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How To Fix Scuffed Leather Shoes? What You Can Do About It

Introduction​“It is quite frustrating that when you buy the expensive leather shoes and they get scuffed after some use. In such situation, we look for “how to fix scuffed leather shoes?”Well in this piece of writing we will be telling you some of the different ways that will help you to remove the scuffed marks, […]

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How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Shoes?

People love to wear different types of shoes with fluorescent colors. They wear it with socks or without socks. The most important question arises how to get mildew smell out of the shoes? You can’t bear the mildew smell of anyone’s shoe. You need to take care of your shoes so that it does affect […]

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How Much Walking To Lose A Pound?

There is a question in everyone’s mind that how much we walk to lose a pound? This challenge can be completed in a day or week or month. Patients suffering from obesity needs to control their body weight and burn calories to reduce weight and say goodbye to excess fats.Source: Authoritynutrition.comIf you want to lose […]

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How Much Walking Is Too Much?

You search for different methods to reduce weight and increase your fitness. The first thing you start with is walking. Now the question how much walking is too much? When you exert too much pressure on your body, it gets tired.You should slowly build up your intensity if you are just starting with some exercise […]

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How Much Walking After Knee Replacement

Nowadays, people are having different types of health problems and surgeries to cure them like heart surgeries, knee replacement, cancer treatment, etc. It is important to take care of the patients after such surgeries. Players get injuries a lot of time and one of the most dreadful injury is knee replacement.If you have someone who […]

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How Many Running Steps In A Mile?

When you go for a walk you don’t measure it in kilometers, you measure it as miles. So, mile is the universal distance measurer. If you are thinking how many steps you need to run to make it 1 mile? The answer you will get in this article.According to a study it is necessary for […]

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Can You Remove Gum From Shoe Easily?

Even though you walk on the road very carefully, you cannot avoid the gum that will be glued to your shoes. There are various locations where the probability of coming in contact with the gum is high. These are sidewalks, parking lots and playgrounds. You should explore few effective ideas so that you can tackle […]

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Can You Prevent Diseases By Disinfecting Your Shoes?

There are various ways to keep your shoes in a perfect condition. The upper part, inner area and sole should be cleaned by using various kinds of materials. The most appropriate method should be followed so that there will not be any damage to your shoes. By washing your shoes, they will be disinfected. You […]

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Why Should You Wear Appealing Shoes?

Your expensive shoes should be maintained well so that they are free from dirt, stains and paint marks. By wearing aesthetically pleasing shoes, you will be able to make the most of your investment. If there are paint marks on your shoes, you will not be able to present yourself confidently. By using necessary tools, […]

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