Tips For Running In Winter Weather

Running in winters can become quite miserable, however to save oneself from the pain one can go ahead to follow some of the basic tips. These tips can make running in winters an easy and doable task to perform, and also enable people stay fit and healthy always.

Stay Motivated

Search for your motivations. These motivations can emerge as great help and shall enable you keep running for a long period of time. You can even look for a running partner and fix up a date with him. This shall prevent both of you from missing the running dates, and help you continue your physical fitness or running sessions.

Arm Your Feet

While winters are already bringing so much discomfort for you, it is important you take efforts to bring warmth and convenience for your feet. The best way to do so is, keep the warmth in and slush out. Make sure to run in shoes that have least amount of mesh in it. you can even chose a pair of socks which prevents wetness and helps keep foot warm.

Get Dressed Up Properly

To make sure that you are able to run properly during winters, make sure to dress yourself accordingly. It is important that at the start of running you are cool. It is a good idea to choose technical layers of fabric, this can help to wick sweat. The zippers at neck and underarm is just apt to vent air and heat up your body.

Run In Daylight

In winter weathers it is always good to run during bright sunny days or daylight. Such sort of arrangement is going to make things easier for you and help you easily view snowbanks or ploughed streets. You can even opt to wear fluorescent gear on such days, even if it lightens you up like a Christmas tree on the road.

Don’t Forget To Warmup

Before you actually start running, move around much to get enough warm blood flowing inside your body. This shall more or less release your pain of running during winters and make situations easy for you. If in case you are running in group, don’t stand out in open waiting for your buddies. This might cause your body to catch freezing cold, making it all the more difficult for you to run and cover huge miles.

Choose The Right Clothing

During winters it is important that you choose the right gear. If you have right gear you will be able to run for miles and that too without any sort of discomfort. However choice of wrong clothes can make things difficult for you, and running is going to become a complete stress. The best running gears can be purchased from the famous sports gear brands, that are known since years for serving quality to clients and thereby fulfilling their purpose of running.

Deal With The Wind

Make sure to start running towards the wind and finish it with your back on it. This shall prevent you from breaking to sweat. Further to avoid biting to slogs, you can break your running into smaller segments i.e. for 10 minutes you can run into the wind, then for another five minutes you can run keeping your back towards it. This form of running can be practiced on repeat mode during winter season, preventing yourself from putting break to your running sessions.

Forget About Speed

If you are running in winters, what is more important is maintaining miles than speeds. Having running sessions during the most freezing time of the day is the least recommended thing to do. In such situations it is advisable to break your sessions into regular intervals and ensure to complete your miles of the day. You can choose to run during the day time, when it is not too hot or cold. This idea a more feasible one and can be chosen for achieving best results during running.

Adopt The Change

Don’t forget that as soon as you stop running, your body temperature shall drop down. In such a situation, to prevent your body from catching chills, it is good to change your clothes from head to toes. Similarly, women running during winters soon need to get out of their damp sports bra and put on a dry hat over their wet hair. Post running it is even a good idea to go for a small cup of coffee or green tea. It is surely going to refresh you and will also help you get rid of the chilly winds.

Learn To Deal With The Rain

It is important for every individual to stay prepared of the rain. No matter where you are or at what time you are running, it is essential to be prepared of the upcoming weather changes. If in case at your running time, it is raining heavily it is best to slip up your stocking feet into plastic baggies and then wear your running shoes. This way you are all set to face the run and not compromise on your running routing. I am sure most of you would be thinking of their pair of shoes drenched in water, well we have a solution to treat them as well. All you have to do is dry your shoes overnight, by crumpling them in newspaper and removing insoles from it. this way newspaper shall absorb the moisture and make your shoes ready for jogging the other day.

How About Going To A Warm Place?

Some of you might be tired of running between the chilly winds, well it is time to give yourself a break. You can opt to move to a warmer place for a small period of time. This shall give you a break from winters and also help you stay in normal routine of running and living. While you are thinking of moving to a warmer place, make sure to find out if conditions are suitable at the place and if it will be feasible for you to run without any interruption.

Hit The Gym

Are you dealing with horrific winter days, wherein stepping out of your place is the biggest impossible thing to do? Well if this is the case, it is time you hit a gym. This shall help you carry on with your gyming routine and maintain your body. Gym shall also enable individuals to protect themselves from chilling weather, which otherwise might have dreadful effects on the human body. Further to ensure utmost comfort and convenience, it is advisable to look for gym nearest to your office or place. This way you will not have to travel long hours one place to another, and you will be able to cope up with the running routine no matter what.


Above mentioned are some of the handful of tips which can be followed for following an appropriate routine of running at winter places and during winter weathers. In spite of the tips, if in case you are still dealing with running issues it is best to get in touch with a fitness professional or a runner who can guide you to running conveniently during winter season. So what are you waiting for, step up out of your home today and take efforts to build up a good and healthy running schedule.

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