Review of The ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running Shoe

Sporty looks and durable design and materials are the features most of the men’s look for in their running shoe. ASICS provide durability and style in the same way as most of the users need.





ASICS Men's GT 1000 4 Running Shoe
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This Men’s GT 1000 4 ASICS running shoe offers some of the most desired and much-awaited features to provide comfort and versatility in a unique way without compromising on the overall looks.

We can say that the shoe has overcome some of the most annoying issues people might have faced in other shoes or a previous version of the ASICS series as well. Though apparently, the shoe seems much like a usual running shoe, its unique support design and comfortable cushioning make it even better and comfier than others.

Important Features:

  • Important features you must not ignore while comparing the shoe with other options are:

The Overall Design and Looks:

  • The shoe gives a sporty, comfy and rugged look from the top and is available in maroon, silver and carbon shades. It also comes in a range of shoe sizes so you can easily select the desired color and design while keeping the size that you need. This enables the user to use the shoe as a casual wear and for the practicing and exercising routines as well.


The overall materials are of higher quality and make the shoe long-lasting that stays in shape and maintain the performance for days to come. The main materials used in the shoe include synthetic leather, rubber and mesh fabric on the top as well. All these materials are stitched and joined together to give a sturdy and lasting structure that will keep the foot safer inside while keeping a good grip on the ground for safer walking and running experience.

Upper Design and Materials

The upper of the shoe consists of mesh fabric patches and the synthetic leather inlays that offers flexible, adjustable and well-fitted construction. The lace-up vamp assures customized fitting so that the foot stays firm, comfortable and well-fitted inside the shoe to avoid twisting while running and walking.

The Inner Sole

The inner sole is well-designed and provides support for the foot that keeps it in its best natural form so that it does not hurt while practicing long walk and running time. The Sp EVA midsole construction supports the foot and keeps it easy inside the shoe. In addition to that, the gel cushioning is there to support and relax the pressure points and keeps the impact least. The gel cushioning and EVA midsole reduces impact.

  • The shaft of the shoe measures low top from the arch that provides a stable and easy support for the foot. The stable design offers to support the overpronation as well for comfortable and easy fit. The Duo Max support keeps the foot pressure free and stable inside and reduces impact and pressure on the foot muscles.
  • The upper mesh fabric overlay provides airflow inside the shoe. The continuous airflow helps in avoid squishy sweat inside the shoe hence promote skin friendly environment inside the shoe by keeping it dry and comfortable no matter for how many hours you are wearing it.


  • The outsole is made up of durable rubber that assures long-lasting performance without getting damaged and makes sure it stays firm on the ground without getting slipped. The guidance line in the middle of the outsole distributes pressure and keeps distributing the forces throughout the outer sole.


  • The overall design and materials are durable enough to support regular practicing. It may not show early wear and tear problems even after regular use.
Bounce Back Energy
  • The SP EVA midsole absorbs shock and gives out reasonable bounce back for lighter and easier walk and least pressure on the foot.

Suitable for Overpronation

  • The shoe suits perfectly fine for mild and moderate over-pronation issues.


  • Well-designed
  • Durable construction and materials
  • High-quality rubber and synthetic materials
  • check
    Stylish and easy fit
  • check
    Comfortable and supportive cushioning
  • check
    Gel cushioning on rear and forefoot
  • check
    SPEVA midsole
  • check
    bounce back
  • check
    Truss tic, line guidance impact distribution


  • The shoe is perfectly good for the overpronators who need supportive and breathable design for their foot to stay comfortable hence it works fine for mild to moderate levels of overpronation.
  • The overall design and construction match the need of the people who are looking for style and comfort in one package.
  • The flexibility and adjustability of the shoe make sure it can be worn easily and adjusts with the foot without any struggle.
  • The outsole is designed with specialized grooves and that assure the shoe tracks well and will keep you stable on the ground while running.
  • The gel cushioning and supportive midsole and inner sole design assure that comfort level never gets compromised in the shoe.
  • It is easy to maintain and keeps the shape and its appearance even after frequent use
  • The breathability makes sure you stay comfortable inside the shoe.


  • These are not lightweight and are heavy than an average running shoe.

Customer Response and Experiences

The shoe has a fitting average around 88 percent and overall it has been rated as 4.5 stars out of 5 indicating that the shoe conforms to the needs and values of the users and has proven to be a good one among all others. It provides comfort and support and assures better performance while the user is wearing it. That is why it can be considered as one of the best one among many of the same style shoes.

ASICS GT1000 4th revisions of the GT 1000 series of the shoe is one perfect example of an improved shoe design that offers high-quality design and allows the better wearing capability for the users. The shoe offers an easier and better experience despite the fact that it is a heavy shoe. the materials, the construction, and design assure long-lasting performance no matter how much and where you are using them or wearing them for your use. The durability, comfort, and style are never compromised in this shoe.

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