeping one thing in might that not to exert too much pressure on your new knee.

  • Recovery at the hospital: Firstly, after the knee replacement you might need to stay in the hospital for a few days and the doctor might discharge you after seeing your recovery speed. In the hospital, after the replacement you should start getting in and out of your bed yourself. The pain should be bearable, you should use the bathroom so drinking of water and eating food will help you to get out of your bed. Initially, you should walk with a walking device to climb up and down the stairs and do prescribed exercise. If you need more time to get these things you can shift to nursing homes or any rehabilitation center where you can receive proper care. You should also keep in mind infections that might create problems.
  • Recovery at rehabilitation: In rehab, people get cured faster. You will start with getting in and out of bed, move with walking devices, walking around the bed, try to sit on the bedside wise, etc. A nurse will be there to look after you 24*7. She will help you with walking, going bathroom, getting up in the bed, dressing, bandaging, using bathroom, etc. Gradually, they will ask you to climb stairs, walk for more time, etc. Here, you will make your new knee strong and a bit flexible.
How Much Walking After Knee Replacement?


  • Recovery at the home: After getting discharged from the nursing home you might need someone to take care of you at home. This might take a few weeks, as it is one big operation for the body and for the knees. Before going for a knee replacement you can shuffle your home so that it might be a problem for you after the surgery. At home, you rearrange the furniture so that it is easy for you to walk with walkers, crutches or cane. To avoid stairs, you can shift the room and throw the rugs that might cause you to slip. In the bathroom, install a raised toilet seat, gripping bar and a shower chair. Don’t bend too much as it might be painful, so use devices like a long-handled sponge, grabbing tool or reacher.

After reaching home, you might let lazy and due to the pain you don’t feel like walking or doing exercises. It is important for you to walk daily for 10- 15 minutes a day so that your knees don’t get jammed. Walking slowly with walking devices will help you to heal and you will find some improvement in 15 days. After the end of medicinal period, you can resume driving when you get your strength and reflexes.

 To gain the lost reflexes and strength you must continue the prescribed exercise for at least 2 months. After this you can walk as much as you want to but with that you need to carry out your exercise daily. If you see swelling in your knees don’t be afraid and consult a doctor. You should not pressurize your knee too much this might irritate you knees causing swelling.

Walking is essential in knee replacement, but without irritating your knee. You must know when to start and when to stop depending on the level of pain. At home, you should not start doing all the things at a go. You should ask a friend or a family member to help you as you guide them what to do.

After going back home, you should walk at least 25 feet and climb stairs using walking devices. You should ensure minimal use of walking devices to carry out your daily routine. Don’t stop the exercises prescribed by the doctor and start sitting and standing from one chair to another. After 3 weeks, you should move freely, experiencing less pain and rely less on walking devices for your work. You can also go for longer walks and consume less powerful pain killers.

After 4th week till 6th week you should feel the flexibility and strength in your legs. After consulting the doctor you can even go back to work or play. Driving, going to office, playing, etc. should be carried out after consulting the doctor. Gradually you will walk for more time and distance without any help and start other physical exercise. You will be able to stand on your toe, raise your heels, bending of the knee, balancing on one leg for a longer time and bicycling.

If you want a long term benefit after your knee replacement, you should carry out these steps and methods so that you recover faster and with strong and flexible knees. People may use different techniques for recovering from this surgery but the best way to recovery is the amount of time you give to the rehab center. The way they care and help you to improve is really an important technique. If you have a family to look after you, you can do the rehab part at home with your family members. If you are alone, it becomes difficult for you to take proper rest as you worry about the different household works.

So, if you want to get fully recovered from a knee replacement you have to give 12 months time. As it is said, slow and steady wins the race.

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