How To Disinfect Shoe? The Best Method For Your Clean Shoes

There are various ways to keep your shoes in a perfect condition. The upper part, inner area and sole should be cleaned by using various kinds of materials. The most appropriate method should be followed so that there will not be any damage to your shoes. By washing your shoes, they will be disinfected. You should clean the insoles of your shoes so that there will not be any room for bacteria. The smell, dirt and stains can be eliminated by washing your shoes with mild detergent on a regular basis. After washing your shoes, they should be dried in the sunlight.

​If you find smell after washing shoes, you should put baking soda inside the insoles and the shoes should be wrapped in a plastic bag. The insoles should be washed again with soap and water so that they will be kept in a perfectly hygienic condition.

​Disinfection of Used Shoes

Used shoes should be disinfected so that they will not produce any smell. Shoes are made with various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, and other delicate materials. If shoes are made with delicate materials, they should not be placed in a washing machine.

​When shoes are made with tender materials, they should be washed with hands. You can prepare a soapy mixture by using the warm water and the shoes should be wiped off in a gentle manner. After scrubbing the shoes, you should wipe them in a gentle way by using a rag. Warm water can be used in this process.

​You can wash leather shoes by hand. A rag or soft bristled brush can be used in this direction. The suede should be cleaned in the downward direction. The suedes should be cleaned in one direction so that the stains will be lifted off very easily. You can also make use of the services offered by a professional cleaner so that the cleaning will be done in an effortless manner.

​Using Chemicals for Disinfection

​In extreme cases, you will also be able to use chemicals so that the disinfection will take place. The shoes should be soaked in rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is a great means to remove the bad smell and bacteria. The shoes should be soaked in a large bowl of rubbing alcohol. If shoes are made with sensitive materials, they should be rinsed with the rubbing alcohol in a very gentle manner.

​The inside of shoes should be disinfected by using a bleach and water mixture. As you use a bleach, the disinfection of shoes will be done in the best possible way. If your shoes are white, you can apply the bleach without any issues. If there are non-white, you should spray the bleach very carefully. If the spraying is not done very carefully, there will be bleach stains on shoes. You can use a small spray bottle to accomplish the task.

​Anti-bacterial Sprays

​There are anti-bacterial sprays which will keep your shoes in a healthy and hygienic condition. After applying the spray, you should allow them to dry completely so that you will be able to use them without any issues. If you are allergic to certain sprays, you should avoid them. The bad odor can be eliminated by using anti-bacterial sprays.

​Steps to Deodorize Your Shoes

​To deodorize your shoes, you can use vinegar. Stubborn odor from shoes can be eliminated in the best possible way by using the vinegar. As you wash your shoes with water and soap solution, you will want to add little quantity of vinegar. The bad odor will be eliminated in a completely efficient manner and there will be great satisfaction.

​The smell can be eliminated by using the baking soda as well. You should pour about 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda in each shoe and the shoes should be shaken vigorously. You can also soak them in baking soda overnight to remove the smell completely.

​The disinfection will also take place by placing drier sheets inside the shoes. Fresh smell will be produced and you can wear your shoes very confidently. If your shoes are stinking permanently, you should increase the cleaning and disinfection steps on a regular basis. The frequency should be increased so that the intensity will be low and you will bring down the smell to the manageable condition in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, you will want to destroy some shoes which are beyond the cleaning process.

Preventive Steps

  • ​By taking preventive steps, you will ensure that dirt and bacteria are not accumulated in your shoes. You should wash your shoes perfectly before using them. The feet should be dried before wearing the socks. The socks should be washed with soap on regular basis. It is important to wear appropriate shoes as per the season.
  • ​When you clean shoes with a chemical substance, the germs and bacteria will be killed. You can also put a pair of shoes in a freezer so that germs will be killed completely. You should not forget to seal them in a tight bag. It is true that freezing will kill bacteria to some extent. However, you should go for other proven methods if the smell is very high.
  • ​By placing dryer sheets in shoes, the stinking smell can be eliminated in the best possible way. If you use fragrance, they will trigger asthma. The fragrance has the capability to enhance the growth of breast cancer cells. Hence, the usage of fragrance should be cautious.


Disinfection of shoes is very important so that you will avoid various kinds of foot diseases that arise due to fungi and bacteria present in shoes. You should use the right kind of sprays and cleaning solutions so that no bad odor will be generated from them and you will be able to use your shoes for a long period of time without any issues. The quality of used shoes can be enhanced to the highest possible extent by taking preventive maintenance.​

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