What Shoes To Wear With Boot Cut Jeans For That Effortless Style

Though boot cut jeans are among the most popular version of denim, there is one dilemma that every woman has and that is, what shoes to wear with boot cut jeans. Well, to our relief, there are many shoe styles that go best with boot cut jeans and these shoes will be available in your collection as well.

Before we go to the shoes, let us take a look at the popularity of boot cut jeans so that you will get a better idea on how and what to style with this popular type of jeans. When you style right, there is nothing more stylish than boot cut jeans. The perfect accessories and the right shoes can lend a unique as well as comfortable appearance that is sure to get you noticed

If there are two styles of jeans that are ever popular and which will continue to be in style, then they are straight jeans and boot cut jeans. These styles are easy and comfy to wear and that is why, most preferred. If you look at the history of the boot cut jeans, then it is believed that it started off as a uniforms of sailors in 1800s. Slowly, these jeans came to capture the attention of fashion stylists and they were soon, the most desired fashion items in the world. The love affair continues. 

The other reason why boot cut jeans continue to be the favourite of women all over the globe is that it suits all body shapes. It is just the matter how you wear it. The only tip you should keep in mind while wearing boot cut jeans is that always opt for a balanced look. Never over accessorise or wear flashy tops with these jeans.

Women who are heavy on the top can wear boot cut jeans to lend a balance to the body with the bottom width. Stonewashed jeans can bring out the balance better, so can medium finish denim.

Also, those with a heave bottom can also wear the boot cut jeans in style but the dark hues are better. Bright colours can help in hiding the heaviness of the bottom and to lend a balanced style.

For tall and slim body type, go with boot cut jeans with an oversized top. For petite body shape also the same style works.

Shoes That Suit Boot Cut Jeans

One of best accessories for boot cut jeans are the right shoes. Without the right shoes, the whole look can go haywire. Though boot cut jeans allows you to be a little flexible as far as the shoe options are considered, the right shoes can accentuate your look and lend your body a great shape as well as a stylish look. The rule with boot cut denim or for any denim for that matter is to keep casual. Yet, when you can be your casual best, why settle for less?

Ankle Boots

Though ankle boots look good with both skinny jeans as well as boot cut jeans, it is the latter I will go for. Just look at the name. In fact, boot cut jeans got its name from the little flare that it has at its bottom to make way for a nice pair of boots. So, there, no arguments further on why ankle boots work best for boot cut jeans. You can go for the pointy toe ankle boots as they it makes your legs look longer or the general ones as both look superbly cool. Ankle boots with heels work better than flats though because with jeans you should always wear shoes that are visible and not the ones that remain hidden.

A tip: Whenever you are wearing jeans with shoes, ensure that the hem of the jeans does not fall to the ground but should stay at least inch above.

Cowboy Boots

A style that you can guarantee will be there forever is a combination of cowboy boots with boot cut jeans. Those who love comfort to go with style, this is the look to opt for. Show your love for nature when you are out in this look. The best way of course is to wear them under the jeans and this would look great on petite ladies as it makes legs appear longer. The same style will lend a balanced look to curvy women.

What Shoes To Wear With Boot Cut Jeans


Give your casual style a trendy look by pairing your boot cut jeans with high heels. You can complete the look with a summery top. To give your heels more prominence, go for a tucked in top. A button down shirt also looks great. A rule you should keep in mind is that to make your legs look longer, choose high-heeled shoes with longer pointed toes.

Platform Shoes or Sandals

Pairing platform shoes with boot cut jeans is a style statement that has remained in vogue for some time. In fact, if you love the hippie look, all you have to do is along with this pairing, wear a loose blouse, style your hair with a side braid and go about flaunting the style!

If it is a boho look that charms you, then along with platform sandals, you can wear a cosy t-shirt and a black hat with a wide brim. If you would like to go all cute, then all you have to do is along with platforms and boot cut jeans, wear your graphic t-shirt and a hat.


Wedges too are a great option to wear with boot cut jeans because it helps to lend your legs shape and length. Just ensure that the hem of the jeans covers the wedge to a certain extent. Let only a little be seen of the shoes.

In fact, you can rock the 70s look with this pairing and combing the look with a front-knot Tee. Opt for boot cut jeans in black for the look.


The pairing of sneakers with boot cut jeans is a style that is popular with celebrities. This is not just the best style but also the most comfortable because it allows you to be on your feet all day long. You can go for tennis shoes to lend a cute look to your feet or consider wearing canvas slip-on shoes. Since sneakers are available in so many colors and patterns, you can style your look with the right top and accessories. The classic tennis shoes are also great to wear with boot cut jeans. Choosing a bright colors will lend the perfect oomph for your look though.

Mid-calf Boots

Mid-calf boots not only look trendy but they are also comfortable as well as easy on the legs. Of course, they protect your legs well and also provide great ankle support. They also have a heel and hence the perfect shoes to wear with boot cut jeans and it also makes your look trendy. Just take note that when you wear mid-calf boots with boot cut jeans, they should remain hidden and only the heel and the toe should be peeking out.

What-Shoes To Wear With Boot Cut Jeans

One of the best footwear to pair with boot cut jeans are clogs because they are comfy on your feet and they also look super stylish. Having a pair of clogs in your wardrobe will be great because they look good on everything. Go for high-heeled clogs though. Go for neutral colors because they will go with all types of outfits. But when it comes to jeans, dark blue cogs are the way to go.

A tip: Carrying a matching handbag that goes with your clogs is an ideal way to get a coordinated look. To make your legs look longer, wear clogs with heels that are more than three inches but to make the legs look shorter, wear heels lesser than three inches.

The main reason to pair boot cut jeans with the right type of shoes is that that is the only way to make the look right because a wrong type of shoes can mean the jeans look floppy. Since these jeans come with a little flare on the bottom, wearing the right shoes will give an enhanced look to your legs and will enhance your body shape as well. In fact, if you can see from the above tips, you can see that the right way of wearing the shoes with boot cut jeans can also help your legs seem shorter or longer as you wish. So, a short person can look taller or a tall person can seem less tall when they wear the right shoes with boot cut denims.

So, now, isn’t it so much easier to wear boot cut jeans? Hope now you need not sit confused as to how to style your favourite pair of jeans. Follow these tips and you will have a comfortable as well as trendy look to sport all the time you step out. Do share this post if it has helped you find the right rhythm with boot cut jeans. Follow these tips and save yourself from the dilemma as to what shoes to wear with boot cut jeans.

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