How Much Walking Is Too Much?

You search for different methods to reduce weight and increase your fitness. The first thing you start with is walking. Now the question how much walking is too much? When you exert too much pressure on your body, it gets tired.

You should slowly build up your intensity if you are just starting with some exercise or walking. You should follow up a plan for 30 days for a particular distance and then gradually increase your distance you walk. Start with 30 minutes of walking in a day, for a week. This is the minimal time you should walk to keep yourself healthy and fit. You can also draw a plan or schedule for how much to walk and when to walk?

Now the question, how much walking is too much? So, the answer to this question is simple as if you walk too much then your body starts paining. There is a common mistake done by people, they start walking for a long time and distance at the beginning of their schedule. You should start your walk slowly and the distance to be covered should also be minimal. On starting stage you should concentrate on the walking technique and your posture should be right so that you can walk faster for longer periods.

If you are walking too fast, then you need to slow down a bit and start working on your walking techniques. Don’t travel for a longer period of time as this will exhaust you down and might lead to body ache. So, start walking for maximum 15-20 minutes and gradually increase your distance and pace too. After a long walk take a day off and work on your flexibility or just walk normally. Rest is important for your body after walking continuously for a week as it might result in fatigue or muscle pain.

Overtraining people need to note their easy or hard days so that they can balance their need for long walks. As you drink 10-12 glasses of water, start walking 10000 steps a day. It is mandatory for every human being. You can also keep step calculators in your smartphones, which will tell you how many steps have you walked in a day. This might excite you and even if you don’t feel like walking you might go for a walk. This might be helpful for people who usually have desk jobs. Walking should be as essential in your life as drinking water as it burns away a lot of fat.

Over excessive walking may swell up your hands as they open up the blood vessel rushing from the lungs to your heart causing hands to swell. Pain is one thing which can be caused by excessive walking. Due to this pain you stop walking, resulting in weight gain and lose muscle tone.

Some Pains Caused by Walking Are:

Plantar Fasciitis: It is a band of tissues, running from the heel bone to foot ball. When you put excess strain on the foot, it results in the development of small tears and stiffening of tissues causing foot pain. If you walk, inside of your feet or have high arch then you should understand you have fasciitis. It pains as you wake up in the morning due to stiffness and it is called planter. If it not cured, then it might generate calcium around the heel known as a heel spur.

To cure it, you should start exercising, stretching of the arch with the help of your hand for 10 times and rolling of your foot. You should also wear shoes which are not flexible from middle and wear flat slipper and sandals until you get rid of the pain. Avoid walking on sand, uneven roads and pavements which causes an arch in your sandals. If still persists, then consult a podiatrist for night splints, counteracting and stabilizing your foot.

Ingrown Toenail: It occurs when the side of your toe swells. The pain is felt on the side of the toenails, pressurizing the soft tissues and growing skin. It may also be caused because of short shoes or tight shoes, creating obstacles while walking. Excess pressure can also cause bleeding of toes. But a big size shoes or sneakers use enail clippers, etc. Consult a podiatrist if you suffer more pain.

Lumber Strain: Due to excess walking or exercising this problem may arise. Due to overburdening pressure on ligament and tendon it might cause pain. It can be cured by flattening your belly towards your spine. You should not bend when you are walking up hill and lean your body towards your ankle.

So, the answer to the question how much walking is too much is answered. While starting, keep in mind how to start and how much to start. If you start with a hard routine, slow it down, make it simple so that it is easy for your body to keep pace with your routine. If you are a having hard routine walk throughout the week take rest as it’s important to give rest to your body. Walking should be incorporated into everyone’s life so that you don’t have to start every time from fresh. People should incorporate walking at every stage. Even kids should walk as it will help them to stay fit.

People with desk jobs should have the habit of walking as they have to sit and work throughout the day. They should also keep a few things in mind that is they should exert excess pressure on themselves. Even if they walk for 15-20 minutes daily it will be beneficial for them.

So, you can see there is no specific limit as to how much walking is too much. It is you, yourself who can control the limit and even exceed it if needed. People should make their own limits according to their body strength.

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