Review of The ASICS Men’s 23 Gel-Kayano Running Shoe

A customized and comfortable fit on every foot is all that ASICS has to provide to the customers who are looking for the comfortable shoes. These ASICS Men's 23 Gel-Kayano Running Shoe comes with the comfort-ability, breathability and the perfect fitting upper and stable sole. 





ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe
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  • Our Rating 7/10

The design and the overall materials are made to match the overall needs of regular runners and athletes who need stable support yet comfortable bedding to stay active for most of the practice hours.

To know this shoe better and whether it is suitable for you or not, you need to know the following features in detail that make sure to provide information that will help you decide better:

Important Features:

The type and quality of the materials

Overall, the shoe consists of the mesh fabric, soft, flexible textile, synthetic leather, and rubber. All these materials match international quality standards and promise to provide lasting performance and durability. In addition to that, the soft padding and cushioning of durable and soft yet sturdy foam inside the shoe make it better while in use.

The Upper

  • The upper of the shoe is uniquely designed to comfortably fit in the foot so that its stays easy and comfy while keeping a snug fit hold on it. This is due to the Fluid Fit technology used in constructing the upper that allows multiple-direction stretch with the help of flexible mesh fabric on the top. This kind of materials makes sure the shoe upper adapts the shape and size of the foot that fits in and gives it perfect fitting just like a hand-in-glove.


  • In addition to the flexible and customizable upper the lace up vamp is there to offer easy and customized shoe closure.

What About Breathability

  • The shoe is breathable and allows considerable and continuous air-flow towards the inner as the mesh fabric lets the air flow continuously through the tiny pores in the fabric on the upper. Due to this, the foot stays dry and cool and sweat won’t build up inside.

The Insole

  • The insole of the shoe comprises various supportive and comfort features making sure the foot stays easy and stable while lowering the pressure on the muscles during the gait cycle.
  • The fluid-Ride midsole provides cushioning and sufficient bounce back so that the foot feels the lesser impact and gains more energy to walk lightly. It reduced weight and keeps the shoe durable enough to support high impact and pressure on the sole.

Comfort Cushioning of Shoe

  • The insole is provided with the forefoot and rear foot GEL cushioning that absorbs and balance out the shock while cradling the foot comfortably. Due to the sufficient support and impact balanced movement, the foot transition is smooth and offers no resistance to reduce pressure on the foot as well.


  • The outer sole of the shoe is made up of quality-made rubber materials. The low top shaft and impact guidance system in the shoe make sure the pressure is distributed evenly and supports natural gait from heel to toe. The rubber is durable enough to handle impact from any kind of grounds and surfaces so that you may not get slipped or hurt in any ways.

Support and Grip

  • The support features present inside and on the outer sole of the shoe enables a stable gait on a range of ground conditions. Whereas the outsole rubber material makes sure the shoe is stable on the ground and tracks well during the walk.

Lightweight FLYTE Foam Shoe Bed

  • The shoe is complimented with the FLYTEFOAM technology that assures lightweight but considerably cushioned footbed so that it stays comfortable without increasing the overall weight of the shoe. the foam reduced pressure, assure smoother foot movement and keep it in shape and comfortable.


  1. Available in variable colors, design, and sizes
  2. FLYTER-FOAM cushioning
  3. DUOMax support
  4. GEL cushioning rear foot and forefoot
  5. Lace-up vamp
  6. Mesh fabric flexible upper
  7. Breathable
  8. Impact Guidance system
  9. Durable


These work well during practice sessions and make sure to offer continuous support.

  • The comfortable inner sole with the responsive midsole and Duomax support offers natural foot posture.
  • Easy, lightweight and well-supported walk with comfort and ease.
  • The shoe is breathable and keeps the foot comfortable inside the shoe.
  • The outsole is durable and tracks well on a range of ground conditions.
  • Impact guidance system allows pressure to diffuse and make sure the foot stays fatigue free.


  • May show heat buildup and sweating after a longtime use.

Customer Response:

After getting thousands of reviews from the real users and customers who have used this shoe, it has retained a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 which is a good sign indeed. Depending on what kind of shoe is required, we can say that this shoe could be a good option if your required size is there. It can promise a long-lasting performance for most of the users. Though some of the users have noticed that the shoe may start getting loosened with time and usage and may show up heating and sweating problems, it is still a good one among many other available on the market.

Concluding our review, we can say that the shoe has been given the shape and design that makes it a good option for those who are looking for style and comfort in the same running shoe. As far as its features are concerned, they are also enough to convince anyone who is in need of a good running shoe.

 It has a flexible upper and sturdy and durable lower sole that keep the foot in the form that is capable of handling any pressure and force during the walk or in the running position. It supports brisk walking and running foot posture with the help of even diffusion of the impact force so that the chances of fatigue are lower and it enhances the efficiency for sure.

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