6 Ways On How To Kill Fungus In Shoes – See It In Action

You may not consider it one of the topmost priorities to look up different ways on how to kill fungus in shoes. But do you know that more than half of the nail disorders are due to fungal infection in the toenail? At any given time, almost 14 % of the population are affected by this condition. Therefore, a little precaution taken in time can go a long way in saving you from issues such as discolored nails, unusually thick nails, brittle nails, crumbled edges and smelly feet.

Fungal infection in the toenails can develop due to a number of different reasons. However, you can stop it right in its tracks by maintaining optimal shoe hygiene. Before going in for the steps on how to kill fungus in shoes, make sure that you are wearing the right size shoes. An ill-fitting shoe can not only increase the risk of developing fungus but also causes your toenails to weaken, giving rise to pain.

Foot fungus is present almost everywhere. However, they require a moist, dark and warm place to thrive. Therefore, they often end up multiplying rapidly on the inside of your shoes. This is a common issue, especially among the athletes who tend to perspire a lot. Although this is most common among the athletes who continuously have moisture trapped on the inside of their shoes, there are also a number of other reasons for the spreading of toenail fungus.

The following section talks about 6 effective ways on how to kill fungus in shoes. These can be followed every day if possible and if not, at least twice a week should be fine. This will give you cleaner and better-smelling feet while also preventing the recurrence of fungal infections in the future.

Materials You Will Need

  • Shoe disinfectant/deodorant
  • Foot powder
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle

Step 1 – Air Drying

Air drying your shoes and keep them out in the sun every day can go a long way in preventing fungal infections. This is because the sunlight helps fight all the spores that have multiplied inside your shoes. Even if you are using additional treatments for fungus, this will add a greater leverage.

If the condition is not so severe, simply opting for air drying can be sufficient to stop and prevent fungal growth. You can keep them outside on the patio that receives direct sunlight or in a shaded spot with sufficient airflow. It should not be too much trouble to do this on a daily basis and also does not take up too much of your time.

You can follow this easy step before going in for any serious treatment options. This will drive away all the moisture from your shoes and keep it dry, destroying the environment favorable for the fungus to multiply. If you remain active for a better part of the day, this step should be a chore.

Along with air drying, you can also opt for antifungal socks. These socks form a barrier between your feet and the shoes and soak up most of the moisture, preventing them from reaching the shoes. Hence, you will have less moisture retention on the shoes. Furthermore, drying them at night can be highly effective in keeping fungus at bay.

Step 2 – Use A Disinfectant

There are many different types of shoe disinfectants available in the market. Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyer Deodorant Spray and 10-seconds deodorant and disinfectant are two such products that can be used almost instantly. These products kill the bacteria that give rise to fungus, thereby preventing a lot of foot problems. These disinfectants also double up as a deodorizer and keep you feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. Shoe disinfectants tend to be highly effective for people with smelly feet.

It should be noted that if you are unable to get hold of a disinfectant that has been formulated exclusively for foot fungus, you can also use any other disinfectant to the same effectiveness. For example, Dettol and Lysol can do equally well.

Wondering how to kill fungus in shoes using disinfectants? Well, disinfectants are very easy to use. You can put them into travel sized bottles and carry them everywhere you go. It is a very quick and easy way to kill fungus from your shoes. However, make sure that you are using a disinfectant strictly. Many household disinfectants come with bleach, and this can be damaging to the shoes. Therefore, look up the constituents well in advance to keep your shoes from getting discolored.

Step 3 – Foot Powder

There several foot powders for preventing foot fungus. Although most of these are marketed for athlete’s foot, they are equally effective against all types of foot fungus. So how to kill fungus in shoes using foot powder? You do not have a lot to do. Just take a small amount of powder and sprinkle it over your shoes each day, preferably towards the evening. The powder will soak up the excess moisture and keep your shoes dry while also fighting the fungus. Remove the excess of the powder in the morning before wearing them.

Step 4 – Keep Switching Your Shoes

Following all the steps on how to kill fungus in shoes will not be really helpful if you keep wearing the same shoes day in and day out. It would do better to invest in more than one pair of shoes and switch to a different pair every day. This will give enough time for the shoes to dry out completely before you wear them back again. Foot fungus mainly develops in shoes that are closed and do not allow the moisture to escape. So instead, try going for open shoes and breathable fabric instead of synthetics.

Step 5 – Wash Your Socks

Repeating the same pair of socks each day can make it more favorable for the fungus to multiply. Although socks can soak up moisture and keep your shoes dry, wearing the same one over and over again can only reverse the condition. If you already have the potential for foot fungus, you should take even more caution. It would be helpful if you soak your socks in disinfectants before rinsing them off. For best hygiene, it is advisable to store your socks in a cool and dry place. Most people also have the habit of stuffing the used pair of socks inside the shoes. This should be strictly avoided. Instead, you can leave the socks in an airy place to let them dry. Socks made out of cotton, wool and bamboo fibers can be great for optimal foot hygiene.

Step 6 – Vinegar

Vinegar is another one of the easy methods to prevent foot fungus. Due to its acidity, it prevents bacterial growth. This works in a way similar to the detergents. So how to kill fungus in shoes using vinegar? Well, you can mix up a little vinegar and water and put it into a spray bottle. You can then spray this mixture to your shoes after you take them off. This helps to kill fungus and also neutralize the strong smell.


These steps on how to kill fungus in shoes can be helpful in preventing fungal growth and also in fighting the condition if it has already grown severe. Taking a few precautions in time can save you from a lot of trouble later on. Furthermore, these steps on how to kill fungus in shoes do not take up too much of your time. You can easily follow these steps on how to kill fungus in shoes even if you run a busy schedule on a daily basis.

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