Review of The Nike Downshifter 6 Running Shoe

Nike Sports shoe range is no doubt a revolution in the shoe industry. Thanks to all the comfort features and the various innovations that have been introduced so far. The shoes are designed to provide the perfect level of support and comfort upon impact with the ground and make sure the foot stays in its natural posture so that there is lesser stress on the muscles





Nike Downshifter 6 Running Shoe
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  • Our Rating 6/10

This Nike Downshifter 6 is a perfect running shoe that caters to the foot needs and keeps you active with energy boosting performance while running.

Important Features:

  • For an in-depth review let’s have a look into the features that are there:

The Design

  • The shoe has a sporty design with lots of color options from which you can choose as per your preference and the unique style needs.

The Overall Material On The Upper

  • The shoe has a combination upper that includes a flexible and breathable mesh upper along with synthetic overlays making it more durable, flexible and easy to fit on the foot. The upper is durable as well and may maintain its shape on a long-term basis and is easy to clean as well.

The Closure and Fit

  • The shoe comes with a lace up vamp and offers easy closure and fit while keeping the shoe snuggly fitted on the foot so that it would not twist while walking briskly or during running.

The Outer Sole

The outsole of the shoe is made up of synthetic rubber that provides flexibility and durability for the shoe. In addition to that, the sole extends to the toe for better toe support and protection whereas at the bottom it has been designed to provide maximum support and grip on the ground. That assures stability on a range of surfaces without getting you slipped anywhere.

Arch and Shaft Design

The shoe is a rather low-platform shoe with the shaft measuring low top from the arch providing a natural posture and stability. That assures the foot stays easy and relaxed while in its resting position and will keep you energized with a proper push while in the running position.

Comfort Level, Padding and Cushioning

The shoe offers an easy to wear and comfortable construction with padding on the tongue and the collar of the shoe. The cushioning offers snug fitting and keep the foot comfy and stable inside. The insole and the lateral sides of the shoe are also padded to provide support and comfort and release pressure during the gait cycle.


  • Since the shoe is made up of high-quality synthetic materials you can surely expect to get the high-end performance on a long-term basis. There are lesser wear and tear and the shoe is expected to maintain a good structure even after frequent use.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • The synthetic materials are easy to clean by using a shoe spray or you can also clean out the dust and dirt with the help of a damp cloth.

The Grip on The Ground

The shoe offers a stable walk and a safe run on a range of ground surfaces. The outsole has well-designed heel and toe construction assuring that they can take the pressure and in turn give the boost that a foot needs. In addition to that the lug design and the grooving on on the outsole make sure it will stay safe no matter if you are walking or running on a slippery surface.

Breathability of Shoes

  • The shoe offers a breathable mesh upper that allows a consistent air flow towards the inside making it easier to keep the foot cool and dry even if you have to run for hours. The moisture inside stays under control.


  • Synthetic materials and mesh fabric
  • Fits 77 percent
  • Lace-up shoe
  • check
    Synthetic rubber sole
  • check
  • check
    Easy maintenance
  • check
    Available in a range of colors
  • check
  • check
    Medium to lightweight
  • check
    Sleek and low top design
  • check
    Perfect for jogging, running and walking


  • The shoe offers a natural posture for the foot to keep it safe and stable on the ground.
  • It is easy to wear and make sure your foot stays snug fit inside the shoe with a lace-up closure for a customized fit.
  • The shoe works perfectly fine for the athletes, runners and for the daily walk.
  • Due to high-quality materials, the wear-and-tear issues are none or the least as compared to other shoes in the similar category.
  • Due to the lightweight yet durable design the shoe is not a burden on the feet and keep the fatigue factor to its least level.
  • Padding and cushioning on the inside assure comfort and support for a better walk.
  • The shoe is breathable and makes sure the foot stays squish free during the walk.


  • The fit is about 77 percent so you may need a wider shoe if you have bulky feet.

Customer Satisfaction

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, most of them have shared their response regarding the shoe on the positive side. There are 500+ positive ratings provided by the true users that indicate the shoe is reliable and can be considered as one of the best among the many options that are available online. Though some users do have issues with its wear-and-tear problems after few weeks of frequent use, still it has performed well for a number of users and has satisfied their needs of having a comfortable, lightweight and supportive shoe for running.

Concluding our review about this Nike running shoe, we can say that Nike has always given the shoes that match the common needs of a user either they are runners, athletes or just need a supportive shoe for a regular walk. This shoe also meets most of the user expectations as it offers most of the comfort features that keep the user active and fatigue free. In addition to its comfort features the firm grip and stable walk on the ground help in making sure that the wearer will be at ease when he or she is wearing the Nike Downshifter 6 running shoe.

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