Saucony Women’s Integrity ST2 ProGrid Walking

Saucony women’s walking shoe is one of the perfectly designed walking shoes for women that are proactively designed to match the walk needs of women having the need for proper support for the foot.

This is rather a simple walking shoe but comes with support, padding and comfortable snug fitting for the foot to allow better and composed walk without losing balance.





Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe,White/Silver,5 B(M) US
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For those who are looking for a padded supportive shoe that specifically gives arch support and keep the ankle and the heel area well cradled during the walk, this shoe works perfectly fine.

The walking experience is smooth and effortless and makes sure to provide ease and relaxed gait cycle that every woman needs. The structure and materials allow an easier walk with all the supportive features in one go.

Important Features

  • The important features that are sure to be considered as the best points or benefits of the shoe are discussed and reviewed below:

Overall Design

The overall design of the shoe looks casual and works fine with all minds of casual outfits as daily wear. It also gives a comfortable design and looks like a sneaker that is designed to match the needs of the walking person who needs to walk for miles as a part of their daily routine.

It has a lace up vamp, full grain leather upper with leather overlays and inlays and the toe support, padded collar and tongue for added comfort and support.

The white and silver touch on the upper makes it an elegant neat looking shoe for the women to wear on with any kind of casual outfit.

The Upper

  • The upper of the shoe offers a breathable, comfortable design that assures airflow and comfortable fitting on the foot with the customized fitting option with the help of the laces. The shoe upper is also easy to clean and the stitches and seams are not easy to tear away so you can expect to get a well-formed shoe for months.

The Inner Sole

  • The insole of the shoe is made to provide comfort and support. The specifically designed insole make sure to keep the foot stable and relaxed at the same time and assure an easy walk by cradling the natural contours of the foot easily and lower the chances of a direct impact on the foot.

The Toe Box and Heel Area Support

  • The shoe is designed to give a reasonable toe box so that the toe expands and stays easy while walking with the shoes on the foot. In addition to that, the heel area is provided with sufficient padding so that it keeps the heel away from twisting and keep it snuggly fitted inside the shoe.

Shaft and Sole Shape

  • The shaft of the shoe is low top from the arch giving easy transitioning support and make sure no pressure develops on the foot muscles and the foot is easy while walking on the ground. The offset of 12mm also allow lower impact, more energy, and bounce and make sure to keep the wearer active while walking.

The Outsole

  • The outsole of the shoe is made up of high quality, durable rubber sole that also features XT-900 rubber in areas where there is expected high wear and friction. The no-marking non-slip rubber sole stays perfectly fine no matter where you walk and how you walk, you will never be in trouble with these shoes. The Walk-Trac outsole provides easier softer walk without any struggle on any kind of ground surfaces.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

  • The shoe is easy to put on and does not require any struggles while wearing. To clean the upper of the shoe, you may use a damp cloth or a shoe cleaner spray for the leather.

Durability and Comfort

  • The shoe is reasonable comfortable providing no issues and make sure to offer a lasting performance after months of use. The inner padding alongside the shoe, the insole, and the sides as well as on the collar and tongue provide supportive and comfortable padding.

Fitting of The Shoe

  • The shoe fits 100 percent to the mentioned size so you can be sure what size you are buying for yourself.

Customer Reviews

Customers have rated this shoe as a five-star shoe so far ensuring that you will get what it promises.


  1. The shoe fits perfectly
  2. It offers natural foot posture support
  3. Comfortable
  4. Balanced and non-slip outsole
  5. Suitable for walking
  6. Padded tongue and collar
  7. Breathable

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shoe fit the true size?

Yes, this shoe fits the true size and you can reliably buy the ones you need.

Is it a comfortable shoe?

Yes, the padding inside the shoe makes it comfortable and the low top arch along with enough room for the foot makes it comfortable and easy to wear the shoe for walking.

Is the shoe well-structured?

Yes, the shoe is well-structured from inside out and you will have no issues wearing them while going on a walk.

Is this a reliable shoe?

Yes, this shoe is reliable enough to wear on every day and may not show early wear and tear issues on the sole or the upper.

Does the shoe track well on all types of ground surfaces?

The shoe comes with no-mark, no-slip shoe sole that makes sure it will keep you stable on the ground easily.

The shoe comes with a well-structured outsole, insole and the upper that matches the needs of the regular walking people who need reliable support and make sure the shoe will support their feet in a comfortable way to support their walk. The shoe offers a breathable inner and keep the foot stable and protected inside and give sturdy support from the outside.

Overall, you can rely on the shoe as one of the suitable shoes that will keep you active and easy while on the walk on any kind of ground and will help you avoid slipping and twisting in your feet. Just don’t forget to select the right size so that you will get all the features you have been looking for in your walking shoes.

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