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the best walking shoes for men

What are the best walking shoes, simplest and inexpensive alternative to improve your physical activity and overall health. There are numerous advantages of walking including the health benefits, but one thing is sure – walking can improve people’s lives.

​The most important thing for achieving the best comfort and experience during any type of walking is finding the best walking shoes. Whether running or walking, the right shoes are our tools and key elements for harmless and effective practice.

​Walking every day is an easy and non-stressful way to becoming healthier and stay fit, so selecting the proper shoes is crucial. In order to prevent severe injuries and pains, the essential element is finding and choosing the best walking shoes for men. They can take a bit of money and your time, but the result of the investment is certain – they maximize benefits of walking.

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What Are The Best Walking Shoes?

​Every movement of the foot can affect your entire body. A little imbalance in your feet can cause weakness and pains. The foot injuries can cause a domino effect throughout the body and expand pain from ankles, knees, and hips to lower back.

​Pains in these joints often indicate to complex health problems so the shoes worn during walking need to provide good feeling on the feet and sufficient support for both the feet and skeletal structure.

​The walking shoes represent a basic support and protection for the feet. They are created to maintain the full body structure aligned and stable. These shoes are a perfect solution for exercise, walking long distances or casual walking as determined by the occasion.

  • ​Type Of Walking Shoe

​Today, there is a greater distinction between comfortable shoes, walking shoes, and shoes of the athletic type for increased activity. Manufacturers have developed a wide range of walking shoes, so we have different types created for different needs.

​Different types of walking shoes are related to the manner of their use. Most of them vary in styles, designs, structures, materials and many other features. They are specifically designed to be more flexible allowing a greater range of motion and a greater arch support.

​The basic types of walking shoes include Motion Control shoes, Cushion shoes, Hiking and Trail Shoes and Stability shoes.

  • Motion Control Shoes: The motion control shoes represent the firmest shoes designed to limit overpronation. They are heavy and durable with the denser material inside which can correct pronation. They are the perfect solution for people with flat feet, over-pronators, and heavier people. Their only problem is thick heel which can complicate the walking experience.
  • Cushioned Shoes: The cushioned shoes are designed with soft midsoles which make them very flexible. These shoes are made for people with high arches feet who do not need an extra support and people who do not overpronate. The thick heels are also the biggest issue of these shoes.
  • Hiking and Trail Shoes: Hiking and Trail shoes are the best options for hiking and walking on specific trails. Their special designed offers protection for the feet combining an excellent stability and traction on natural surfaces. They are very comfort and durable during walking on rocks, ground, and other surfaces.
  • Stability Shoes: Stability shoes are more flexible than mentioned motion control shoes. They are designed to provide very good support and stability. Compared to motion control shoes, the stability shoes do not have very thick heels. These shoes represent a great option for people without the severe motion control problems and they are perfectly suitable for mid-weight people.

Often they are built upon a semi-curved last and may have a dual density midsole for support. Stability shoes are for people who do They tend to have a thick heel as well, though not as thick as a motion control shoe, which makes walking in them the same as walking uphill with every step.

  • Top 3 Brands Of Walking Shoes For Men

1. New Balance Shoes​

The New Balance (full name – New Balance Athletic Shoe) is an American company founded in 1906. Over the years, the New Balance has developed the superior technology to increase the footwear quality and design. The shoes are designed with revolutionary technical features including blended gel inserts and different heel counters. The New Balance Company offers a wide range of sizes, especially for very narrow and very wide foot widths.​



Shoes are very durable

Different styles and types of motion mechanics are available

High-technology solutions for every customer’s need

Shoes offer great flexibility and support​



Bad price-value ratio

Low reliability

Bas market position in the world

1.Recommendation New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes


Best Walking Shoes For the men The mission of New Balance is to create the perfect combination of fashion and function, by achieving the highest performances of walking-specific products. The New Balance has dedicated years of experience and high-tech solutions to create the perfect shoes for customers’ walking needs.

​The New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes are designed to bring the customers a very best sensation during walking. They have the greatest impact in terms of walking motions.

​The New Balance team has paid a special attention to how the foot makes contact with the ground, especially the landing, full ground contact and the push-off. The MW928 Walking Shoes have all features to provide comfort in these areas.

New Balance Men's MW928 Walking Shoe

​The New Balance 928 is designed with advanced ROLLBAR with ENERGY technology. The ROLLARBAR technology represents a flat molded piece of graphite material integrated into the rear of the midsole in order to maximize the rear foot stability.

​The 928 are entirely made of leather to fit perfectly and provide comfort. Their quality has been tested and approved by Medicare for diabetics.The advantages of these shoes are numerous, but the customers’ reviews are also pointing at the flows of these shoes. They are complaining about cheap materials and very low-quality construction which cause a very short lifetime of the New Balance 928. These shoes can also be very firm especially for the people who use orthotics or have a particularly bulky foot.

2. The Rockport Shoes

​The Rockport Company is founded in 1972 in USA, Massachusetts. The manufacturer of the shoes designs the full-grain leather footwear combined with cushioning on the inside of the shoe in order to protect the heel at impact.

