Get To Know The Amazing Feats Of Endurance Running?

No matter you belong to the running world or not, you might have come across some of the best distance runners in your life. Even though the sport is quite a general one, but it has managed to achieve quite a lot of popularity in the previous years. People have given their best to beat the already existing records, and in place set their own. Keep reading further below to know who all have managed to achieve feats in endurance running.

Participate In Endurance Running and Achieve

Endurance running is not at all easy task to perform, it requires a lot of courage, patience and strength on part of the runner. If in case any of the attributes are missing, it shall get a lot difficult for the runner to perform and achieve results. It is important for each individual to keep on trying and give their best shot. One day they will be able to perform without disruption and achieve targets they have always focused on.

For individuals who find marathon an almost impossible task to perform, they must get in touch with professionals and seek their assistance for getting prepared for the marathon. You can even ask professionals to deliver training such that it can help you run or walk efficiently without giving any sort of pain to the body.

Six Day-long Walking: Foundation Years

Well let’s begin with the founding years wherein in 1867 Edward managed to walk from Portland to Chicago in just 25 days. This is when people began to notice cultish sport, and this led to a strong rivalry between Payson and the other man i.e. Daniel O’ Leary. Both of them participated in six-day races, which soon turned one of the longest distance championships of the world. People from different parts of the world place bets on the game and its athletes. Before this six-day long walking competition began, there was a “go as you please” pace and this is when ultra-distance running was born.

Fred Hitchborn in the year 1879 was able to set a world record in race wherein he ran 565 miles in just 6 days. On the other hand, George Littlewood also booked in his name for registering a record of 623 miles. The record stayed for about 100 years before Yiannis Kouros broke it and replaced it with first car racing.

Cover 4,000 Miles in 111 Days

Well running in a jungle, and that too in 100 degrees of heat and wind is one of the most difficult things to do. Well this has been made possible by a bunch of men i.e. Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab and Kevin Lin. These men took the challenge of running through Sahara desert and completed it by running through mountains, Mali, Nager, Libya etc. It was indeed a life-changing experience for all of them, and to ensure each moment was captured a crew came up and filmed the entire story. The documentary containing journey and experience of the traveler was released as “Running the Sahara” in 2007.


People every around the globe take efforts to go through the bad water. It is also known as death valley to portals of Mount Whitney. The distance is about 135 miles, and the complete tour begins from the lowest point in the United States covering till the highest. Runners participating in the race has to go through 13,000 feet and that too in 130-degree heat. Well it is one of the most challenging running to perform, and it is mostly because of the distance and also the sand wherein temperature does not drop. The finish time of the route is about 35 hours, and this is possible only when no breaks or sleep is taken. To everyone’s surprise, the recent runners have been able to complete the stretch and that too within 24 to 25 years.

Walk A Mile A Day

Well running or walking through a mile won’t look like a difficult task to do, but things can change when you have to complete this stretch during illness. What if today your child was born, or it is your wedding day in such a case such things would become all the more difficult. Mark Covert since 1968 has been running continuously for one mile a day. Initially, he was logging in 150 miles per week, but now things have been improving and he is becoming strong in almost every way.

Backward Running

Xu Zhenjun of China was able to complete the entire marathon in four hours only and the only trick to it is running backward. Backward running might look weird to most of the people around, but surprisingly it has various health benefits which cannot be otherwise achieved.

7 Days, 7 Continents, 7 Marathons

Running a marathon is not an easy cup of tea, and it literally requires immense training and endurance on the part of runner. Jet lag and temperature changes occurring during running is sufficient to make things impossible and difficult for the runners. In spite of all the odds, it was Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dr. Michael Stroud were able to register and complete the marathon. They traveled beginning from Chile and then covered Falkland Islands, Sydney, Singapore, London, Cairo and finally New York City.

2 Hours 4 Minutes 36 Second Marathon

This is yet another form of the marathon which is a bit comfortable, especially when compared with 7 days marathon. It was Halie Gebrselassie from Ethiopia who was able to complete the marathon. The marathon was completed in 2 hours, 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

Marathon Monks

Monks are every day challenging limits of human body and are coming up with something which looks difficult to people based around the world. Monks in search of spirituality and enlightenment have continuously been doing morning prayers at 1:30 am such that 100 consecutive days of 26.2 miles can be achieved. Since monks have started the challenge, it has only been 46 men who has completed the marathon with utmost grace and confidence.

Monks are easily able to complete running or racing, and the sole reason for it is their inner and outer strength. Once monks have decided to run or walk on a marathon, this is being completed with utmost dedication and expertise.


Above mentioned are some of the milestones or amazing feats which have been achieved by people based across the world. Almost every day people from different parts of the country are trying to work on different challenging environment and achieve their final goals. For individuals who are finding it difficult to complete the race, it is better for them to opt for easier versions and begin by making record into such games or running sessions.

One can also hire a professional runner or trainer who can train you for walking on different marathons and achieving results. The trainers are knowledgeable individuals who can guide you to best tactics of running and walking, such that no impact is caused to the health of an individual and he or she is able to achieve targets no matter what. So what are you waiting for, go hire a professional trainer today and achieve your dream of making an amazing feat in endurance running?

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