Why Should You Wear Appealing Shoes?

Your expensive shoes should be maintained well so that they are free from dirt, stains and paint marks. By wearing aesthetically pleasing shoes, you will be able to make the most of your investment. If there are paint marks on your shoes, you will not be able to present yourself confidently. By using necessary tools, the marks should be removed so that you can wear shoes for a long period without any issues. You should avoid force and should clean the surface with mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth.

How To Clean Your Shoes?

By using a wet cloth, you can remove the stains formed on the shoes. If you find it difficult to remove stains, you should pour much water. You can also use a soft sponge to remove the stains on the surface of shoes. You can rub shoes with detergent. The form formed through the detergent will be able to absorb the paint to the greatest possible extent.

  • To remove the stubborn paint marks on your shoes, you can use the nail polish remover. By using a damp paper towel, you can rub on the shoes so that no fresh scratches will be formed on the surface of shoes.
  • To remove the dry paint from the surface of shoes, you should take the help of a toothbrush. In fact, it is difficult to deal with dry paint marks than the wet paint marks. The dried chunks can be picked up by using your fingernails. If you can eliminate the dry paint layer, you can deal with the paint that lies in contact with the exterior surface of shoes.
  • A soapy mixture should be prepared to deal with the paint marks on shoes. The mixture should be added on damp cloth and it should be rubbed on painted areas. If you can choose the most appropriate nail polish remover, the stains can be removed in a very efficient way.

The above steps can be performed to soften the paint marks and additional steps should be performance to remove the marks completely.

As you mix the detergent into the water, you should rub shoes by using a wet cloth. The shoes should be put under the faucet. By washing your shoes with cold water, the paint stains will be removed.

You should hold shoes tightly and the cloth should be loosened so that you can pick up the paint very easily. As you use the wet cloth, the size of the stain can be reduced in a very efficient way. If there is wet oil, dishtowel should be used so that the paint can be collected very easily. To remove the paint completely from shoes, you should take the help of turpentine. By using an old rag, the turpentine can be collected very efficiently.

 Before touching the turpentine, you should wear rubber gloves. The turpentine will not stick to your hands. The paint will be absorbed very quickly when you perform the operation in a airy area. If the sponge is completely wet, you should replace it with a new sponge. These steps should be repeated several times so that the paint will be removed completely.

If there is any leftover paint, it can be eliminated by using a dry cloth. The shoes should be soaked in hot water for more than 6 hours. The pressure should be applied on shoes while removing paint stains with the dry cloth. The shoes should be rinsed in wet water and they should be dried in sunlight so that the shoes are ready to wear.

Steps To Remove Paint From Fabric or Canvas Shoes

To remove paint marks from a canvas or fabric shoes, the following steps should be performed. The things required to accomplish the task are listed below:

  1. Cloth
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Dish soap
  4. Nail polish remover
  5. Cotton ball

The wet paint should be wiped off by using the wet cloth. If there are large spills, you should remove them by using a spoon.

By running the shoe under the hot water, the remaining paint should be rinsed off.

By using an old toothbrush, the sole of the shoe should be scrubbed. If there is any paint in the sole, it will be removed.

Detergent and water should be added in 1:1 ratio and the remaining paint stains should be removed by using a wet cloth or sponge. The leftover stains should be blotted out in a very efficnet way. You should repeat the process until you achive the complete success.

If there are any spots on the shoe, they should be removed by using cotton balls. The nail polish remover should be applied to cotton balls and the stains should be eliminated in a very efficient way.

You can allow your shoes for light machine wash with cold water so that the stains will be eliminated completely.

The Following Steps Should Be Performed To Remove Oil Based Stains:

You will need alcohol and mineral spirits in addition to the materials mentioned in the previous steps:

After dipping the cloth in wet water, the wet paint should be removed as far as possible. If there are large spills, they should be scooped off.

Cotton ball or swab should be used with the rubbing alcohol. The cotton ball should be dabbed on the paint stains so that the stains will be loosened in a very efficient way. If there are stubborn paint marks, the cleaning should be done with mineral spirits and water alternately.

After blotting the shoes with warm water, you can launder them with cold water. The shoes should be dried in sunlight so that they will be free from stains completely.


You should apply various methods to remove paint stains on your shoes. The selection of raw materials should be done based on the type of shoe and level of stain. The steps should be followed in a systematic way so that you will be able to remove stains and the life of shoes will be prolonged.

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