Today, most of the Rockport shoes are made in China, and some in India and other East Asian countries. These shoes become famous because of their unique and alternative design to athletic shoes. They gained their popularity ass footwear for all purpose.​



Very comfortable shoes

High-quality leather materials

Very fashionable design

​Very strong and durable shoes



Only for people with sore heels

Not famous in Europe

Very robust and firm design

2. Recommendation Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking shoes


The Rockport men’s World Tour Classic is specially designed walking shoes which blend comfort support and fashion.

The manufacturer has put a lot of effort to maximize the forefoot flexibility and has developed a special Walking Platform construction that combines built-in Strobel® Technology Construction and EVA cushioning.

Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

These shoes provide very lightweight shock absorption and personalized fit for everyone. The foot and leg tiredness are reduced to a minimum.

They also feature padded tongue and collar that help protect from excessive rubbing and blisters formations. The rubber sole feature provides a strong grip on different surfaces. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoes are very easy to clean and maintain, so the product life isincreased.

The disadvantages of these shoes are related to the material quality and tightness. The main issues are the lack of arch support and the rock hard sole. The customers are mainly complaining about decreased quality of these shoes over the years.

3. Brooks Shoes

​Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Brooks Company is a manufacturer of footwear founded in 1914 in the USA. Since then, they are providing high performance running shoes and accessories for men and women. The entire company is focused on fulfilling the needs and requirements of runners.The Brooks Company has been a sponsor to a lot of sports teams and athletes and becomes very powerful and popular company over the years.



Good price-value ratio

Very fashionable shoe designs

Maximized comfort

Cushions impact



Not durable shoes

3. Recommendation Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes


The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker is leather walking shoes with manmade sole designed for a casual everyday walker.

They are the perfect fit and feel shoes that provide MoGo midsole cushioning for increasing durability and energy-returning.

Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Addiction Walker shoes also have supplier full-grain upper and a consistent, slip- resistant outsole. They guarantee a very high stability and full support of low arches, preserving the pronation under control.

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes are also available with V-Strap closures with the ease of hook-and-loop straps fasteners.The flaws of this model are related to the heel cutaway and shoes’ stiffness. The hard midsole sole and the low heel counter can cause body pain. The customers have complained about shoe durability and quality.

Top 3 Best Walking Shoes For Men


There is a wide range of men walking shoes. There are different brands, styles with numerous features. Here are top 3 recommendations for men walking shoes.

1. New Balance Men’s WW847 Health Walking Shoes

The New Balance Men’s WW847 Health Walking Shoes are lighter weight, fashionable and outstanding stability shoes particularly designed for walking. The stunning reviews validate their breathable upper and a ROLLBAR® technology which provides excellent stability and motion control.

2. Men’s Orthaheel, Walker Athletic Shoes

Men’s Orthaheel, Walker athletic Shoes have the excellent reviews from men all around the world. These leather shoes are specifically designed for walking with maximum comfort and support. These walking shoes feature a contoured arch support and a deep heel cup. They are made of very breathable material combined with PU foam base that reduces friction against skin.

3. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Ultimate Walking Shoes

Skechers Men’s Go Walk Ultimate Walking Shoes represent a response to the men’s everyday need for comfortable and fashionable shoes. The Go Walk Ultimate Walking Shoes are the best reviewed among all existing walking shoes.These nearly weightless synthetic and soft textured solid fabric upper shoes are perfect fit to any foot. The increased flexibility guarantees the best possible walking experience.

What To Look For Before Purchasing Walking Shoe For Men?

​The customers often do not pay attention to the type of shoes they buy. For achieving the best fit and comfort during walking, there are several things that one should be aware of:

1. The Arch Type

  • ​The arch type is the most important thing when someone wants to purchase the walking shoes. Walkers need to purchase the shoes suitable for their foot type. They have to choose their shoes based on whether they have high, low, or normal sized arches. For example, Motion Control shoes are the best solution for feet with low arches or flat feet and the Hiking Boots are best suited for normal to high arches. The feet with high.
  • ​Arches are disposed to pressure because of the deficiency of normal shock absorption. The shoes with cushioning are the perfect solution for this problem. The flat feet cannot support the body very good which can lead to muscle and joint pains. The more structured walking shoes can provide more stability.

2. Level Of Pronation

​Pronation is a foot affinity to roll inward during walking. Some people have normal pronation, but extreme pronation can cause injuries including joint pains and injuries. The level of pronation is crucial for determining which shoes suited you the best. The stabilizing orthotics are designed to help relieve pain affected by pronation.

3. The Number Of Uses

​The very important question is – how often are you going to use it? The quality of design and materials can vary so the durability depends on your needs.

​4. Right Fit

​The perfect fit is the fundamental element of comfort. Before buying, you need to be certain that the foot has enough space in the toe box. There must be a thumbnail’s width between the toes and the shoe end. The toe area should be wide enough so the toes can move freely.


Walking has been always highly recommended for its health benefits. Not only it strengthens muscles and bones and keeps you fit, it also prevents heart disease, cancer or diabetes. For achieving the best walking experience, the right best walking shoes for men are a fundamental element.

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