How To Choose Perfect All-Around Walking Shoes For Men

One brand of shoe once said, “unique soles for unique souls.” This explains everything about men and shoes. Men have unique tastes in shoes depending on their personality.

​If you are a man and you are reading this, and you thought, ‘maybe I need a new pair for a change a pair entirely different from what you already have. In this article, we will try to look for walking shoes for men, a different one, from the ones you already have.

​Engineers And Architects (Office or Field Work)

​Your job is always on the go; you might have an office work or a field work at that. It is possible that the walking shoes for men you already have are your regular unkempt loafer or a slip on. Don’t get me wrong; these pieces are the classics.

​Every man should have a pair in their closet, but always remember that color and style go a long way. If you have one pair of loafers, which is obviously unkempt because you have been using it for like forever both indoors and outdoors, try buying a new pair with real leather as its base.

​This one is also an everyday loafer, but you can also use it on dates without being unkempt. Try a leather slip on too or a large knot for a change. These are basics with a twist of style and class.

How To Choose Perfect All-Around Walking Shoes For Men

​Sports Hunky

​It’s obvious that the best pair you have to go on a date is your pair of mod toe drivers and nothing more. You can never wear rubber shoes on a date or even on a casual Sunday out, too. You can never wear what you wear to the gym for a casual Sunday breakfast with her parents; that is never forgiven.

​You can wear something that can still reflect your personality, but still is in the line of style and not compromising comfort as well. A good pair of fabric loafer as walking shoes for men will do on a Sunday casual day out, or even a good suede one with your regular shorts or faded pair of pants and shirt.

Sales Enthusiasts​

Men in sales are always made up. With their perfectly manicured fingers and expensive tie-ups, or pointy leathers, they make women swoon. Nevertheless, they know how to dress up whatever occasion it may be, but dressing down might be a problem, too. The sexiest men look hot even underdressed. When you think about shoes for these guys, choose a more casual and laid back foot candy, rather than an all-executive leather pair.

​An average man would own at least 12 pairs of walking shoes for men in its closet. Would you think girls have the most when men also have a personalized favor when it comes to sole candies? But not all of them are very particular about shoes. Some regard it as just a part of the wardrobe, and as long as it covers the foot, it’s ready to go already.

​Men’s shoes differ depending on their profession or hobby, but you will see that a man has taste in the variety of shoes he is wearing depending on the occasion, or on a casual Sunday. It might seem complicated, but it’s pretty simple. When you think about it, men are at least a lot easier than the women’s choices that are.

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