Let’s Know What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Be it a Saturday evening or a Friday night. Be it a Sunday brunch or the Monday office casuals. Be it Wednesdays for women or romantic Thursday. Jeans perfectly fit all the occasions. Jeans are considered as the savior in all scenarios.

Levi's company initially introduced jeans.. The earliest introduction of jeans was as the bell bottoms. Then came the idea of skinny jeans. Well, fitted skinny jeans are here to up your style quotient. The next concern that comes in mind is what shoes to wear with skinny jeans. Footwear boost up the style game for women. It is a task to choose the perfect pair of shoes to choose with your skinny jeans.

You are often in a fix as to what shoes are to be worn by women with that amazing skinny jeans. This condition often arises because there are number of options available for shoes in the market. The numerous styles of shoes available are sneakers, running shoes, converse, high tops, espirales etc.

So here in this article the basic steps have been given to make your clothing look perfect. The perfect pair of skinny jeans combined with perfect shoes makes you look like a style icon. Grab on those shoes and get a hold of our clothing guide and learn the art of styling. Given below are the kinds of shoes that are available in the market.

These type of shoes are similar to running shoes but comes with a slight difference. Sneakers are given a look of running shoes but with softer soul and an inch high heels. These are easy to bend and have flexible toes.

  • High Tops

High tops are similar to converse but they cover the ankles as well. The laces are tied down at the ankle as well so that the jeans is tucked inside the high tops.

  • Converse

The advancement of converse has been dated far back in the century. Converse shoes have flat soles and are the most commonly worn shoes. They have a hard block in the toe area. Converse shoes are considered as the most comfortable shoes. Earlier these were preferred in the sporting activities because the sports shoes were yet to be discovered. People of all age and size love the culture of covers. The converse shoes have been specifically made famous by the Americans and their style culture.

  • Spirals

Espiralados are basically made up of suede material having sole made up of jute. These shoes are a perfect fit for summer but cannot be worn in the rainy season. The jute soles are not protectable against rains and water.

  • Slip-On Or Plimsolls

These shoes are the newly available shoes in the market. The slip-on or the plimsolls are those shoes that can be easily worn by the people. These are available with an inch high heel and they come with no lace option. The slip-on or plimsolls do not have laces and have an open end.

  • Oxfords

Inspired by the formal European styles, oxfords are those type of shoes that are teamed up with formal for a meeting or with a jeans and shirt. Basically these type of shoes are worn whenever there is an official yet casual environment.

  • Leather Boots

Leather boots often termed as the cowgirl boots give you the most rugged and the boldest look. The look has been called in since centuries. The leather boots often combined with skinny jeans along with chains and belts and those nuts. The quirkiness of a bold look cannot be hidden.

  • Heels

Be it pumps or the strappy sandals or the stilettos, when combined with skinny jeans give you a look to die for someone. These shoes when combined with a pair of jeans, will make you look the sassiest in the room. The head turner look can make the jaws drop and accentuate the stylish beauty you are.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Pairing Shoes With Skinny

Mind Before Pairing Shoes With Skinny

In order to flaunt those perfect pair of skinny jeans the perfect pair of shoes are to be worn. The shoes that can be combined with the skinny jeans are as followed:

Whenever a high top is being combined with a skinny jeans it is to be kept in mind that the jeans should be tucked inside the high tops. While tucking the jeans inside the high tops the neatness is to be given a major look at.

Then the second option is to fold the jeans a little bit so that they can be worn with converse or sneakers. The rolled up jeans along with sneakers or converse give it a rugged look and make it look even sexier.

The spirals to be worn with high length jeans so that they can be tied in the back which can be seen by the people. The tie up of the spirals is basically to flaunt the way it is made.

Whenever you are going out for a formal yet casual look pair the perfect pair of skinny jeans with oxfords. Oxfords are mostly available in leather and are available in black or brown colors. These oxfords have a glossy shine to them and give it a formal look. Again here the styling tip would be to roll up the jeans a little bit so that the chic look is seen.

Whenever a jeans that is skin but ends at the ankles is worn along with a casual crop top or a boxy top, they should be paired with slip-on or plimsolls. The slip-on or the plimsolls give it a casual look and make it even funkier. These are available in different prints and designs. They are available in gloss or matte finish as well.

Then there are boots available in leather finish. These boots give you a rugged and bold look. These are perfect for those days when the skinny jeans is being teamed up with leather jackets and chains. The silver bolts and chains along with buckled belts.

In order to have that sexy and the ultimate diva look skinny jeans are often paired up with heels. The strappy heels with skinny jeans is the perfect Friday night attire. The six inch high pumps with gloss finish call out for formal yet sassy look. When skinny jeans are combined with heels they are fitted till the ankle. If not then they are to be rolled in from the bottom.

For that ultimate cute girl look but comfortable enough the skinny jeans are to be combined with ballerinas or flats. Ballerinas or flats provide that comfort and ease yet a look to die for. For all those girls who are fun and quirky this might be their go to option.

Some Pro Tip

In order to have that perfect look the skinny jeans should be well fitted and while combining the skinny jeans with shoes the occasion should be kept in mind.

While choosing a pair of shoes with a skinny jeans, the jeans should be of appropriate length according to the shoes that are being worn.

Occasion Calls

While flaunting those perfect pair of shoes with the skinny the occasion should always be kept in mind. When skinny jeans is worn with oxfords or pumps the look should be formal and minimal. The skinny jeans when paired with high tops, converse, sneakers or boots they call out for fun days that are meant for outdoor quirkiness.

In furtherance if the shoes are being worn along with ballerinas or flats that means the comfort is being given an utmost priority. The strappy sandals when paired with skinny jeans is a party attire that needs to be called out for romantic evening or clubbing nights.

It should be kept in mind that the boot and spirals cannot be worn in the rainy season. The leather boots will give you cuts and fungus and the spirals are not meant for rainy seasons. The jute sole is not strong enough to pertain the rains or water.

The Finishing Touch

Skinny jeans are the go to option for every girl. The ways to combine that perfect pair of skinny jeans with those perfect pair of shoes calls in for a diva look. The sassy yet comfortable look, the party look, the formal look and the casual outing look all needs to be given careful consideration before flaunting the perfect look.

The sneakers, when paired with skinny jeans are the most comfortable option. They have that touch of ease and comfort and then they can be given the trendiest look of the century. They call in for the perfect rugged look and the tom boyishness is defined further.

All in all this article has provided with information regarding the best pair of shoes combined with the skinny jeans for that perfect occasion. This won’t stop you from looking your best and getting the heads turned. You will be termed as the most stylish diva being really simple yet stylish. Simplicity is the best style accessory. The perfect combination can make you the talk of the town. Swivel the action, swing through the fun and flaunt the trendiest look. Keep it simple yet stylish.

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