Skechers Performance Slip-On Women’s Go Walk 3 Walking Shoe

Do you need a shoe that lets you walk for miles without causing pressure and strain on your foot and leg muscles? Are you in search of the best walking shoe that keeps your foot balanced stable and also increases the bounce back for a lighter walk? Do you need a women shoe that is easy to put on and offer better performance during the walk?





Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe
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Your search ends here as Skechers has created a unique system of features that not only supports the delicate muscles and bones safely but also give more power for better performance without exerting pressure.

This walking shoe supports, comforts, energize and cradles the foot in a way that keeps it safe from twisting assure easier, lighter walk experience.

Important Features

  • The shoe differs and excels in the quality, performance, and reliability in many ways which are enlisted below:

The Upper of The Shoe:

The upper of the shoe is flexible, made with high-quality mesh fabric and keeps the foot snugly fitted inside to provide comfort and support at the same time. The 100 percent mesh fabric assure durability, style, and comfort while keeping the foot stable inside.

The Fit Knit mesh features cooling and airflow towards the inner of the shoe for creating a smell-free and sweat resistant environment. Such an upper assure dry foot that would not irritate the wearer no matter for how long the shoe stays on the foot.

The fabric is lightweight yet durable hence offer protection without causing and heavy feeling on the upside. It is also easy to maintain and keep clean and make sure it would not tear away easily.

Outsole Design and Materials

  • The rubber made outsole is durable, flexible and assure better traction on a range of different ground surfaces to avoid slipping issues. The rubber sole makes it easier to let the foot transition while walking to keep the foot relaxed and provide support and required energy for quicker and easier steps.
  • The durable materials assure the sole would not be torn out or get damaged easily even after frequent usage.

The Inner Structure of The Shoe

The inner structure of the shoe is not just a mere footbed rather it is made up of high-quality materials and the design assure support, comfort, and energy with the help of multi-layered constructions assuring lesser impact as well.

There is memory foam padding to cradle the heel in a comfortable way to so that the heel fits in easy and offer support according to the overall shape and width. This makes the heel stay fitted yet comfy within the shoe and avoid pressure pains.

In addition to that, the fabric made edges and stabilized design make the heel feel fitted and stable inside the shoe.

Go Impulse and Goga Pillar Combination

  • In the shoe sole, the Goga Pillars and Go impulse technology make the shoe flexible enough to help in the smoother walk and offer a responsive, energizing walking experience with the least weight and pressure impact.
  • In addition to that, the Goga pillar helps to make the midsole and the outer sole provide comfort without increasing the overall weight of the shoe.

The footbed

  • Along with the comfy insole, the overall footbed features Ortholite materials for unmatched comfort. The footbed allows the foot to stay in its natural posture while stabilizing and supporting it in a safe way.

Easy wear-on

  • The shoe is a slip-on shoe accompanied by a pull-on loop for helping you put the shoe on without struggling with it. Hence the shoe comes with a user-friendly design to help make it a go-to shoe for every casual occasion and walk.

The Odor and Sweat Resistant Design

  • The inner sock liner assures soft and sweat-wicking surface to keep the feet dry and cool whereas the upper mesh fabric lets the air flow in to offer drier and odor free inner side of the shoe. This helps in a pleasant experience no matter if you have to keep them on for hours.

Sock Absorption and Bounce Back Effect

With the soft flexible sole and Go Impulse technology the shoe also comes with Resalyte midsole, the pressure, and external force impact is absorbed and dispersed for keeping the foot away from developing fatigue symptoms and pressure.


  • The shoe offers an unmatched walking experience with a flexible design.
  • It stays in shape and performs without wear and tear issues
  • Easy to wear and keeps the foot relaxed effortlessly
  • Odor and sweat free
  • Responsive footed and support
  • Roomy forefoot for keeping foot relaxed and in the best posture


  • The shoe has been attributed as a bit snugger than required and run short if you have bulky feet.

Customer Rating Product

  • The shoe has been rated around 4.4 out of 5 stars on average based on more than 5k ratings. This user response can be considered as a reasonable base to conclude that it has served the users in its best way. Though some users have experienced issues a bit these appear to be not so many as compared to the positive features them have shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to heavy padding, will these shoes be hot?

Not at all, Skechers performance shoe does not get sweaty or hot no matter for how long you may walk while wearing them on.

Are these shoes better without socks?

These can be worn easily without wearing socks as they would not sweat or cause heat issues but keep the inner side cool, dry and sweat free.

Are these for high-arch feet or just average arch support?

Skechers performance slip-on shoe offers some arch support but not for high-arch feet.

Are these shoes lightweight?

Yes, the shoe is lightweight and does not offer any weight or pressure making the walk easier.


The shoe offer and easy to wear, easy to walk in structure assuring the wearer can enjoy an effortless walking experience while wearing them on. The cushioning and padding offer support, flexibility and assure comfortable cradling of the foot with a responsive gait support.

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