New Balance WW577 Women’s Walking Hook and Loop Shoe

Are you confused in choosing the best walking shoe for women? Not sure if New Balance should be your choice? Why should you buy a walking shoe? And which of the features must be considered as the best in your shoe?





WW577 Women’s Walking Hook and Loop Shoe
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If these are the question you have in your mind then read on to know more through this detailed new Balance women’s walking shoe.

New balance always offers a unique and comfortable design in their shoes that offer stability and relaxation and assure that there will be no problems coming your way.

Definitely, the design, constructions and the materials are chosen after research and work and the design is put up after complete understanding of the user’s needs.

Important features

  • Overall the shoe design, materials, and the look is great and seems like a casual shoe or a walking shoe that assures women a great walking experience.

The materials and quality

Overall materials and the quality of the shoe is unmatched because of the high-quality leather materials that are imported and is made in the US.

So it can be said with confirmation that there is no compromise in the making of the shoe as it offers high quality, reliable and durable material for lasting performance and comfort.

The overall materials include leather which is soft, durable and flexible and synthetic rubber sole to keep the feet snugly fitted inside. The rubber sole is durable and offers lasting performance as well.

The upper

The upper part of the shoe is made up of leather and the strips and overlays of leather materials to give a proper design that suits the women needs by providing a comfortable and good-looking design.

The upper has small pores or holes on it to offer reasonable airflow towards the inside of the shoe. This makes the inner of the shoe airy and odor free.

There is a strap assisted hook and loop closure vamp for better fitting as well.

The leather upper is easy to clean and offer lasting, durable form without showing early wear and tear problems.

The inner sides of the shoe

The inner side of the shoe including its sides and the upper is padded with soft material and foam to offer a comfortable platform for the feet so that the foot is comfortably fitted inside.

The padding is not too heavy because it is a walking shoe so that would be perfect to keep the foot easy and relaxed without extra heavy padding on the sides.

The tongue and the collar also come with reasonable padding to provide a reasonable and comfy fitted feel for the foot and keep the ankle area and the foot positioning easy and well in place.

The insole

The insole of the shoe is made to match the overall needs of the user as it is the main platform that assures better gait and easier walk on the ground by keeping the foot easy and supported.

The overall insole is made to match the natural contours of the average foot shape so that it stays easy and supported as much as possible.

In addition to that the proper cushioning keep the foot comfy and make sure it will not experience much impact from the hitting on the ground or when the foot lands on the ground.

The insole is also supported by the shoe’s ASZORB shock abruption system that makes sure the shock and the impact effect from the ground are relieved and neutralized and is not delivered to the heel and toe so that the foot is its best form and posture and stays unaffected as well.

  • With the help of walking strike flex grooves on the outsole, the shoe stays stable on the ground leaving the slipping issue and keep the wearer safe from getting injured.
  • In addition to that, the outsole offers a durable structure that may not tear away easily with regular use so that you can enjoy the comfort and well-supported walk for months to come.
Ease of use and easy maintenance

The shoe is easy to clean and easy to wear offering easy maintenance to keep them in shape and retain their best form.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Do the insoles of the shoe come out?

Yes, the insoles can be removed if needed.

Is the leather real that is used in this shoe? Or synthetic leather?

The leather is real, and of high quality, it is not synthetic. It offers a soft, durable and flexible shoe structure.

What does 2E, D, and B mean in the sizing chart of this shoe?

This women shoe is available in different sizes and width so that the user may get the perfect fit according to the needs. The 2E size is extra wide, D is wider, and B is medium width so you need to select the width accordingly as per your feet size.

Are these shoes durable?

Yes, the shoe is durable and make sure to offer lasting performance.

Customer response

The shoe has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by the customers who have actually bought and used them so far. These have proven to be great shoes.

Though some users have issues with Velcro tape length this is an issue that comes forward with people having bulkier feet or maybe with a high arc foot shape causing the middle of the foot raised higher.

Overall the shoe performs the way it promises and would be a great walking shoe for the women who need consistent comfort and support.

Concluding our review we can surely say that the shoe offers a perfect platform for an easy walk and stable grip on the ground on a wide range of ground surfaces.

You can rely on the durability and design of the shoe because it is made up of high-quality genuine leather and durable rubber sole to support your daily routine without any issues. This helps in making sure that your walking experience would be a breeze.

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